10-Minute Home Full Body Workout To Burn Calories Fast

Do you have just 10 minutes today for this beginner to advanced full body workout? Today I have got a personal trainer, Ted Carr, with me who has created super effective fat and calorie blasting set of exercises to help you speed up your metabolism.

No equipment or gym is required to do this workout, as you will be using the power of your own body! Ted recommends that you repeat this workout either two times per week or a maximum of three.

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Fitness and movement is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, regardless how many raw fruits and veggies you eat, without moving your body, you will not be able to experience vibrant health.

If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym and lifting weights, bodyweight workouts are a great option for you because they can be done at home.

Full body workouts, like the ones you will find in this video, are great for people who are looking to reduce their body fat percentage. Our workout will not only make you sweat, but will also help you build muscular strength.

It incorporates some of the most effective exercises you can ever perform to keep yourself fit – squats, sprinting on the spot, lunges, burpees, and more!

For example, performing a squat will not only help you build your leg muscles (including your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves), they also help you build other muscles in your body.

If you do it the right way, it can trigger the production of human growth hormone, which is vital for muscle growth.

Squats and other body weight exercises, which we are showing you in today’s video, are very effective ways to gain more muscle.

And guess what? Gaining more muscle means that you will burn more calories and more fat. For example, if you gain 10 pounds of muscle, you will burn 500-700 more calories per day, compared to what you would have done before.

So give this workout a go – it is fun and really effective.

Ted Carr’s youtube channel. (www.youtube.com/user/FruitLiving)

And remember to post your feedback and comments below!

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