How To Boost Slow Metabolism To Burn More Body Fat

When you are naturally lean and healthy, you don’t normally concern yourself with how your metabolism is doing. But if you start to put on extra weight, then the word metabolism will almost certainly find its way into your vocabulary.

Here is a video about how to boost your metabolism to burn more body fat:

Generally speaking, metabolism refers to how quickly or slowly your body burns energy, or calories, and how this then affects your weight.

As you get older, the hormone levels in your body starts to decline and this can have a big impact on your bodily functions, including how your body stores and loses fat, which will affect your weight.

True, you can’t change your age, but there are many factors that are under your control when it comes to metabolism.

How to boost metabolism to burn more body fat.

The first step to boosting your metabolism is by balancing your gut health.

“All disease begins in the gut”, said Hippocrates.

The human gut is also known as the second brain. It’s not just involved in the digestion of what you eat and drink, but also other critical functions, such as the immune system and the nurturing of healthy gut bacteria that serve a wide range of functions in the human body.

These functions will include the ability to absorb nutrients, help regulate your hormones, assist your body in natural detoxification and even affect your mental health.

So as you can appreciate, keeping your diet naturally cleansing, which means eating vegan and centering around the consumption of raw fruits, greens and other veggies, as well as eating simply and following food combining rules can greatly aid the restoration of your gut health.

In our latest video, I will also go into 5 other important areas to help you boost your metabolism so you can release that stubborn weight you might still be holding to.

One of those steps is eating as much organic as possible due to many endocrine-disrupting chemicals contained in pesticides on conventional produce. (1)

To help you with this, I’ve created a cheat sheet with the dirty dozen of 2017 (what produce is best to avoid if not organic) and the clean 15 (safer to eat if not organic) based on the latest available data.

>> Download your dirty dozen and clean 15 cheat sheet here. <<

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