Anti-Inflammatory Diet For Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease

An anti-inflammatory diet for Hashimoto’s thyroid disease is a vital step to take to help with improving or reversing it.

Over 90% of people conventionally diagnosed with hypothyroidism are, in fact, suffering from Hashimoto’s thyroiditis disease, which is an autoimmune disease.

What typically happens and what happened to me personally on my thyroid journey is when you develop hypothyroid symptoms and you visit your doctor they will routinely go ahead and test your thyroid levels.

If your thyroid tests low then they will prescribe you with some thyroid medication to boost your low thyroid levels.

The big problem with this is that they could well be missing giving you a Hashimoto’s thyroid disease diagnosis which is highly likely to be the cause of your low  thyroid.

If the Hashimotos goes undiagnosed for long enough like mine did thanks to my doctor, it can end up causing permanent damage to your thyroid gland and this is when many women find themselves being placed on thyroid medication for life.

A Hashimoto’s thyroid disease cure is not thought to be possible by many doctors but this is not actually true.

If you suffer with Hashimotos thyroid disease then what you eat can play a very big part in your ability to restore or even make worse your autoimmune disease.

We have worked with many women who have suffered with a low functioning thyroid and have had their thyroid antibodies in the many hundreds or even thousands, which shows that the root cause of their low functioning thyroid is in fact, an autoimmune disease.

So what exactly do you do dietary-wise to counter these attacks on your thyroid gland and start lowering your antibodies to healthy levels and become autoimmune free?

I talk about all of this and more in today’s video.

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