My 7-day banana island experience (banana only diet)

Back last week, I went on a banana island. It was a long, 24 hour flight there, with 2 changes on the way.

Ok, I am just kidding. You actually do not need to fly anywhere to ‘do’ a banana island.

‘Banana island’ is just a phrase that is used to describe someone eating only bananas for a certain length of time, which can be anything from around just several days up to 21 and even longer.

A banana island can also be done on other fruit, i.e. mango, grapes, persimmons, etc.

The rule is that you choose just 1 type of fruit and stay on it for the duration of your challenge, ensuring that you eat enough calories per day to meet all your body’s needs.

The majority of people choose bananas is because they are easier to get hold of in sufficient quantities and normally more cost effective than other fruits.

What are the benefits of a mono-island?

  • efficient and speedy detox
  • gives your digestive system a chance to focus on just one fruit and so expend less energy
  • speeds up healing and recovery
  • can result in a natural weight loss
  • can help to end cravings and unhealthy relationships with food
  • increases vitality, energy levels and mind clarity
  • can boost your fitness level and sports performance
  • one of the best ways to switch to a 100% low-fat raw food diet

What does the banana island entail? 

  • you eat all the bananas you desire and bananas are all you eat (you can also do it with other fruit).
  • you can add greens, like lettuce with your bananas to help you get more minerals and also sodium whilst on the island
  • you eat ONLY ripe bananasyou eat your usual calories – no under-eating or calorie-restricting is involved
  • you drink plenty of water
  • you exercise as normal
  • you rest enough as your body will be going through deeper detox and restoration

Why did I do the banana island?

I have been meaning to do it for a long time.

I eat a very clean, high-carb and low-fat raw vegan diet and follow Natural Hygiene. Still, I love doing something different from time to time, playing with things and seeing what makes me feel my best and healthiest.

I have done juice fasts and short water fasts in the past (not a fasting person anymore), as well as mono days, but a 7-day banana island was a new experience to which I was very much looking forward to.

I embrace every opportunity to help my body detoxify and heal itself more deeply.
What happened during my banana island?

I started the banana island experience with no expectations, but even if I did, the banana island would have exceeded all of them!

I feel that I have been to another planet or some sort of advanced dimension and back – and have learnt so much! There is just one word that I can use to describe the whole experience: outstanding!

Here is what happened during my banana only diet:

  • Did not have any detox symptoms whatsoever (but then again I do eat clean), felt amazing throughout the whole “journey”
  • Experienced very sharp clarity of mind, which allowed me to restructure tasks and activities in my life and set goals for new projects
  • Been in-tune with myself, reflecting, restructuring, changing myself further, etc. Was a busy inner journey, definitely!
  • Felt balanced, in fact, discovered the sort of balance that I have not been fully aware of in the past
  • Been even more positive than ever
  • My skin is shiny as it is on this lifestyle, but it got even shiner and silkier
  • Loved every single meal of bananas and never felt like “I have had enough of these” even once
  • Felt a huge craving to be connected to the Earth, working in the garden with plants and watching animals
  • Run 22km up and down a very steep mountain called Doi Suthep in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Recovered in double quick time, did not have any leg soreness. Also set a new PB for my 5km running
  • Energy, energy and more energy! Did lots of fitness – cross-fit workouts, cycling, weight-training, dancing
  • Body felt more flexible than ever

(oh, writing all this makes me want to do it all over again)!

Would I recommend it to others?

The answer is YES!

It is just so easy to do – no fasting, starving or under-eating; no, not feeling enough energy.

A 3-10 day mono island is a perfect tool to change your relationship with food, overcome cravings, boost your mind clarity and energy levels, aid transition to raw food plan, and get into a greater tune with yourself. A mono island experience is a great assistant during the times of stress or if you want to get clarity with your new direction and make better choices for yourself.

It is an amazing experience and a beautiful treat for your mind-body and soul.

So to prepare for the trip ahead, buy yourself 1-2 boxes/cases of bananas and then wait until they are ripe and enjoy your banana journey!

Ready to give the banana island a go to help rejuvenate your body? We’ve provided a sample banana island meal plan cheat sheet for you, which you can download via the form below.

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11 thoughts on “My 7-day banana island experience (banana only diet)

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    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

  •   janeth villegas  |   

    what a wonderful journey!!! I’ll go to banana island also…so excited.thank you for inspiring me.:)

  •   Brad  |   

    Hi there. I’m on the island now and its been 10 days. Feel great but always hungry. Mytarget was 21 days but I’m working one week at a time. Four more days to two weeks. It takes so much self control not to order a pizza or pasta and I must admit I’m missing my comfort foods like mad. I’ve been off my anti-depression meds on the island and its been great. I feel good, have lost weight and still excercise at the gym every day. I just miss FOOOOOD 🙂

  •   Olga  |   

    How many bananas did you eat each day?

  •   Mrs. Sathya  |   

    I would like to take banana island journey.

  •   Nice  |   

    Ama about to give this a try

  •   Matthew  |   

    It does feel like going to another world

  •   INDRANI SHARMA  |   

    I am going to try this for 7days first!

  •   Suzanne  |   

    2 day trial

  •   Tammie Coull  |   

    Thanks to my father who told me about this blog, this weblog is
    genuinely remarkable.

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