How To Shop For Raw Foods When Traveling Abroad

What do you do when you travel abroad on a raw food diet? How do you shop for fresh produce when you get to a foreign country?

This video features Paul and Yulia visiting an organic raw food shop in Singapore and shares the ways in which they locate sources of raw foods.

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8 thoughts on “How To Shop For Raw Foods When Traveling Abroad

  •   HealthyLivinAlex  |   

    I go to supermarkets, flea markets, and produce markets, or forage (the last one being my fav!). I live in FL.

  •   Luis Souza  |   

    Loved your video! Very helpful, specially because I’m intending to travel more than I used to do it! 🙂

  •   tiffanykeepgoing  |   

    Love your videos!!!!! I just started my raw journey and thanks for your tips^^

  •   iwillsinganewsong  |   

    I wouldn’t have been so excited about those tomatoes…Tomatoes in the fridge are awful; lose their sweetness and turn off texture. Tomatoes should never be stored in the cold.

  •   littlebluej2  |   

    I’ve always stored my tomatoes in the fridge, and always hated how they tasted. I started storing them on the countertop like apples, and *surprise*, they taste completely different!

  •   manjeel bajracharya  |   

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  •   Xiaolian7  |   

    Falun Dafa is a cultivation system in the Buddha School, saving people, that is based on the principles of the Universe: 真 Truthfulness 善 Compassion 忍 Forbearance
    It teaches elevation of one’s moral character. Since 1999 it has been brutally persecuted by the CCP in China. Good people are being tortured, raped, killed, force-fed, deprived of sleep and have organs harvested from simply because their spiritual belief. Millions practitioners were killed by the evil CCP.

  •   seba najd  |   

    i’m vegan, i try to eat as healthy as possible, and i’m thinking about going semi-raw for now. i also started exercising regularly, i just want to be healthier and your videos are very helpful, so thank you =)

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