Nonviolent Communication As Part Of Your Health Restoration

Non-violent communication should be an essential part of any healthy lifestyle changes.

If you are currently working on your health imbalances, including hormonal imbalances you will inevitably go through conflicts and challenges along the way.

Very often these profound changes can cause conflicts with other people, especially between partners and other family members.

So in this kind of scenario how does the person seeking hormonal balance and health change best respond to these challenges in a nonviolent communication way?

In today’s video I am interviewing Diane Dayamayi who is an expert in nonviolent communication.

Nonviolent Communication

Firstly it is all about self compassion.

Understanding that you are going through some big changes and that you will almost certainly face some tough challenges along the way.

You need to love yourself and acknowledge all your emotions and feelings, both good and bad.

Your emotions are in fact signals that are there to show you that something needs your care and attention.

An exercise that Diane recommends is to close your eyes, breath in deeply and feel your body. Be with the feelings you have and the needs that are not being met and feel the sadness you have because of this.

This exercise can be very healing as you acknowledge where you currently are.

For any need that you have there are many strategies and solutions that you can use to fulfill that particular need.

For example, working on experiencing a sense of community instead of experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Understanding others and welcoming with compassion their feelings and needs is also very important and part of nonviolent communication.

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  •   Abundalanced Life  |   

    Is this show for women ?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      This particular video talks about women, yes.

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