Before And After Stories: Weight Loss, Hormones, Candida Detox

Today we wanted to share with you some of our client’s before and after stories.

Our first interview clip is with Heather and we began working with Heather to help her resolve her health issues, which included her candida overgrowth depression, PTSD, low energy levels hair loss, and more.

Second is Erika who was really pinning all her hopes on this diet and lifestyle working and she was thrilled by the results.

Within just days, her brain fog had lifted her stiff joints disappeared, her energy levels dramatically increased and this was just the start of her remarkable journey back to health.

Next up is Hayley and within just 3 days of following her new meal plan, her Candida and gut health had improved dramatically.

After 2 weeks, she said she felt like a superhero – perfect digestion, clear skin, great sleep, and enough energy to run a half marathon!

And her once daily headaches and anxiety? All gone!

Brittney another of our success stories released her stubborn weight balanced her Candida, an embarrassing chronic yeast infection, cleared up her skin, and overcame fatigue.

Mary was a client who had a number of health problems that included, hormonal imbalances, migraines, fatigue, blood sugar problems, joint problems, heartburn, and excess weight.

Within the very first week, her migraines had disappeared completely and her heartburn had gone, and this was just the start of her remarkable journey back to health, including hormonal balance.

Tina from Texas wanted help to resolve her health issues, which included her candida overgrowth and her excess weight, but she had reservations about the high carb, high fruit lifestyle.

Well, in short, she healed her Candida, lost 17 Lbs of excess weight, and healed her menopausal symptoms

Vicki last but certainly not least had her gut and Candida symptoms both addressed, she overcame anxiety, her skin started to glow, she started to feel a lot more energy and she lost 8 lbs.

Watch our latest video to find out even more about these amazing before and after stories.

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