What Mistakes Led Me To Gain Weight On A Raw Food Diet

Learn about the mistakes Yulia made on the 801010 diet that made her gain weight and how you can avoid them.

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118 thoughts on “What Mistakes Led Me To Gain Weight On A Raw Food Diet

  •   vegafru  |   

    Great video! Thank you! It really does make a lot of sense. I am only 5’3 and I do some jogging and yoga but all pretty gentle. I was also putting a lot of pressure to eat at least 2500 calories every day which is obviously way too much for a small person like me. But of course if training for a triathlon … then you need tones of calories! Good luck with your training by the way! You should make a video about your daily training routine and your fruit meals! I am excited for your next video!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I am glad it helped you! Yes, I will make a video soon on exercise and my meals. Thank you for all of your kind comments!

  •   TheKp33baker  |   

    (there is a whole minute if black screen at the end of this clip)

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, I have just noticed, sorry about that!

  •   LoveForHealth  |   

    You are so cute! Love your videos. Personally find them more informative than others since you tackle other aspects of this diet.

  •   00great226  |   

    to me, you are the most beautiful raw food girl ou there!! 🙂

  •   mstheworld1  |   

    So would u admit the real reason for your weight gain was maybe too many nuts ( fat) in your diet ? I guess if u were eating just tons of fruit in mono meals u wouldn’t of gained weight would u of ? Just would love to clear that up as u mentioned u ate a fair bit of nuts & stuff but didn’t go into if that was the reason behind ur weight gain ? Thanks once again, great videos :))

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Hi, no I was never overeating on nuts or eating too much of nuts/seeds and only ate them sparingly. Then I realised that I needed to exclude them all together. I ate tons of fruit mono meals being in the tropics primarily. My weight gain was due to eating too much and not being active enough on a very clean high-carb low-fat raw vegan diet.

  •   Faye Anderson  |   

    fat doesn’t make you fat. There is no need to go low fat especially when it comes from nuts


    I’m interested in doing banana island for 30 days can you post all the different ways to eat the bananas so that I have a variety and can stick with it easier please

  •   Igor Bratok  |   

    that were just bright enough to emphasise the solid whiteness of the snow.

  •   Pazi Uopste  |   

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  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Fat is still fat and consuming too much is unhealthy, even if it is from nuts.

  •   Igor Sadoviy  |   

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  •   Alexandra R.  |   

    I am 16 and exercise 2-3 hours a day (vigorous exercises–running, cycling, P90X, etc.),, eat 2000 calories a day, and I am now taking methylcobalamin injections… yet I still am 130 pounds, at 5’5, and I STILL haven’t lost any weight on this lifestyle… WHAT AM I DOING WRONG??? I don’t eat any overt fats by the way

  •   almirjuventus  |   

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  •   PhillyG501  |   

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  •   shahilagh  |   


  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    What about all other important aspects of health like sleep, etc? Are you B12 deficient to supplement? Can your body be too stressed due to so much exercise? Are you a competitive athlete? Hw long have you been eating this way?

  •   AURELIA ZIOMEK  |   

    It’s not very helpful when u only say I was eating to much. I thought 80/10/10 is not about cal restriction ( u eat till u satisfy and then no more)

  •   AURELIA ZIOMEK  |   

    Your message is basically: u need to exercise and count call …. Which looks like any other diet people fallow to loose weight and then keep it off

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Basically it comes down to what is called ‘calories in and calories out’. Some people do struggle with weight issues even when eating a low fat raw vegan diet so paying attention to what they consume calorie wise is important.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    To be truly healthy we all need to do good amounts of exercise as well as consume the amounts of food our bodies require. Many people can eat all they desire and not put on any additional weight, while for others this is not the case and they have to adjust their diet/intake accordingly and so not consume extra calories.

  •   chuda shrestha  |   

    If you have been trying to lose weight fast, you should google “Windy Fat Loss”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

  •   ShiftCtrl85  |   

    This was NOT very helpful video…. Dr Doug Graham is TOTALLY against calorie restriction of any kind. Yet you are advising people to count their calories to lose weight.

    This kind of advice is the complete opposite from what 80/10/10 is telling us!!

  •   balotelic1ramos  |   

    Big head

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Actually, this is not true. We went to Doug’s events and know him well. He does believe in calories-in and calories-out and this is what he suggests to his clients wanting to lose weight. Dr Doug’s advice regarding weight loss is very different if compared to people who say eat as much as you like.

  •   djkebbe  |   

    i dont Count calories , i eat over 3500 every day , ind i am loosing weight !! so i Think this kalori counting is totaly wrong… ,,if you eat too Little calories*carbs* the body does not easily burn fat ,, also carbs mostly burns up into bodyheat !! i eat about 20 bananas a day , and almost 1000 g of other fruit and greens without any problem

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I eat as much as I like (Paul) and never put on weight – always stay the same but, I know that for some people this is definately not the case so they need to be more aware of what and how much they eat. Genetics do play a part in this even on a low fat raw vegan diet.

  •   John Thomas  |   

    Not eating enough calories can cause your body to go into hibernation mode where you will be sleepy and start storing fat.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Its about achieving a calorific balance and being healthy and vibrant along with it.

  •   brecheese98  |   

    i ate like 600 calories and went right after into intense exercise big mistake i felt like throwing up after runing 19 min at first i thought i ate to much but then i felt it in my trote not my stomach. warning never workout intensely after eatting a large meal it was all raw food except 1 cup rasin bran and 2 pieces whole wheat toast

  •   brecheese98  |   

    i think she meant only eat what you know you will burn off not to count calories but eat what your body needs to run for example if you hardly exercise and eat a ton of food you will gain weight . you eat what you know you will burn off. Thats like energy consumption in plants. it also means only eat when your hungry and exercise every day. to produce habits, so i dont think calorie counting is involved with that

  •   brecheese98  |   

    in 30.59 minutes i burnt 336 calories 1.21 miles

  •   CptUnknown  |   

    Sounds like you are gaining muscle weight. Muscle weighs more than fat. Reduce the amount of excessive exercising. You are working out WAAAAAAAY too much!!! Keep you calories up since you are still very young and growing. Cycling/running will encourage leg weight with the growth of muscle. If you want lean switch to Yoga and squats without weights.

  •   CptUnknown  |   

    Thankyou! I have been trying to explain this to other raw food vegans forever now! Where someone like Freelee would flip out when I explained I have to keep my calories lower than most because of my body type. My body is evolutionarily perfect. My body will store food naturally so when it’s time for winter I can survive with less food.

  •   CptUnknown  |   

    You also have to take in your body type. Are you a Mesomorph, Endomorph or Ectomorph? Even with this kind of diet you still have to tailor something that works for you. There is also a whole range of things that can change with the diet as you are on it. Say you start training for a marathon, you need to bump up your cal intake. say you sit on your yahoo all day, you may need to bump down your cal intake. Your level of activity with cals matter with any diet.

  •   CptUnknown  |   

    Yeah, if your body fat is at 5% or below (10% for women), this is not an issue with most people who are losing weight. Like Yulia said, “Its about achieving a calorific balance and being healthy and vibrant along with it.” Also you have to consider body types into the mix and genetics. People also need to know that you can go too low for extended amounts of time and that will not be health as well. We need to teach balance.

  •   sweetpagoda  |   

    I’m not 100% raw … I don’t want to be skinny. I sometimes add olive oil to my cooked meals, and I sometimes add coconut butter or nut butter to my smoothies.

  •   Marina Grubic  |   

    Hi Shift. I was interning with Dr. Graham. He says that if u eat more than what u spend, u will probably gain weight. Genetics do play role.

  •   Aman Arora  |   

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  •   Alexa S  |   

    Thanks for your video…very helpful…I have kind of the same story…did my blood test and found out that my thyroid is under active …. I don’t want to take any pills to get it fixed, but what to do instead? I am following 80/10/10 , excluded nuts and seeds, have a good excercise routine and a balanced caloric intake. Is there something I can do to support my thyroid? Thanks for any advice!

  •   Alex Yohan  |   

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  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Check your iodine levels and take extra iodine if you are deficient in it and also do energy work – meditating and working with your emotions as the thyroid is linked with your self-expression center. Hope this helps!

  •   Rakesh Majumder  |   

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  •   eslam adel  |   

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  •   Pushpak Purohit  |   

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  •   wildanS  |   

    20 bananas and 1000g of fruits/greens doesn’t even come close to 3500 kcal. How do you know that you eat over 3500 if you don’t count them? In my case I was weighting every bit of fruit and veg I was eating and what felt to me like 3000+ kcal was in reality less then 2000. Raw fruits and veggies are far less calorie dense than cooked/processed food and have much fiber which fills you up. Raw food diet doesn’t magically burn fat like people like to believe. You simply naturally eat less.

  •   Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage  |   

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  •   Ellen Fisher  |   

    but dr, graham promotes vigorous exercise and fully explains the importance of working out so this makes sense for people gaining weight might be taking in more calories than they put out because they are not exercising enough

  •   mani kandan  |   

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  •   emmaxemma22  |   

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  •   Lucky Kusal  |   

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  •   sheersendu rakshit  |   

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  •   onyxspirals  |   

    2500 calories a day?! I wish that I could eat that much. I find it difficult to get a sufficient number of calories on the raw diet. If anyone has any tips on how to gain weight while raw, I would love to hear them. I lost weight and really want to put it back on.

  •   throwitinthebinUnt  |   

    im chowing down a 2100 kcal banana water smoothie, itll take me an hour to eat; just 30 min/hour ago i did a vigorous exerciseif one was coming straight out of a SAD diet with a stress-lack of sleep regime, chances are that a 2000 kcal meal, or even a 1000 wouldnt appeal. thats normal; the reasons are: stomach muscles are still relatively dormant and you literally regurgitate unwanted volume out; the blood sugar cant handle so much that you crash/get so tired you wont wanna do it again…

  •   throwitinthebinUnt  |   

    solutions: get into bananas/dates/cooked starch (NO FAT) (ok, its not raw, but i highly encourage it to ALL begginers coming from a cooked background.. only for dinner)for the stomach, make a conscious decision from now until whenever (there WILL come a time when it all settles) to eat 1000 kcal meal of banana smoothie,or date water, or cooked starch 3 times a day 3 weeks min.get an exercise program, itll get your blood sugar levelledremeber: all the above is almost temporary, so fire away

  •   M lakshmi  |   

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  •   sovan bajracharya  |   

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  •   chathura443  |   

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  •   Roshan Shrestha  |   

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  •   Vegan Daddy  |   

    So I am curious…(Fellow 811er) if you werent over 10% fats, then how did you gain weight? Im lost here…help me to get it.

  •   Vegan Daddy  |   

    You are the first one to say that…as far as I am concerened….banans are roughly 100 cals each…if you get about 20 a day in…WITH foods….correctly food combinign of course…then you are good to go. How many bananas are you able to eat, not blended, in one sitting? If you are under 6-8, you need to try drinking a liter of H2O then try again. You gotta stretch the gut internally a bit. i couldnt eat 5 when i started…not 5 just makes me hungry. peace.

  •   Jessica Quan  |   

    How much do you eat on days you don’t work out?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    It varies largely, depending on what I did the day before. Sometimes I need to refuel on my day off and I will eat what I feel like. Otherwise, I would say around 2,000 when I am not very active.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Due to consuming too many carbs from fruit.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Onyxspirals, we recently made a video about it, please scroll through our video list.

  •   Vegan Daddy  |   

    ????? So what about the fruit specifically, made you gain weight?

  •   shahilagh  |   

    dear, not every one can do intensive exercise for health concerns.

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  •   Joydev Pal  |   

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  •   MakeupGlam213  |   

    I love u but can u tell me that do u need to exercise on a raw food diet to lose weight

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    You need to exercise on any diet as it is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your natural weight.

  •   Binod Pun  |   

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  •   Dhanushka Ariyadasa  |   

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  •   ShiftCtrl85  |   

    So exercise more… but don’t calorie restrict! 80/10/10 is completely against calorie restriction… If you’re restricting calories – you’re NOT following the 80/10/10 diet!

  •   Liming Yu  |   

    You look absolutely beautiful!

  •   Heather Norton  |   

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  •   ma Gihan  |   

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  •   Sulab buzzracharya  |   

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  •   Catsincages  |   

    80/10/10 people can be so self righteous, blinkered, and downright wrong. Nice to see someone who takes a balanced look at being healthy.

  •   Catsincages  |   

    80/10/10 people can be so self righteous, blinkered, and downright wrong. Nice to see someone who takes a balanced look at being healthy.

  •   frankie g  |   

    Just about every other video i’ve seen says eat as many as fruits and veggies as you can . This video throws me off ,because they say limit calories. I heard limit the nuts ,because of the fats and nothing else.I watch Frelee the banana girl and they say eat all the bananas you want. I have heard about nuts ,buy thats it

  •   juan hurtado  |   

    could you get to the point from the beginning rather than talking about what is not the first issue you state. to much fruit you get fat: that is the main point. Durianrider says it is not so on fruit, so who do you beleive.

  •   binod basnet  |   

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  •   chanuka appa  |   

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  •   fitnesslove100  |   

    i live in canada, in the north part of the country. and it is very hard to get fresh fruits, and very very expensive because it cant be bought in bulk. its its about 4 months of summer here and 8 months of very cold winter. i want to follow this diet so bad and i do so as much as i can but its starting to break my bank :(. so should i not follow this diet? how can i get as close to this diet as possible without have to eat 10 oranges or apples or bananas a day?

  •   Александр Шохнин  |   

    У тебя такой забавный акцент))

  •   VanityVain1  |   

    great video!!! more exercise is the key!!! Big awareness is not just 20 bananas and 20 dates and stay unactive, is all about move and burn!!!! Thanks again!!

  •   BobiLennox  |   

    2500 calories is too much for woman if u wanna loose weight should eat only 1500 calories plus daily at least 20 min exercise I also recommend drink unsweetened green tea don’t eat any sweets too fatty food fizzy drinks and be patient loosing weight is hard

  •   zombranegra  |   

    Apologies for the long rant…firstly, This is good info. I recently started reading 80/10/10, not sure why because for the most part it’s all vegan bro-science about how we should eat like gorillas because they are our closest ancestors…anyway, in the book, under the chapter titled something like “stabilizing body weight” he says “if you burn 115 calories more than you burn you will fairly reliably lose one pound per month.” And also that one other way to lose weight is to expend more energy from physical activity. Lastly he also makes the bold statement that ” medical ‘experts’ distinguish the athlete from the healthy individual, giving them separate classifications, as if it were possible to be healthy and not athletic.” note his recommendation for a healthy body fat level for men “is in the single digits.” As with any diet, it’s calories in vs. calories out…no big mystery. That’s the one thing no one in this community is willing to admit (except in this video), and even when they say things like “intermittent fasting makes you spiral out of control, lose weight, gain weight, etc.” if you pay attention to their videos you can note that they do things like bike or run for an hour before eating ANYTHING and eating from 10am till about 6pm (same formula as the Hodgetwins). In order to look like a fitness model you still have to train and diet like a fitness model. anyway, 80/10/10 is a macros formula, not necessarily a “diet” or a lifestyle.” just as if you did the bodybuilder ratio of 40/40/20, etc. You get fat or thin based on how much you eat vs. how much you burn, and the notion that “you can eat all that you want on this lifestyle,” still has the clause, “but you HAVE to move your ass.”

  •   Larry Richelli  |   

    On 80-10-10 you don’t eat nuts and seeds except a couple of times a year! They will make you fat and sick!

  •   Larry Richelli  |   

    According to 80 10 10 you get enough fat from just eating raw fruits and vegetables so again I will say that eating nuts and seeds are very rare occasion under 80 10 10

  •   offwithurhead  |   

    So basically, unlike someone like the Freelee chick would tell us, the commonly accepted calorie guidelines are pretty accurate(1900-2200 for women). So you can’t really eat all the fruit you want… 😀 Figures.

  •   Aleksandra Ivanova  |   

    I love Zendaya’s outfit the most! <3

  •   XTheSonofTheSunX  |   

    great informationi gained some weight recently eating unlimited fruit carbs, i was eating to many calories, and, my exercise could go to the next level. im balancing out quickly, haha, it sucks feeling full, and, looking fullcheers

  •   Billy Dee  |   

    TO LOSE WEIGHT and PREVENT WATER RETENTION: limit your fruit consumption to 600 cals at any one time if you are a woman or 1000 cals if you are a man. You can then have another 600 cals/1000cals of fruit every 3 to 4 hours. WHY? Fructose gets converted into glycogen IF the liver needs to be replenished, if the liver’s supply of glycogen is full, it will convert the fructose to triglycerides (FAT). Fortunately, the liver’s reserves are tapped first before muscle stores. Therefore, if you do not exceed your liver’s storage capacity (200 to 500 fructose calories depending on gender, metabolic health and fitness) or (400 to 1000 calories of fruit assuming 50% is fructose) plus your body’s burn rate,( 75 to 150 cal per hour again depending on gender, metabolic health and fitness) most fructose will NOT be turned to fat, but converted to glycogen. WARNING – so if you consume massive amounts of fruit in very short time beyond your liver”s storage and burn rate, your liver will convert it to FAT. I was consuming nearly 2000 cals in fruit( 1/2 watermelon and then 1200 cal smoothie) with in 90 mins and despite exercise and keeping my total cals near 3500, my weight plateaued and had water retention. As soon as I spread my fruit calories out, my water retention disappeared and my weight loss accelerated like crazy.

  •   Mónica Sanaphre  |   

    So, we come back to the basics: limit calories, exercise more.

  •   Dog Day Home  |   


  •   Vickie Debasio  |   

    I love this diet. And yes it’s calories in vs out… However, all calories
    are NOT created equally. A lot of people on this diet overheat on the
    nuts/fats and then wonder why they aren’t losing

  •   AndraSterian  |   

    Bananas and dates don’t make you fat!! She’s also not right about the
    calories. Look up Freelee!

  •   killyourself kiddo  |   

    LMFAO 10/10 man

  •   Yesenia Cruz  |   

    90s style video and the song is good

    Kiesza – Hideaway (Official Video): http://youtu.be/ESXgJ9-H-2U

  •   Juliee Ruiz  |   

    I saw this happen

  •   jessica martinez  |   

    Can I do a raw diet on a budget? :/ I’m interested in this but I have no
    idea how to start.

  •   Jodi Yates  |   

    I really like your videos…you don’t blah blah blah, you get straight to
    the point…and I really enjoy your wisdom and your sharing your
    experiences…thank you!

  •   Cemil Düz  |   

    Kadın zor konuşuyor.Karakolda sıkıntılı anlar yaşamış galiba 😀

  •   Rob Ruddy  |   

    You eat according to your lifestyle and age. A 60-year old doesn’t require
    the same caloric intake as a 25 year old and a couch potato doesn’t require
    the same caloric intake as someone who is physically very active. Not
    rocket science.

  •   yoyo m7md  |   

    قطعوا الصوت على غاده وحطه تيييييت اظاهر انها شتمت شيرين

  •   wawlden  |   

    Undereating slows your metabolism down, so wouldn’t that be the reason why
    you gained weight?

  •   MeManatee Manatee  |   

    Hey! I am in my 3 week 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 But Could you please wright
    down what you need us to check at the doktor? Vitamin D, B12 and? thyroids?
    In from Norway, so I diddent know what it was 🙂
    Love frome Norway 🙂

  •   Doreen Dotan  |   

    Would you recommend going on thyroid medicine even on a Vegan diet? My
    thyroid is quite slow and the doctor is recommending I take medicine. I
    really wish my thyroid would eventually get healthy on its own if I
    continue to eat so healthy. Is that realistic?

  •   Red Pill Philosophy  |   

    You dumb morons consistently say you can eat as much as you want, “carb the
    fuck up!” You morons also consistently bash the “evils” of
    “calorie-restriction” diets, then say that 80/10/10 is ideal because you
    can just eat to your heart’s content! Now, you’re moronically saying eating
    too much of your precious carbs and calories can make you fat and
    unhealthy? Wow. I thought calorie-restriction was bad. Retarded people on
    the internet giving advice from their kitchens, should’ve known better.

  •   Can Kaya  |   

    so much misinformation in this video. you can eat 100000000000000000
    calories a day and loose weight by eating a high carb low fat diet.

  •   Andrew Campbell  |   

    Gaining weight doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are Vegan.

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