Announcing The Arrival Of Our Baby Girl (Natural Birth)

We are super excited to announce a new arrival – the birth of our daughter, Elanie Capeia Tarbath.

She was delivered naturally and her birth weight and height were 3.4kg and 48.5cm.

For the last week we have been bonding and falling in love with each other, as well as facing all the usual challenges that new parents face, like sleep deprivation, adaption etc.

Throughout her pregnancy Yulia stayed on a fruit based and raw based vegan diet and she had a radiant, healthy and fit pregnancy. She will be sharing more with you about her raw food diet pregnancy very soon.

See the announcement and meet our fruit baby Elanie for the first time in this latest video.

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8 thoughts on “Announcing The Arrival Of Our Baby Girl (Natural Birth)

  •   nichola sherlock  |   

    You are going to make such wonderful parents and I feel I can relate to you more now that you are.. as I am, although mine are 11 and 13 now.. Watch that time, it goes fast! I respect your decision to keep it quiet as it is such a sacred time, but I am glad you will be uploading videos describing the pregnancy for us to see.. And, she’s beautiful by the way (but you already know that..xx)

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you, Nichola! We are so overwhelmed by all the beautiful comments! Sure, more videos are coming, just need to ground a bit more after giving birth and having a little being with us now.

  •   Marina  |   

    I cannot express how much happy I am for you! Happy Easter and may your Easter present be a joy and bliss to this world! Love, joy and health to the little beauty! <3

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you so much, Marina xxx

  •   meherbani  |   

    heart-full congratulations…hello sweet Elanie… welcome, welcome… and the context of a scared journey… as we all are … yes… Happy Easter and one week to Miss Elanie fruity sweetness.

  •   nicole  |   

    A very happy arrival, fruity baby.

  •   Gail Anderson  |   

    So happy for your wonderful news and welcome sweet Elanie! You are just delightful! Looking forward to all your videos to come x

  •   Alejandra  |   

    I’m amazed! Ohhhh! So Beautiful, so precious! All the love and blessings to you Julia and Paul, “Felicidades” for your little angel Elanie. I would love to hear your experiences during the pregnancy months, wow I already have lots of questions I would love you to talk about… Thanks for the encouragement for a healthy raw vegan pregnancy, for the vivid example to continue with what you believe and preach and let us know that it is indeed possible… I look forward to it! With love, Alejandra!

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