Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Before & After: My Personal Story With Photos

Here is my personal raw food before and after weight loss story with before and after photos of my transformation together with what has been inspiring me on my raw food diet weight loss journey.

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164 thoughts on “Raw Food Diet Weight Loss Before & After: My Personal Story With Photos

  •   lessivig  |   

    I’ve been transitioning to 80/10/10 for about a month now, I have a long way to go but your videos really helps keep me motivated! Thank you!

  •   vegafru  |   

    Thank you! I have been watching all your videos and I find them really helpful. I find myself in the same kind of situation as you were before. I lost weight when i started eating 80/10/10 raw vegan but then started to gain more weight and now I am having a hard time figuring out exactly how much to eat. If you could make a video about how exactly you changed your calorie intake without feeling restricted it would be great! Thank you!

  •   aRawLifestyle  |   

    only cooked I eat is quinoa and lightly steamed veggies…pregnant do not want to do 100% raw but I am 100% most days…

  •   Joy Sundari  |   

    Congratulations Yulia!you are very very beautiful! very nice video!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Girls and boys, thank you, you really inspire me!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Rosine, thank you! Ok, I will look into it! 🙂

  •   RosineTheSoulHealer  |   

    Oh and I forgot to say, congratulations on achieving your ideal shape! You look great. 🙂 You are such an inspiration, please keep up the good work.

  •   David Greenman  |   

    Hello Yulia, Thank you for your response.
    It isnt my knees, its been different areas from my hips down at one time or another. So I began learning about bare foot and minimalist running. This has helped but it just seems as tho the body adapts, heals and responds to these heathier changes slowly.
    As for seeing an allopath-(symptomologist/md). No. Nope. I have little trust in them. I am a certified detoxification/dietary lifestyle specialist. Ive seen the damage allopaths do.

  •   David Greenman  |   

    Yulia, so what I am doing now, ( and witnessing the difficulty in this change lololo) is running less daily. I am doing a third from what I had been doing on a daily basis. I wear Merrell barefoot trail gloves. Barefoot Ken Bobs book has been very helpful, Barefoot Running Step By Step. I also realize that my right have is the weaker due to my right kidney and adrenal being weak and so I experience the build up of acids and inflammation on my right side, predominately.

  •   David Greenman  |   

    To answer your other questions: I have had aches and pains from my hips on down bi-laterally for most of my running life which began in the 5th grade to present. I stretch a bit, yes. My knees are fine, they have never been an issue. What I have noticed that when I began wearing my barefoot (zero drop) merrells, my form etc have improved but this is also due to having a better understanding of the importance of proper running form. Yes I’ve had injuries in the past. They come and they go.

  •   chadsshow  |   

    How to maintain and keep it off!

  •   grassrootsvegan  |   

    you look fantastic!

  •   Daliah2603  |   

    hey i really love your videos..very informational and inspirational.
    could you maybe go deaper in what you did exactly wrong by eating 80 10 10 before? were you eating too much fat or too little? or were you eating just whenever you wanted?
    there are so many factors regarding weight gain on a fruit based diet, so i wouldnt initially say that you were eating too much…maybe you werent exercising enough..didnt drink enough water …etc.

  •   durianriders  |   


    Doing great Yulia. 🙂

  •   jack mega  |   


  •   lovemyalaskaful  |   

    Would this type of eating stop diabetes if your in the pre diabetic stage?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Agree Harley!

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Oh yes, of course, how could we forget.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, I was pre-diabetic myself before switching to this diet. Also, check out a video with Bibi Zambrano on our channel who overcame type 2 diabetes with this diet.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes, will make a video on it.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I am from Russia originally.

  •   MissDietfreak  |   

    How many calories a day? ???? I’d love to know

  •   norxcontacts  |   

    What did you eat today?

  •   Elise Scott  |   

    How did you reduce your caloric intake and still feel satisfied after going LFRV?

  •   Misha Zhirniy  |   

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  •   NuclearNympho  |   

    yes it does!

  •   Cristina N. Harrison  |   

    See which surprising vegetables and fruits boost your metabolic process and kill lower abdominal fat:

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I eat enough fruit ))

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    It is on the actual video. Over 2,500 now as training hard for my triathlon.

  •   sacredfeeling29  |   

    you are so sexy in that outfit

  •   Rana El-rass  |   

    Thank you Yulia. I gained weight on a 100-day juice fast (mainly fruits). Now, I’m eating 95% raw mainly fruits, around 2,000 calories per day. I’m still heavier than I like to be. Mostly my in waist area. I will try to eat less and exercise more and see how it goes. I also eat bananas and dates every day. What do you think about them? Thank you so much dear. I enjoy your videos. Lots of love.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Please explore my earlier videos on weight loss and the sorts of foods you need to be eating to achieve the results you want as bananas and dates are dense calorific fruits.

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  •   Lemi Bg  |   

    beautiful skin you have there:) you are 100% the sexiest raw food girl on youtube

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  •   Andriy Naperkov  |   

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  •   jacqueline l  |   

    eat dates only once a week.. 2,000 cals is too much if u want to lose weight, u need to cut to 1200 or 1500max. also exercising more isn’t always ideal for weight loss cause exercising more than 40 minutes straight(at same high intensity) can raise ur cortisol stress levels causing u to store fat, not lose it. best workout is no more than 40 minutes a day of interval training.

  •   Fick Dich  |   

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  •   Joefest99  |   

    My God you’re hot! I gotta go get some carrots!

  •   mohitkalra2  |   

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  •   h00dini  |   

    You are gorgeous!!!! All that from fruit????

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  •   p0rnomarv  |   

    a not to light overweight male person with maximal motivation for training needs 6 months to run <20min on a typical somewhat healthy diet.
    but i think u can get there even faster on a raw vegan diet. I have more endurance on a clean vegan (not raw yet) diet allready.

  •   Rashmika Sandamal  |   

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  •   thefictionxwelive  |   

    So inspirational! Thank you for the motivation.

  •   thefictionxwelive  |   

    I would like to know what types of exercise you have benifited from the most? 🙂

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Running, including fast running and calisthenics, which are bending, jumping, swinging, twisting or kicking, using your own body weight for resistance.

  •   HeGivesSalvation  |   

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  •   h00dini  |   

    Who’s the howdy Doudy guy?

  •   h00dini  |   

    How old are you?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thirty two

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  •   DeathAdder83  |   

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  •   al karg  |   

    gee, couldn’t u pose in a bathing suit or something? proofs in the pudding or so they say.tks for trying tho’

  •   Adita Leathlay  |   

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  •   Dalila Barrera  |   

    She is beautiful naturally But The Banana Girl Breelee is the sexiest.

  •   Pam Neufeld  |   

    Hey, Ive been on the 80/10/10 for a month. Are you still on yours?

  •   arbonac  |   

    I think she’s Austrian. She sounds a little like Arnie.

  •   Claudia R  |   

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  •   metaspherz  |   

    At 2:00 the guy looks anorexic and bone-thin. Sorry, but people who look like that are NOT healthy in mind or body. Yes, I know that you said that you started to eat more after that and you started gaining too much weight until you settled on a proper nutritional path. But seeing that one photo at 2:00 was very distrubing to me. Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit or any healthier than if you had a few extra pounds on you. Being secure in front of the mirror accounts for a lot.

  •   Sydney Johnson  |   

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  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Yes you are right that being underweight is not healthy and at that time both of us were not healthy and eating enough as stated on the video. Nowhere do we state that being skinny means we were fitter and healthier.We promote the understanding that everyone needs to eat enough food so they can fuel their bodies properly, which at that time we were not doing and is a story we wrote about in our new book The Raw Message. Hope this clarifies things.

  •   HarleneRules  |   

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  •   FrootKat  |   

    sexy Russian 🙂

  •   ScammedByHarold  |   

    I think that her working out with running truly makes the difference. As always, people can’t truly avoid exercise.

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  •   Valeria Vine  |   

    You look like Bettie Page in your before photo…that’s a compliment. 🙂

  •   Vegan Daddy  |   

    So then how would you define your physical appearance? Curious.

  •   Vegan Daddy  |   

    Not enough calories….plain and simple friend.

  •   mevsikov  |   

    gj, you look really hot.

  •   serenadesea  |   

    Is it expensive to eat mostly fruit?Can you eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables?What does 80/10/10 mean? Are these ratios unflexible?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Regarding expense it depends a lot on where you get your supplies from – wholesaler/retailer etc. Yes you can mix fruits/veg together as long as they combine together well. The 80/10/10 diet book by Dr Douglas Graham is a great book to read and explains all about the carb/protein/fat ratios – avaliable via our website!. Minimum 80% carbs, max 10% protein & max 10% fat of total calories per day

  •   Lawrence Howard Williams  |   

    Not bad Eddie

  •   serenadesea  |   

    Are you supposed to drink one gallon of juice per day?

  •   derpmo  |   

    I can’t eat fruit, beans, veggies without feeling rage and irritability, then tired and depressed with anxiety. I have autoimmune gastritis. How do I eat any of this then? I am vegan, just started. I also have a very hard time losing the love handles and upper arm fat. I am 5’6 1/2 and 130ish lbs.

  •   Light Twins  |   

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  •   Sania Munmun  |   

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  •   Sania Munmun  |   

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  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    You can get all you need from whole fruits, though of course you can drink juice if need be, always best if you have it with the pulp.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    We would suggest you read the 80/10/10 diet by Dr Doug Graham as it explains why fruits, soft leafy greens should make up the main of our diet. Beans are not easy to digest and not recommended. The book explains all!

  •   Alina A Islam-Hashmi  |   

    wait so a person can eat too much fruit and vegetables?

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  •   sad kc  |   

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  •   ItsMeKelso  |   

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  •   elicia addison  |   

    thanks for this testimony. Im now starting a raw food vegan diet. after 1 month I have lost 8 pounds. I am 194 pounds and will like to go to 150 pounds. it seems as though I hit a plateau. the pounds isn’t budging. but I feel so good im not giving up.

  •   Rajkamal Singh  |   

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  •   healthcounts  |   

    It is so satisfying to visualize a goal and have it come to fruition (pun intended), and you look incredible, super healthy and beautiful. Great job

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Thank you!

  •   Roshanda Williams  |   

    HELLO….I’ve been vegan for about 80/10/10 vegan for about 2 years ….Initially, I was 245 lbs, I got great energy & lost 25 lbs, but now Im stuck at 218lbs…Im 5’5 female…when Is the rest of the weight gonna come off?…I wanna get down to 170lbs….thats my goal…I feel like giving up on 8/1/1 !!!!! Help !

  •   mport09  |   

    Maybe you need to work out enough and sleep properly and be hydrated.

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  •   danielle  |   

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  •   Shay Mazza  |   

    Thanks for sharing Yuliya! As always, very inspirational! 🙂 I am curious to know- how long did it take you to lose the weight that you gained on 811 after increasing your exercise and eating the right amount of calories for your body?

  •   cutie baliw  |   

    cool video

  •   Mario LaVette  |   


  •   Hanna Ho  |   

    Nice vid! But I have a question, how do you maintain this while you are in holiday season… Christmas is just around the corner.. and I like to bake for friends and family, how can I control my eating desire… I just really want to reach my dream goal by new year. I am currently 57kg and 160cm. I want to get down to 50kg by the end of the year… Pls help!

  •   Heidi Radda  |   

    Where are you from? You have a slight accent. Just curious 🙂

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  •   Clint Roberts  |   

    geat job ..you look outstanding

  •   1046fireman  |   

    At 1:59 it looks like they are on the concentration camp diet.

  •   Howard J Foster - Keytar Wizard -  |   
  •   S2 Holistic Life  |   

    I really enjoy your videos. This one in particular I was able to familiarize a lot with since I’ve been eating a very healthy diet and have started the 811 diet a month ago. One thing worries me though which is the levels of sugar in the blood. Before the 811 my blood sugar level was in the 70s and now it’s in the 90s. I have a glucometer at home and that’s how I know it. I still need to lose 20 pounds to reach my ideal weight and I’m thinking I need to exercise more. I have exercised a lot before the 811 diet and only gained weight (muscles AND a lot of fat) – the personal trainer friend of mine told me to eat way too much protein that are from sardines only… About 50g/ day. The result is that now I’m afraid to exercise so intensely, because when you literally sweat your butt off and only gain weight, your motivation shatters. Hopefully I will see a difference with exercise while being on the 811 diet. Talking about that, have you created a video about how to calculate how many calories to eat on the 811 diet for weight loss? Does this have to do with BMR and BMI? If so, should I be closer to my BMR rate to achieve fast weight loss? Thank a bunch, and I congratulate you on your success as well as thank you for bringing inspiration to so many people! I hope I can help people like you one day!! Right now I focus on helping people with low self esteem to start loving themselves again, as well as women and girls with eating disorders.

  •   LE RUBY  |   


  •   LE RUBY  |   

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  •   S2 Holistic Life  |   

    Thank you so much for your answer! I will check those videos out! What about my question on blood sugar? Do you have any insights to give me? Best wishes,Gabi.

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  •   Alexis Moeller  |   

    how did you figure out what kind of calorie intake was right for you?

  •   Bruce McKeever  |   

    You look amazing!!! I hope to try this soon…

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  •   hocuspocus  |   

    you’re absolutely right thank you for sharing! <3

  •   MissGreyBlueEyes  |   

    so what did you do wrong in the beggining? why did you even gain more weight? can you share what mistakes you made? thank you. greetings from Norway!

  •   LPSKat  |   

    user: kkjjff767
    I think I’m getting back into ah and love dat game (lol totally a newb :3)

  •   Ma va  |   

    You looked normal before. I think that if you did this because the health (eating right ) is ok, but if you did it because you thought you were fat then I think you had issues with your weight. Your boyfriend looks almost sickly thin.

  •   Prajjwal thokar  |   

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  •   Michele du Toit  |   

    You look great.

  •   Jocelyn Drinic  |   

    Thanks so much for this inspiring video! I am in a similar place to you on my journey, and this made so much sense to me. Keep it up!

  •   Arlén Vestby  |   

    You two were a beautiful couple BEFORE you went 811.

  •   sabra beli  |   

    Have you ever heard of someone losing weight–and delighting in 3 full scrumptious meals at the same time? Go Google Fat Blast Furnace to discover more.

  •   CodrGirl  |   

    your husband doesn’t look healthy nor happy… He looked like he was healthier before. Perhaps you should take a moment to see if he really wants to be doing this 100%. I get the impression your opinions bulldozed through his.

  •   thefugitive1965  |   

    don’t want to sound rude, but you are so hot. totally sexy. I could say a lot more… but won’t out of respect. but hot…..

  •   Yasmine Parish  |   

    Is it strange that I am concerned about losing my rack and butt? I know odd
    question but I want to lose weight and keep it off but those are the two
    things I like about my self.I want a curvy figure just with out the extra
    curve in the middle. I can’t become a Vegan right now. However, I am
    working on becoming a raw till four then eating vegan food because that
    would make it easier on me. Right now I am eating a raw vegan breakfast
    (large fruit smoothie) a Vegetarian lunch, and whatever for dinner. I am
    losing weight but that is just something I I am concerned about.

  •   Tina  |   

    I am looking forward to my raw journey. I have had several bad starts but
    this time I am trying my hardest to stay the course. I just ate a bowl of 1
    sliced banana with i sliced mango and I am so full!

  •   Uzair Syed  |   

    Hiya, have you seen Skinnimaker Routine? (check on google) You will find
    out about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Skinnimaker
    Routine, you will discover how to burn fat quickly.

  •   Kushal Gupta  |   

    Have you made these dangerous mistakes in your weight loss regimen? Go and
    google Skinnimaker Super Foods to find out.

  •   Storm Surge  |   

    She’s got a porn-style type body

  •   Leslie Segura  |   
  •   Mathew Messer  |   

    Your husband looks really unhealthy on the second picture

  •   xxFairestxx  |   

    Great story, really good! I’m vegan too…..about 7-8years and going
    strong. I must say though, you both looked much healthier in your before
    picture. I’d get into some type of resistance training if I were ya’ll.
    Muscle isn’t a bad thing….it gives form and shape, keeps bones healthy,
    and regulates metabolism…..your husband is most certainly not a good

  •   ndn8shn  |   

    Your body needs protein. Girls can get away with it but guys can’t. My
    friend is a vegan. He looks like pure shit.

  •   O. Krista Mokgosi  |   

    You are starving your husband. He is all bones. It’s unhealthy

  •   Enolu  |   

    Thank you for posting this, I’m wondering about how much to eat? You seem
    to put loads of bananas in smoothies and eat big quantities of things – at
    my most daring, I managed to put two bananas in a green smoothie the other
    day – yes, TWO! 😀 😀 (I live in the UK and) we are told not to eat loads
    of fruits because the sugars are too concentrated and will give us diabetes
    (there don’t seem to be any equivalent notices about bread, crisps or
    chocolate, I’ve noticed!). I understand that everyone has to find the way
    that suits them – I’ve also seen raw foodist say you should eat higher fats
    (coconut and avocado) and greens with very little fruit, but I’m confused.
    I don’t want to end up diabetic with some finger-wagging positivist saying
    ‘I told you so!’. I also suffer badly with reynaud’s, and I find that
    sometimes I just want something warm and I find it really hard to stay warm
    on anything other than bananas 🙂 So I want to eat warm foods. I really
    appreciate your videos, thank you for doing them. Please would you also do
    one on dental care? I saw your clip on that a few weeks ago and would love
    to know how you care for your teeth 🙂 Thank you! Happy 2015! x

  •   Crystal Vortex  |   

    Thank you, I’m raw vegan and I’m wondering how much avocado to consume per
    with that as my only source of fats (I’m allergic to nuts and seeds)

  •   Kaitlyn Jackson  |   

    Tanya u don’t need make up to look preety u r pretty as u r!!!!
    Love u. Kaitlyn Xxx

  •   Acacia Gray  |   

    Same happened to me. Lost about 8 kilos of fat within a year of going
    vegan, and gained it all back after going high-carb (mostly raw) vegan, and
    also got some nasty cellulite. I was consuming far too much for a person
    who did only light exercise. I’m thinking maybe 1800 – 2000 calories is
    enough for someone my height. Not entirely sure, though, but I’m only
    around 150cm…

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