Still Not Losing Your Baby Weight? A Guide To Post Natal Weight Loss.

Still not losing your baby weight and have hit the post natal weight loss plateau?

I know exactly how you feel and today I’ve got a special video that talks about post natal weight loss.

A Quick Guide To Post Natal Weight Loss.

When it comes to weight loss, things are pretty simple — to shift excess weight, you need to achieve the right balance of calories in and calories out.

Calories out (calories you burn) need to be greater than calories in (the food that you eat).

Yet, when you’re a breastfeeding mom, you feel very hungry and have less time to exercise due to your parenting responsibilities.

The good news is that by focusing on taking smarter steps, you can create that light and defined body you’ll feel a lot more confident in.

1. Be determined, but let go of your concern and attachment to the end result.

In other words, don’t give up on your dream of a fit body, keep working towards them and focus on the journey of getting there, versus the end result. You may need to continue tweaking your diet, your exercise routine, your lifestyle, and it may take a bit of time before you see the results. And remember – if you feel stuck, reach out for help. Get yourself a coach, surround yourself with supportive people and keep at it.

2. Consider adaptive exercises that will be appropriate for your personal situation.

For example, if you’re energy levels are low, interval training won’t be an appropriate type of exercise for you to choose. So do what you can — light jog, brisk walk, pushing a stroller, cycling — the key is to get yourself moving.

3. Introduce weight lifting!

That was what made a huge difference to me – lifting quite heavy weights 3 times per week at the gym, focusing on compound exercises, which I will take you through in the freebie that I’ve created for you.

>> FREE DOWNLOAD: 8 Effective Strength Training Exercises To Release Stubborn Baby Weight <<

Results didn’t happen overnight for me, but I kept doing my gym routine 3 times a week, week after week until the changes started happening.

4. Feast on whole, vegan foods with lots of raw foods ons your menu.

If you continue eating processed food, even if it’s vegan, you’ll probably pack in more calories than you need and won’t be able to achieve the post natal weight loss that you want.

To prevent that happening, focus on whole vegan foods and keep your diet high in raw foods. Not only is this plan highly nutritious, you’ll also assist your body with better post-natal recovery and natural weight loss.

Breastfeeding will make you hungry, so be sure to eat the foods that will help you achieve your light body weight, instead of taking you in the opposite direction.

Remember that I’ve put together a freebie for you where I will take you through 8 highly effective strength training exercises you can do to build a leaner body. Just click on the link below to download it.

>> FREE DOWNLOAD: 8 Effective Strength Training Exercises To Release Stubborn Baby Weight <<

How’s your post natal weight loss journey progressing? What helped you shift the extra pounds? Share your comments below!


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4 thoughts on “Still Not Losing Your Baby Weight? A Guide To Post Natal Weight Loss.

  •   Shweta Sharma  |   

    great video. You look amazing and have inspired me to do strength training

  •   kat carroll  |   

    love it!!!! great video

  •   Shweta Sharma  |   

    I have your books . Always wanted to tell you they helped me while i was transitioning.At the same time you mentioned about hypothyroid and would like to tell you i healed mine using medical medium diet which is very similar to your diet, but has some vegetables like asparagus and specific fruits and large dosage of supplements. you could follow him on instagram and find so many healing stories . you could learn more from his autoimmune book

  •   The Vegan Runner  |   

    Great video! So many women struggle with post pregnancy weight . Weight Loss can be stressful when you follow scam diets. Info like this is golden.

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