Can You Balance Candida Naturally With Just Antifungals?

If you have had a Candida overgrowth or perhaps you are currently struggling with one, then you almost certainly would have heard about what is called the ‘anti-candida diet’.

In short, a diet that is supposed to starve your candida overgrowth of sugar and make it go away.

But from my own personal experience and thousands of others, this understanding is totally flawed.

I struggled for around 2 years on an anti-candida diet eating lots of fat and my health just went downhill.

Bloating, great fatigue, brain fog it was a never-ending nightmare.

To try and help myself I also added antifungals to my health recovery regime along with my high fat ‘anti-candida diet’ in the hope this would make the difference and allow me to recover my health and beat my candida overgrowth.

In this video, I share what actually worked to help me heal my candida overgrowth and how we help hundreds of our clients do exactly the same thing without the need for an ‘anti-candida diet’.

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