What We Eat In A Typical Day On A Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

Many people ask us what we eat in a day on the 80/10/10, high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet, so in this video we show you what our typical day looks like in a northern climate.

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90 thoughts on “What We Eat In A Typical Day On A Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

  •   Debbie Driver  |   

    Great video! Would love to see some more videos with different fruits! xx

  •   Trace O'Liberty  |   

    Does your body not require protein? I thought that nuts and things like that were incorporated into a raw diet? Thank you.

  •   holy living  |   

    Lol vid! You should ad how much exercise you get a day too. 2500 for a female seems high for a non athlete. Also I really wonder if your buns get worn out from having to use the bathroom that much? That was a serious question too, my doc doesn’t want me to use my colon several times a day. I used to when I was a raw vegan so I have to lower my food intake for my bums sake :-/

    •   Danielle Marie  |   

      On the topic of how many times a day you should be using your colon…I have heard many opinions from friends and professionals (allopathic and naturopathic doctors) and I have found that what is normal for you should be your guide, not what is “normal” for the population or what has been defined as the “ideal” by a text book. I say this because I come from a family of people who naturally use their colons at least two, sometimes up to five times a day. My two daughters have been this way since birth, even during the time of their lives when they were consuming only breast milk so I know this is what is normal and healthy for their bodies. For us, to move our bowels less than once a day, is an indication of constipation and signals a problem. On the flip side, I have friends who think it’s crazy that my daughters and I eliminate so frequently. This is because they and their children don’t even eliminate daily but their bodies have always operated this way and for them that is normal…for them, eliminating once or more daily would indicate a problem.

      •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

        Danielle, sounds like you are having a perfectly healthy bowel movement. Try to explain to a wild animal that more than once a day is “crazy”. Crazy is having constipation and eating junk foods that bring so much toxicity into people’s bodies.

  •   Nyrthak  |   

    How did you start eating lfrv if you didn’t like fruit that much? My boyfriend only likes grapes and apples and I would love some tips so he learns to love fruits.

  •   Brandon Barrow  |   

    hi you two since you asked ill give you a list of these i have eaten over the past few days. 1 day i ate probably about 40 bananas. another day i ate a chaotic combination of melon 1/2, 4 avocados, rasberries and about 12 dates. another i ate just bananas and grapes and today i started off with a few bananas and now working my wat through a coconut. i was going to do a run to the market but the weather isnt looking to delightful. coconut aint too bad maybe a half will do then maybe some pineappl

  •   Scarlett Lindner  |   

    Hey Yulia! Could you do a video on what you use for toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner? I’m trying to find a good vegan company that doesn’t test on animals. Thanks

  •   lasola  |   

    Yesterday i ate… Almonds, blueberry sorbet, apples, pumpkin soup, kimchi and orange juice haha

  •   jennifer leblanc  |   

    I love a tomato and celery sauce too!!! So yummy!!

  •   rocketsnz  |   

    Have you seen Mike Valasty? Sounds like Paul likes to run, not lift weights. I know lots of slim men who are not even vegan, especially runners and cyclists. He looks good to me, and they feel good.

  •   shahilagh  |   

    I hate eating 10 banana!+big melon all for the same meal at the same time!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    The hair video is coming up! Dental hygiene video we have done already, pls, scroll thru our videos.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, Paul is an endurance guy, likes to run and cycle.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Great combination, Jennifer! Zesty and salty, naturally.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    We limited our fat consumption, excluded cooked starches and started eating a ton of fruit naturally.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I am an athletic female, please see some of my previous videos where I share my exercise routine. Trips to bathroom don’t bother us – we are happy that our bodies work so efficiently and detoxify well. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Trace, we get plenty of protein from a diet of fresh fruits and abundance of greens. Nuts and seeds are also part of a raw vegan diet, in modest amounts. Some people do better with eating them less frequent.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thank you, Debbie. We will make one when we are in the tropics with tropical fruit!

  •   Vittoria  |   

    Hi guys, I love your videos πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait to finally meet you in person!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you, look forward to seeing you too, Vittoria!

  •   Hobo Eire  |   

    Nice. Today I ate 1 galia melon+12 bananas and 2 peaches blended for breakfast,maybe a some dates too.Lunch is peaches/oranges/plums,8 bananas,dates till satisfied.Dinner is 300g+ lettuces& rocket,celery,tomato,spring onion,mushrooms,cucumber,maybe some tahini blended with berries.Thanks for the vid!I’ve got a huge appetite so i just eat till i’m satisfied then stop just like wild animals do.I know i get enough of everything so don’t bother with counting calories!.

  •   smilieface135  |   

    Hi Paul, hi Yulia! I absolutely love your videos! Thanks so much for sharing all the lovely advice and tips so that we can learn too. :)Today, breakfast was 4 gorgeous apples and LOTS of romaine and red leaf lettuce (yummmm). Snack was green grapes. Lunch for me was a small amount of guacamole poured on a salad of sweet corn, cucumbers, and more romaine lettuce (I was craving extra lettuce today for some odd reason!). Another snack of juicy oranges, then more oranges with some mango for dinner.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thank you so much! Enjoy your raw meals ))

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Hobo, thanks for sharing. It makes so much sense eating until you are satiated. Love this lifestyle!

  •   Tae Junsuta  |   

    Paul doesn’t blend those bananas right?would take ages to eat them

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    No I eat them, sometimes blend. I can soon get through them lol!

  •   Janis  |   

    Hi…so enjoy your videos! Today, Bfst: 5 bananas, 1/2 pt.raspberries,2 cups spinach smoothie; Lunch: 4 bananas, 1 mango, 2 nectarines; Dinner: salad of a lg. head of romaine, 1/2 box of spinach/arugula mix, 4 stalks celery, 5 tomatoes, 1 large tangerine and a dressing of tangerine juice, lemon juice, 1 tsp olive oil. Question: Using Cron-O-Meter, I’m always low on B-12, Vitamin E, and Calcium. Any ideas about how to raise these without resorting to supplements?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Janis and thank you for sharing what you ate in a day! I am wondering if you know about the harmful effects of oils? Here is a great presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpctLg1nWNI

      Plant-based food does not contain B12 (apart from unwashed organic produce, which will contain it in small amounts), so if you are low in B12, we would recommend you taking a supplement. You will notice that you will be lower on certain points in cron-o-meter and this should not be an area of your concern. For as long as you eat enough calories, adhere to the 80/10/10 guidelines and eat an abundance of fruits and greens (leafy greens are rich in calcium, btw), with some fats included (don’t need to eat fat every single day), your body should receive enough nutrients. Here is our video about calcium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohqAtHsNITU

      We explain more about nutrients on a raw vegan diet in our new book, The Raw Message: http://www.rawsomehealthy.com/raw-message/

  •   Sharleena Freeman  |   

    I really recommend Tonya Zavasta’s hair, beauty and dental products on her website Beautiful On Raw. I love them all!

  •   Anand Adhikari  |   

    My family laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with “Xvelte Slimming Formula”, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for “Xvelte Slimming Formula” to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  •   Stan Sandel  |   

    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other people accomplish it so easily using CrankMax Fat Loss (check it out on Google).

  •   naturallifestyleshow  |   

    Lots of good food there. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  •   Raw VeganAdventurer  |   

    nice fruit planning, I would eat the same during day pretty much

  •   jogmas12  |   

    the reason that you both are thin is not because you do not eat fat. it is because you no longer eat food products that contain wheat flour and refined white sugar. i too, stopped eating the types of food containing such ingredients but still kept eating meat and dairy. i lost 25 lbs. 6’1″ 169 lbs

  •   Jaimee Kort  |   

    My days are never the same with what I eat. Everyday I start with 64 oz of fresh fruit blend or juiced (don’t know kilos for that, sorry). Then lunch I normally crave salt or savory so I eat veggie in the lunchtime. I will have another round of fruit in the later afternoon. And at night I will again go to veggie. I know most 80/10/10 are all fruit all day and only veggie at night but Doug graham says if I crave salt or savory I need more veggies-and he’s right!

  •   angelatigger9506  |   

    I cannot comprehend how your stomach can fit 12-15 bananas in one meal!

  •   karyn cristina bubniak  |   
  •   OldVegan  |   

    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

  •   ooonz  |   

    Sounds great but I would have to live in a hot country.I suffer from the cold, and need not meals, especially hot soups made from peppers, butternut quash courgettes etc..Living in UK where we have long LONG cold winters.

  •   Gary Haze  |   

    20 flipping bananas a day? what the hell, that’s crazy.

  •   viktor hedblom  |   

    i see much talent in this girl . shee should do commentary

  •   unterderlaterne  |   

    What a boring diet, not even nuts! Lowfat too. One’s brain needs a lot of omega 3 oils! Forget the bananas and pig out on avocados, please! Splurge on salad dressing made with olive oil or nut oils! Avocado oil is fab! The man is so not sexy with his skinny(look no muscles) body. Totally unappealing to me.

  •   corlissarcher  |   

    hey,I am changing my diet going towards more fruit vegs ive cut meat and most dairy now, there’s lot of info on loosing weight, but I am underweight and looking to gain. Are there people out there who have gained weight on this diet and kept in on?

  •   Sarah Gray  |   

    Wtf this is just scenes from finding nemo

  •   Joanna Marian  |   

    I eat Egg Whites w/ BBQ Sauce and a serving of Grits for Breakfast. I eat a Smoothie of Spinach, Strawberries, Yogurt, Flax seed and Skim milk for Lunch.My dinner varies but lately I’ve been eating about 4-8oz Chicken, some green beans and mashed potatoes. Great video! I’d love to go Raw but I just really don’t know if I could handle that drastic of a change!

  •   Royal D  |   

    15 bananas !! LoL..you should be as strong as a guerrilla then, what happened ?

  •   Helen Jennings  |   

    Why do you eat such large quantities of just one or two foods? Wouldn’t you get a wider spectrum of nutrition if you ate a big variety? Like, instead of 15 bananas (?what??) why don’t you eat a few bananas, an orange, an apple, some pineapple, grapes, etc..or make a huge fruit salad so you get more colours and range?

  •   Stephen Lake  |   

    Thanks for this video guys. It is very helpful because it shows how much should be eaten on a raw food diet.

  •   Shalon Amazin  |   

    your freaking amazing Lol love you

  •   Marie C  |   

    Ya’ll are so precious! Love how informative ya’ll are!!!! I am nearly 40 days into eating vegan and still learning, learning, learning!!!

  •   Winterchild  |   

    love you people, I like to make banana ice cream I use a lot of superfoods ,,, but I have been thinking about eating more fruit instead πŸ™‚

  •   singularity  |   

    oh yeah what do you eat in a desert?

  •   mountaintruth1  |   

    skinny and anemic is no way to go through life

  •   mrhempoilsoldier  |   

    i like making funny commentshope you dont mindi am just a jokesterlove your channel

  •   E P  |   

    I used to look like that guy.Then I moved to the USA….

  •   Kevin Gardener  |   

    i’m not totally raw so a typical day for me is8am smoothie 4 banana + 1 piece of fruit11 am ditto2pm ditto + 4 slices gluten free brown bread/1 tin heinze baked beans5pm mono meal of 1 pineapple8pm ditto 2 pm meal11pm juice drink of 3 different vegetables and a bag of say 6 apples

  •   Ernie Blenkinsop  |   

    Man that melon sure looks juicy sweet! πŸ™‚

  •   LadyShyye  |   

    just saw your vid today the fruit you have at the end is palm dates. A friend of mine has a couple of trees. not a lot of fruit but tasty enough. :- )

  •   King Arthur  |   

    I eat bag of ketchup chips and drown it with fruit juice. Then a can of spaghetti and for the veggy part I’ll splurge on a thin slice of green tomatoe….burp.

  •   MrRobertSama  |   

    One does not simply walk out of the fade.

  •   MissBeeHavenGoddess  |   

    Nice, thanks for sharing!

  •   Kelsea Broomas  |   

    Add a message to your video

  •   Robert Wolfe  |   

    The man looks very unhealthy and frail. Not a personal attack….

  •   Walter B.  |   

    @ 1:30 “Typically, I’m looking at an average of about three and half
    thousand calories per day… ” This is proof that calories alone don’t
    determine your body weight. Not all calories are the same. These guys are
    on to something here and it would be good if we at least pay attention.

  •   Tom Me  |   

    I just watched a couple of your videos for the first time πŸ™‚ You look/seem
    great πŸ™‚ Well done to you both. I am quite bowled over by this one though!
    I’d like to know more. I’m 80/10/10 raw vegan and do moderate exercise
    nearly every day. I tend to eat several times a day, perhaps 5. I did not
    know that you could eat this kind of food and be really active and only eat
    twice a day! You are kindaaa eating double meals a bit there though, like
    500 calories of Melon then half an hour later 1500 calories of bananas, but
    still, it surprises me! Myself I eat 500 or 600 calories, 5 times a day.
    Urm.. so, it works for you? I tend to feel I need regular calorie updates.
    I have been Vegan Raw for 9 years and only 80/10/10 quite recently…Can
    you say more please? πŸ˜€ (((hug)))

  •   Lucie Elizabeth  |   

    He looks so sick πŸ™

  •   Claire Fouche  |   

    Thank you for your videos, they inspire me a lot ! I live in Australia and
    most of my friends are vegetarians,vegans or organic lovers . i’ve been a
    vegetarian for more than a year and have been loving it, my body is totally
    use to not eating meat and made me realise months ago that i do not need
    meet at all . i’ve been thinking about switching to a vegan and raw diet,
    and your videos are really helping ! At the moment my daily meals consist
    of making raw juices with almond milk ( i make myself from raw organic
    almonds ), sultanas, dried prunes, vanilla beans, 2 bananas, spirulina and
    baby spinach and coconut. i have to say it taste amazing !! But i have a
    question, is it too much sugar ? and i was wondering why you didn’t eat
    nuts and avocados etc… that much ? Also it seems to be better to eat the
    foods separately for the digestion ? I’m curious to know how i can really
    improve my eating ! I love to create with my food, i love different colors
    together etc… I’m trying to loose some wait and do more exercise but i
    find it difficult . What is the first advice you could give for a person
    who is switching to a raw food diet ? ex. Eat as much as you need or want
    of which fruits or veggies to start with ? i mean when i eat i don’t
    usually look at how many calories a day i’m eating . maybe i should.
    Switching to this diet is all new for me and i’m sure others and i’m loving
    it, but i love to put things together and create with the fruits. what do
    you think about it ? And it seemed like when you were traveling and put on
    wait, you were eating too much of fruits, and your body didn’t need that
    much … So basically i should find out what is enough for my own body to
    eat . How do you know when you don’t need to eat more because your body
    doesn’t need it ? Is so passionating ! I love food and you guys are an
    example ! Thank you πŸ™‚

  •   WhiteOut Mashups  |   

    why do u guys eat so much?
    it’s incredibly inneficient.
    Haven’t you read the great connections we are finding between calorie
    consumption and lifespan?
    Less is more. Even monkeys with huge muscles, swinging around all day eat a
    fraction of what you guys do.
    Don’t speed up your cellular devision so much, it speeds your way to
    cellular (and personal) death!
    Start moderation, and eating for longevity!
    It’s soooo much easier if you eat more watery melons, apples, pears,
    mangoes, but especially melons, because water is super crucial for health
    and fills you up for like a billionty times fewer calories than all the
    super dry (compared to the fruits I listed) bananas it takes you to feel

  •   Shalanda lyn  |   
  •   Manhattan Vegan  |   

    you guys are a very beautiful couple. : D

  •   Custos Astralis  |   

    I like to make fruit smoothies with wild herbs that contain B vitamins.
    There are even wild herbs that have B12 but I only know the German name
    which is the root of Beinwell, Sandornbeeren, Buch Weizenkeim. I like to
    put Nettle in my smoothies because it contains alot of B Vitamins and
    Protein. One should use a keramic knife to cut Herbs because the plant does
    not loose its Aura and it stays very potent. Also if you know Herbal
    Astrology you know when to harvest the right plant at the right time, hour
    of day. For lunch and dinner I have a salad and I have about 6 to 8
    different vegetables in my salad. My Smoothies are also about 5 different
    fruits but banana is always one of the ingredients. I sometimes add a rose
    or lavender flowers, which is also very healthy. Lavender makes me feel so
    lifted and Nettle makes me feel extremely happy. It is known to be a happy

  •   Custos Astralis  |   

    I forgot to add that I always add Kokonut oil into my smoothies and
    different Omega 3 Oils into my Salads. They dont make you fat and they help
    to Keep the cells healthy. I also eat some nuts but not always because I
    eat wild herbs that have Protein and B12.

  •   shannon burke  |   

    i like you guys thanks

  •   Eric Sacks  |   

    You guys are great! Keep smiling and inspiring. πŸ™‚ Lots of love from
    Dallas, TX.

  •   JB BULLIES  |   
  •   Lydia Cottrell  |   

    I really really like you guys. Every video I have watched has made me

  •   captin snowball  |   

    use Rae beef all mobs in ore spawn like Rae bee and monsete bosses drop it

  •   Sally Gilmore  |   

    I hate the bananas here in Thailand. But liked them in the UK, not sure
    Thai bananas are weird.

  •   betzi  |   

    Ddo you think one could follow this diet in the winter in NC

  •   MustaffaCuppa  |   

    Wow. I really don’t think that I could afford the cost of all that fruit!
    Also you don’t appear to have much of a variety of food? Or am I wrong?
    Personally I enjoy a bowl of bran flakes & about a heaped tablespoon of
    porridge oats for breakfast with either a sliced banana or a chopped apple,
    sometimes also with blackberries on top. I really like this meal & have it
    every morning with milk. I particularly love cheese & eggs so lunches
    often consist of a wholemeal bread sandwich often with onions, tomatoes
    etc. or an omelette. Meals like a simple tuna pasta with a little olive
    oil to cook peppers, tomatoes, peas, corn, spinach, chillies, garlic &
    onions etc. or boiled potatoes mashed with some swede, with carrots,
    cauliflower etc. with a small amount of meat suffice as my dinner, followed
    by a low-fat fruit yoghurt, or low-fat Greek yoghurt with a little honey.

    OK I know I am not a vegan, but I think I do eat a good variety of
    vegetables (albeit mostly cooked) & some raw fruit. I am here simply
    because I was interested in what you had to say in your video. I live in
    northwest of England where it is often fairly cold, so I don’t think I
    could contemplate eating cold raw food all the time. What is wrong say,
    with getting out the pressure cooker & making hot vegetable soups with
    pulses etc.? That’s what I quite often do in the colder weather & they are
    very yummy & make me feel good. Do you live somewhere hot? Tell me why do
    you push the “raw” bit?

    To be honest I would actually like to lose some weight & having problems
    being sedentary, coupled with a fixed budget doesn’t help. Also, I am
    aware that I don’t drink enough water, but that is cold too! Perhaps I
    should boil some water & drink it warm – I have thought about doing it
    before now… Anyway I am glad to hear that you are both feeling very
    healthy, you certainly both appear to be so, but I don’t think that I could
    afford to eat like you do. Perhaps fruit is less expensive where you
    live? Or perhaps you are financially “well-off”? If so, lucky you! As
    for me, probably the best I could do for now is try to substitute a little
    more fruit for some of the other stuff I eat. (sighs…) Sorry for
    rambling on πŸ™‚

  •   Bobbie smith  |   

    so how do you all know that your getting all your vitamins and proteins?

  •   ndn8shn  |   

    Girls look decent on these diets or way of life but don’t males need
    protein? Where do you get your protein mate?

  •   Kierahn Johnson  |   

    He should have got Jesus, this & every sin dors lead to Hell

  •   Leanne Leicester  |   

    Thankyou for your videos, very informative and inspiring.

  •   malou castro  |   


  •   david ulmer  |   

    Yulia , Paul. I hope you see this. Thank you SO much for making this video
    and showing how many calories you both consume and the duration y’all eat.
    It was VERY helpful!! God bless y’all!

  •   Crystal Vortex  |   

    Thank you, this vide answered my question πŸ™‚

  •   Benugala  |   

    Jesus crist, that woman has a verbal diarrhea – it’s so annoying! She says
    a thing and then keeps repeating the same thing again and again and again –
    just wanna shove some banana in her mouth so she would shut up!

  •   SoberPilot  |   

    We are doing the same thing and just within a couple of weeks we feel like
    kids again! I use to never want to get out of bed, I wanted to sleep after
    almost every meal, we feel so passionately about this new lifestyle and I
    hope we can be running marathons in a couple years like you two ! Thanks
    for shaing YIUR experience , strength & hope

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