How To Turn Off Your Fat Genes With Dr. Neal Barnard

How can you turn off your fat genes? Dr. Neal Barnard has the answer!

Dr. Neal Barnard is a world renowned medical doctor who has authored more than 70 scientific publications as well as 18 books.

Dr. Barnard believes in preventative medicine and likes to show people that they don’t need animal products to feel satisfied by what they eat.

He has conducted studies that show how eating whole food and vegan can improve your health.

Dr. Barnard has also proved that a low-fat vegan lifestyle helps you balance your hormones, turn off your fat genes and so help you lose weight.

I’m thrilled to interview Dr. Barnard in today’s video.

In the interview we cover a number of topics, including:

  • Are many people destined to be overweight due to their genes or can you literally alter your genes by what you eat?
  • Some of the negative health implications associated with low carb diets, such as the Paleo, Mediterranean and Ketogenic
  • Exactly how can eating a low fat, whole foods, vegan diet protect you from modern diseases.
  • Is it ok to have plant fats in your diet and what types are best?
  • How to beat your food addictions and why addictions are NOT your fault.

Dr. Neal Barnard on turning off your fat genes

One of the important points Dr. Neal Barnard has covered in this video is to do with so called fat genes. A lot of people believe that being overweight is in their genes and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

Here’s the good news — it’s not true. You do actually have the power to alter your genes and turn off the bad genes when you eat the right foods. Indeed, there are certain genes you cannot change (like the colour of your eyes, for example), however you can absolutely achieve natural weight loss if you eat the right kinds of foods.

Check out our interview with Dr. Neal Barnard to discover his insights and the latest scientific evidence about what diet is the healthiest for you to eat!

Dr. Neal Barnard’s website:

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7 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Your Fat Genes With Dr. Neal Barnard

  •   George Malcolm  |   

    Amazing! Have been a fan of Dr. Barnard for quite some time and have recently become vegan thanks to him and some others . Loved the interview! Thanks so much!

  •   An Ni  |   

    thank you!

  •   Diane Hall  |   

    Wow, what a score! You got Neal Barnard on your You Tube channel? Congratulations. That was fantastic! Thank you so much, both of you!

  •   YorozuyaNeesan2010  |   

    Awesome video! I’ve seen Dr. Barnard in several documentaries I’ve previously watched, so it was exciting to see an interview here. Thank you both for all the information!

  •   Eelke Aptroot  |   

    Good interview!

  •   John James  |   

    What a great man

  •   Clive James  |   

    great interview but could your camera/audio be of better quality? (Dr Barnard’s was fine)

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