How To Treat A Painful Or Irregular Period By Fixing Your Hormones

How can you fix an irregular or painful period naturally? Well, it all comes down to balancing your hormones and improving your health.

Unfortunately many women out there don’t realise that painful and irregular periods should not be seen as the norm.

As someone who healed PCOS naturally and corrected my own irregular and painful period, as well as conceived our daughter completely naturally and gave birth to her – I want to provide you with tools and strategies to help you change your female experience.

I talk about it in this video.

Treat An Irregular Or Painful Period

Now to deal with your irregular periods, you need to fix the root cause of your issues.

So it could be that you need to treat PCOS, fibroids, thyroid problems or other hormonal imbalances.

The health of your liver and your gut also matters a lot.

And if your diet is nutritionally inadequate or your liver health is out of balance or your gut health, then your periods might not be regular.

Now many of the ladies I help believe they already eat pretty healthily, yet they still struggle with irregular periods.

A lot of it can be down to nutritional imbalances and also certain deficiencies that you might have and need to correct.

Many so called “healthy” diets, such as Paleo or Keto can actually damage the health of your hormones due to them being too low in carbohydrates and too high in fat.

Research has shown us that going low carb can affect the thyroid gland for example by:

  • A drop in metabolic rate and energy production (1)
  • Causing a fall in the active thyroid T3 thyroid hormone (2)
  • Raising the thyroid blocking Reverse T3 hormone levels (2)

All of these suppress your thyroid function and so negatively affect your overall health, and of course the health of your thyroid gland.

Further to this, studies have shown that plant diets are associated with reduced risk of thyroid issues, whereas diets that contained animal products or omnivore diets were associate with an increased risk of hypothyroidism. (3)

Watch my video above to discover more!

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    Thank you for the information and I didn’t know that going low carb can hurt my thyroid.

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