Top 3 Diet Myths That Keep You Overweight And Sick

Today, we’re talking about the 3 diet myths that are sabotaging your health, keeping your overweight and sick.

The statistics for obesity are shocking – every 4th women in the US aged 18 to 44 is obese. (1)

The major problem is that being obese raises your risk of suffering from numerous health issues and diseases, including various types of cancer, heart disease, stroke and also type 2 diabetes.(2)

In addition to all this, being overweight can increase hormone levels and lead to even more health issues that include:

  • PCOS
  • Increased PMS
  • Breast tenderness
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids

And of course it goes without saying that simply being obese dramatically affects the quality of your life.

We work with many women who are very overweight and they tells us how they hide in photographs, don’t socialize as much or at all, have low confidence levels, don’t exercise due to low energy levels and in general get much less out of life than they want to.

So what are the 3 diet myths that you need to avoid and which can keep you overweight and sick?

Watch this video to find out.

Top 3 Diet Myths

Myth 1: Moderation

So let’s imagine you say to yourself I am going to have a bit of everything in moderation.

  • I smoke a bit every day
  • I drink regularly, but in moderation
  • I eat fast foods in moderation
  • I eat donuts and other highly processed foods in moderation

There were actually some food and drink studies done at the University of Georgia in the US regarding the concept of moderation and from the study findings they said quote:

“Part of the reason moderation messages are so appealing – their simplicity – is part of the problem. People are poor judges of moderate consumption, partly because the standard for moderation is left up to the individual.” (3)

So forget the concept of moderation as it’s a hugely flawed idea and definitely one of the diet myths that you want to avoid.

Myth 2: MyPlate

MyPlate is a guide to show people what foods to eat and it includes categories such as fruits, vegetables, grains, animal protein and dairy.

The glaring issue with this guide is the fact it shows dairy and also a protein category, which people will invariably interpret to mean animal protein, which is the intention.

To be clear the USDA drew up the MyPlate food choice guide with influence from the meat and dairy industries, which of course want to protect their profits. So people’s health was not the number one concern when this guide was drawn up because we now know the many negative health effects that can come from eating animal foods.

Myth 3: Eat animal products

The 3rd myth is that you need to consume animal products for optimal health, with animal protein being one of the main reasons to do so.

So, let’s look at the negatives when it comes to animal foods and their consumption and there are many of them.

For example, dairy. Commercial cow’s milk contains large amounts of the hormones progesterone and estrogen.

In a 14 study review researchers found that people who consumed the most eggs increased their risk of cardiovascular disease by 19%.

If those people already had diabetes then their risk of developing heart disease jumped by a huge 83%, with the increased consumption of eggs.

Just like other animal products, fish contains animal protein which is associated with increased levels of what is called IGF 1 in the human body.

The problem is that increased levels of this hormone from eating animal products is associated with an increased risk of developing cancer.

Another great concern with regards to fish consumption is pollutants and contaminants.

Heavy metals like mercury, pesticides like DDT and industrial toxins like PCBs have all been found in fish due to the contamination of their environment.

The World Health Organization now classes processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, ham, sauceages for example as carninogerns – which means something that causes cancer and red meat as a probable carcinogen – something that probably causes cancer and this includes beef, pork and lamb. (4)

Watch my video above to discover more!

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    Yulia, the new Canadian Food Guide is a fantastic move in the right direction

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      It’s good that it focuses on more fruits and veggies, as the largest % of the plan.

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