Burning Females Issues On A Raw Food Diet

Do you have burning female issues that you would like to address on a raw food or vegan diet? Let’s talk about them!

Here is the video:

Burning female issues for raw and vegan ladies:

1. Weight loss.

Many women want to lose some extra weight and eating a healthy raw food meal plan is an ideal way to do this. How long will it take you to shift extra weight?

One thing for sure is that you are very likely to see it dropping off at a good rate if you follow the low-fat raw or high-raw vegan plan. We always recommend ladies not to focus on weight loss itself, but instead focus on a healthy, cleansing and nourishing diet and lifestyle and natural weight should happen as a result.

2. Weight gain.

This is another female issue that we often get asked about. A healthy raw food plan is lower in calories per bite when compared to a standard western diet, for example.

So some ladies can actually end up losing too much weight. Eating enough calories to fulfill your body’s needs is very important on a raw food diet, along with strength training to build muscle.

3. Menstruation. 

This can be a concern for some ladies. If you under eat on calories and if your raw nutrition is not balanced, your menstruation can stop all together.

Also eating too much fat and in particular omega 6 (from nuts, seeds and avocados in particular) can cause painful PMS. So having a healthy fat intake along with a healthy omega 3 to 6 ratio is going to benefit your hormonal health.

4. Eating enough carbohydrates.

Carbing up will help ensure that you supply your body with all the fuel and nutrition it requires.

Under eating on carbohydrates can mean you then over eat on fat and it can also negatively affect your emotional balance. And when you are emotionally unbalanced due to being under carbed, you won’t be a happy bunny.

5. Thyroid health. 

Thyroid health will be enhanced when eating a healthy raw food plan and along with this a healthy level of iodine needs to be maintained to support thyroid health.

6. Contraception and fertility. 

These are ares of great interest for women and especially when eating a raw food plan. Knowing that you are getting all the necessary nutrients and enough calories so as to make sure your body is healthy and fertile is of course very important.

7. Pregnancy.

This is a big subject area for women on any diet and that includes a raw food plan. In fact, a raw food plan allows you to be your healthiest and this of course will mean your baby will be receiving the best nutrition it can possibly get.

Here’s a video with my top pregnancy tips, .

8. Lactation.

When following a raw food plan lactation should not be an issue for as long as you follow the lifestyle the right way.

Make sure to always eat enough food/calories, eat the best quality produce, include greens and healthy fats and practice attachment parenting and feeding on demand.

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8 thoughts on “Burning Females Issues On A Raw Food Diet

  •   Katey Bundus  |   

    Thanks for posting this!!! Encourages me to drink more green drinks!!! 🙂 Also I noticed an increase in energy and more balanced in my hormones and emotions. Plus my period came back after 4 weeks from giving birth!

  •   MsMalika64  |   

    I would love to eat raw all the time. I live in the northeast and I crave warm cooked food during the winter months. Great message!

  •   Brandie Mahaffey  |   

    You get prettier and prettier!

  •   claudettedupont  |   

    Similar to you with the menstrual cycle: virtually NO pms symptoms anymore, reduced blood volume and menstruation days (and much brighter blood, i should add, which means it is more oxygenated! no clumping). I should mention that i had a HORRIBLE time as a teen and into my early 20’s with very severe cramping, wanting to faint, vomiting, etc. All of that misery is gone, but DOES come back if i start to eat high fat and/or cooked. Also, feel a lot of more in-tune and in-love with my body :)

  •   Lily T.  |   

    You look amazing and younger than ever!!

  •   Ramona Raw Food  |   

    I lost the toxic weight and gained it again with healthier raw food fat and oils. Becoming raw has helped me become more satisfied on very little food.

  •   DanielleBabyBliss  |   

    You are so radiant! Amazing video! I experienced a HUGE increase in milk supply after going high raw vegan when my baby was 1 year made me wish I was vegan sooner!

  •   Mindy  |   

    Would love to know if raw food can help with the other end of the spectrum…Menopausal issues? Especially issues of vaginal dryness & painful sex. I have been searching for answers to these issues to no avail. Hope you can help?

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