Food Combining Tips For Eating Fruit For Optimum Digestion & High Energy

Food combining is a very important aspect of health. Whether your goal is to improve digestion, gain energy, achieve weight loss, or feel great, food combining is something you need to be aware of. In this video Yulia goes through food combining with regards to fruit, explaining what fruits combines with what other fruits.

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25 thoughts on “Food Combining Tips For Eating Fruit For Optimum Digestion & High Energy

  •   bigeasy91185  |   

    Thankyou I been wondering about this 🙂

  •   Michael Larkin  |   

    I always eat my melons when I first wake up….Is it ok to combine different types of melons together? …watermelon with honey dew

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes you can.

  •   Angie M.  |   

    Great info, I needed to learn this, thanks!

  •   Sander Buruma  |   

    any advice on making sure your fruit gets ripe? A lot of fruit on market isn’t ripe, and when I lay it out to get ripe it gets ripe rather at random and not all at once.

  •   AllisonSlay3  |   

    Thks so much, loved hearing this info and reinforcing!!

  •   I like to cook  |   

    I love your accent :)))

  •   I like to cook  |   

    But I love my pineapple mango banana smoothies 🙁

  •   Empress ah  |   

    Me too, I love mixing bananas and pineapples. Yulia, what a good pineapple smoothie recipe then please? X

  •   VeganGirl1011  |   

    I love jackfruit!!! Ahhhh! So. De. Li. Ci. Ous!!!!

  •   FortunateFlora  |   

    Thanks for the info. I have one question. If you eat a sweet fruit, like bananas, how long should you wait before you drink for example a glass of pineapple juice? I usually wait an hour. Is that enough?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    It would be best for you to have it the other way round and drink juice first, wait for 30 minutes and have your nanas.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Pinapple-berry-celery or nectarine-pineapple or pear-pineapple.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    We will make a vid on it soon!

  •   FortunateFlora  |   

    Thanks 🙂 I appreciate the advice.

  •   radiantchristina  |   

    I have made banana, pineapple smoothies many times and haven’t had any issues.

  •   Empress ah  |   

    Thank you!:) about to try a berry,celery and pineapple one right now X

  •   Quinn  |   

    Thank you for this information.  I've looked at/attempted food combining several times over the years, but I think I'll do better after eliminating so many other things.  It's easier to combine properly when there are less food groups to choose from!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Totally agree, good approach!

  •   Akash vegan crusader  |   

    didn’t she just say we ‘cannot’ combine bananas and pineapples??

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    That’s right. Sweet and acid fruit does not combine.

  •   Mau Rich  |   

    Great. Thanks

  •   Sam Newman  |   

    Great info! Thank you.

  •   GuinnessMmmm  |   

    Grapes were mentioned in the sweet & (some kinds) in the sub-acid category; with no further explanation. I just ate two bananas & was sitting down to a nice bowl of red grapes when I’d decided to look into whether or not they were compatible. I’m confused, because different sources say different things & this video did nothing to help clarify my quandary. 8(

  •   Colette A  |   

    Thanks for taking the time to help us!

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