The Best Vs The Worst Hypothyroidism Diet – Hashimoto’s, Thyroid Health

If you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid issues, what’s the best diet for hypothyroidism that also works with Hashimoto’s?

If you start looking around and research diets for hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s, no doubt you’ll come across the Keto and Paleo diets.

Suffering with thyroid problems can have a huge impact on your health and overall lifestyle because it is such a central part of your health.

If your thyroid is failing to produce enough of the hormones that your body requires, you can then start experiencing low functioning thyroid symptoms, such as:

  • weight gain
  • intolerance to the cold
  • low energy levels
  • weakness
  • hair loss
  • mood issues, even depression
  • loss of libido
  • and more …

From my own personal experience I can testify that suffering with thyroid problems can literally turn your life upside down.

Some people even say that they didn’t know what real fatigue felt like until they had a thyroid problem and I can definitely vouch for this too.

So what’s the best hypothyroidism diet to help you deal with your issues?

It’s not a high fat diet, like many people are led to believe!

The problem is that eating high fat and greatly limiting your carb intake can harm the health of your thyroid gland.

Research has shown us that going low carb can affect the thyroid gland by:

  • A drop in metabolic rate and energy production (1)
  • Causing a fall in the active thyroid T3 thyroid hormone (2)
  • Raising the thyroid blocking Reverse T3 hormone levels (2)

All of these suppress your thyroid function and so negatively affect your overall health, and of course the health of your thyroid gland.

Further to this, studies have shown that plant diets are associated with reduced risk of thyroid issues, whereas diets that contained animal products or omnivore diets were associate with an increased risk of hypothyroidism. (3)

Watch my video above to discover more!

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