The Truth About Candida: How To Treat Candida Without Excluding Carbs

How can you treat Candida overgrowth without excluding your favourite carbs?

Here’s the truth: about 70 million Americans suffer with some sort of digestive issue every single day (1) with leaky gut and Candida overgrowth being two common examples.

Candida is a very common issue for many people.

When you have a Candida overgrowth it can start causing damage to your tissues and start to cause inflammation in the body.

For example, if it causes damage to your intestinal wall, you can develop a leaky gut.

A leaky gut is one of the most common issues for people who suffer with an autoimmune disease.

A leaky gut, or increased intestinal permeability is when the lining of your gut does not work properly and instead starts allowing partially digested food, bacteria and toxins into your body.

This then causes your body to attack these unwanted intruders and causes inflammation.

Let me explain how to balance Candida in this video:


Candida Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth include:

• Headaches and migraines,
• Acne,
• Psoriasis (2)
Chronic fatigue
• Food allergies (3)
• Lowered immunity
• Irritable bowel syndrome and Inflammatory bowel disease (4)
• Autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and many more.

Now we all naturally have candida which is a type of fungus that lives both inside and on our bodies, and most of the time it is not a problem for our health, we don’t notice it.

What’s interesting is that Candida can come with other infections. For example, H pylori, EBV, parasites, unhealthy bacteria and others.

How To Treat Candida Naturally

Most people don’t treat Candida the right way.

Candida is actually a symptom of a much larger problem in your body.

To treat Candida by killing an overgrowth of Candida without addressing the root problem of why it is present, won’t help the issue.

Let’s bust one of the biggest myths about Candida and that is that sugar causes or makes candida worse.

Not all sugar is the same.

You have the typical refined table sugar that you can get which is of course 100% sugar and added to thousands of different processed foods as well, but you also have sugar in whole fruits as well, which is totally different – they are not the same.


Because fruit contains not just sugar but also many other nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and of course fiber, which by the way is not found in any animal foods and is vital for the healthy functioning of your gut.

With all these nutrients naturally packaged together they work synergistically inside your body promoting optimal health and do not feed candida.

If this were true then anyone eating lots of fruit with a candida overgrowth would get much worse, but in my own personal case and with the many hundreds of clients that I have worked with, whole fruit sugars help balance candida not cause it, or make it worse.

Diet alone might not help address Candida overgrowth fully, in which case you’ll need to work on balancing other root causes of Candida, cleansing and restoring your gut, as well as addressing your liver health, adrenal and hormonal health.

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  •   SheReady  |   

    This is soooooo informative… I have every symptom mentioned :/

  •   m e r m a i d  |   

    I think this is my problem, thank you tremendously. I’ve not been myself for about two and a half years now. So tired, anxious, sad, awful skin, no happiness whatsoever, inflamed stomach and weight gain. My face is puffy, all I feel like doing every day is laying down and crying. I feel like crying every second of the day. No motivation, extreme fatigue, headache and spine pain. I feel like my head is too heavy to carry, it’s put so much pressure on my spine. Sore skin sore feet. This information gives me hope. Maybe one day I’ll find myself again and feel, “ Wow this is what it felt like to be me! I’ve missed me!” I’m waiting for this day. Bless you

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      You can make it happen! Absolutely. Head over to our website, we have hundreds of videos and articles to support you:

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