How To Work Out Your Calories For Weight Loss & Maintenance On A Raw Food Vegan Diet

Discover how to work out the amount of calories you need for weight loss and weight maintenance, based upon your desired weight and activity levels.

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29 thoughts on “How To Work Out Your Calories For Weight Loss & Maintenance On A Raw Food Vegan Diet

  •   videobenji  |   

    so, stuffing yourself with twice as many calories as you need for no reason is bad? 🙂 great video. where is your accent from?

  •   leylap2221  |   

    Hi Julia ! Great video just need a clarification: the anount of calories that you mentionned should be the total amount of calories comsumed from food or should it be the actual amount of calories left and target of calories to reach after deducting excercising calories ?? Ie as per cronometer os showing ? Thanks for reply!

  •   xxdaisypusherxx  |   

    This was really helpful, I want to do raw fruitarian but I want to lose a considerable amount of weight so thanks!

  •   echeaz  |   

    There’s no “buts” about a raw food diet. You WILL lose weight but make sure you exercise and consume enough protein so you don’t lose muscle mass.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Protein is not an issue to be concerned about for as long as you consume sufficient amounts of calories. Staying active and engaging in weight bearing exercises will help to increase the muscle mass and reduce fat.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, total amount of calories consumed during the day.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    No, we don’t believe in this model. You need to eat what you need to eat and more (or a lot more) is not necessary. I am from Russia originally 🙂

  •   xxdaisypusherxx  |   

    I meant and…the thing is I know that a lot of people have the issue of putting on weight if not eating and exercising properly.

  •   NaturalAsCanBe  |   

    I weigh only 105 and I need around 3500 for maintenance. I’m a cross country runner, but even multiplying my weight by 30 doesn’t get me to that calorie number. I think you might be underestimating on the calories a little. Also, I’ve heard that eating more calories can exite one’s metabolism. But maybe it will calm down eventually, huh?

  •   marija borbej  |   

    Very helpful 🙂

  •   leylaliciousness  |   

    Thank you Julia so to be clear 🙂 it is the net calories afterworkout ??
    so for example if target weight is115 lbs for an active person we have 1955 kcal to eat goal/ day.
    if lets say i eat 2500 kcl per day from food but exercise for 600 kcal i still reach 1900 per day net calories – would this be right or too much ?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    It says in the video 30+, which means that it will be more than 30 for some people. Also I stress in several places that these are just guidelines – they are not set in stone figures.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Have you been able to see any changes in weight on 2500 cals a day? How long have you been eating this way? If you have not seen your desired changes, try reducing by 10-15% (2,500 less 10-15%) and see if this makes any difference. It takes a little tweaking.

  •   thefictionxwelive  |   

    Wow wow great video!!! 🙂 So helpful!

  •   Quinn  |   

    Thank you for this information, and the great resource from chronometer.  I'm gearing up to make the shift to lfrv, and I'm finding your videos really empowering.  Thank you for generously sharing what did and what did not work for you, making my success more likely.

  •   thefictionxwelive  |   

    I’m curious about this as well!!
    It makes sense that the more you’re active the more you should eat… chyeah?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    A balance calorie intake and output is what you need to aim for.

  •   Manuel Wirth  |   

    First of all thank you for providing your videos and thanks for sharing your knowledge. Very lovely! One question came up in my mind: are there any gender specific distinguishes concerning the 12-15, 16-19 factor etc? Or is it “desired weight * factor” with same factorcategory applying for both genders?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    This is for both female and male and the desired weight, correct!

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  •   Ko-Shin Music  |   

    thank you great video 🙂

  •   Mrs.VeeNormandin  |   

    I love this video. This helps so much Thx!!

  •   Maxine Monus  |   

    great video! just wondering if these guidelines would apply to someone who was eating high carb cooked vegan at night? thanks!

  •   S2 Holistic Life  |   

    Amazing video, Yulia! It explains really well what’s written on Dr. Graham’s book! Very easy to understand. Thank you 🙂

  •   Sobre Escritos  |   

    Hey, thanks A LOT. I’ve been doing my research on the raw vegan diet and my
    greatest doubt was: how much should I eaaaaaaaaat??? You’ve just solved
    that problem for me, so THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  •   HannaS61  |   

    hey. What about if you need to gain weight, because you’re underweight, do
    the same rules appy?

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