Dramatic 120lbs raw food weight loss and health recovery before and after story

Raw food diet has helped Victoria Everett to release 120lbs, heal schizophrenia and many other health issues. Today, she is sharing her raw food before and after weight loss story.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you, where do you live, and what do you do?

I am 41 years old. I live in Boise, Idaho, USA and I clean houses and businesses for money, but that is not all I do 🙂 My passion is gardening and growing my own food.

What sort of life were you leading before you started on a raw food diet?

Before eating raw I was 250lbs. and very sick. I ate mostly fast food. I suffered from schizophrenia and sever depression.

I had horrible allergies, chronic infections, bladder, ear, bronchitis, strep throat and yeast problems. I suffered from arthritis and fibromyalgia. My body constantly hurt.

Dramatic 120lbs weight loss and health recovery on a raw food diet

–  What inspired you to change your diet and lifestyle?

I had my gallbladder removed thinking that I would get better once it was gone. I was ever sicker after is was removed. I was almost completely bed ridden.

I saw an info-mercial on TV about a book called “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About”, by Kevin Trudea. It talked about food making us all sick. That’s what got me started.

I started eating organic cooked food and was feeling a tiny bit better. Then I read an article about raw food and I spent a day eating all raw fruits and veggies. I woke up the next morning feeling better than I remember feeling for years. That’s what got me hooked on raw.

–  What sort of challenges did you experience during your transition?

There were a lot of challenges. I got off my depression medication which was three months of horrible drug withdrawals.

I also quit smoking cigarettes and had to go through the struggle of breaking that habit. I also had to deal with food addictions and breaking old eating habits.

It was very, very challenging.

–  Tell us about your raw food diet weight loss before and after story. How much weight did you lose?  

I started loosing weight right away and it took me a year and a half to lose 120lbs.

– How long did it take for you to regain your health overall?

I feel like I am still regaining my health after 6 years. I spent 34 years trashing my body, it will take a while to heal.

–  What do you eat in a typical day on a raw food diet for weight loss and health?

Right now, because it is cold and there is no local produce, I am eating freshly squeezed oranges (about 10 to 12 oranges worth) blended with 2 or 3 large mangos.

For lunch, I have a 10 to 12 banana smoothie with fresh coconut water and usually some sort of berry or persimmon blended in to change the flavor.

For dinner, I have a big salad with a lemon tahini dressing I make or more often I’ve been making a banana pudding, which is the same as lunch just not with the coconut water. For snack every night I’ve been eating about 10 medjool dates.

–  Do you notice any difference if you deviate from the 80/10/10 raw food diet? 

I notice a huge difference. The voices in my head come back, the depression returns, my energy level goes down and my body starts hurting again.

–  How much exercise do you do?

I bicycle only and do between 20 to 50 miles a day. I also run for about a half hour 3 times a week.

I do sit-ups, push-ups and leg lifts 5 times a week. I stay very active and move my body all day long 🙂 Raking, fixing things, stacking wood, cleaning, etc.

– What is the best thing about eating a raw food diet and living a vibrant life?

That I have the energy and mental clarity to accomplish amazing things. I can create and complete goals I would have thought impossible before. I also love being able to be joyful and laugh.

–  What advice can you give to other people wanting to lose weight, recover from diseases and change their diet and lifestyle? 

Try raw fruits and veggies for a week and see how you feel. It will change your life!

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3 thoughts on “Dramatic 120lbs raw food weight loss and health recovery before and after story

  •   Margaret  |   

    On average during the 7 days how many bananas did you eat per meal and how many in one day?
    How much weight did you loose in the 7 days.

  •   Lacy Shipp  |   

    Wow Victoria!! Bravo!! I have been following rawsomehealthy on YouTube for awhile and just started checking out their web page. I’ve been vegitarian for over two years, have been vegan for awhile now and would like to transition to raw foods. You are such an inspiration!! I was surprised to see you live in Boise! I’ve lived in Boise for 8 years now

  •   Susanelizabeth Turner  |   

    I Love this lady! She inspires me and so many others.

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