What Is A Healthy Meal Frequency For Children: Dr. Douglas Graham

What is a healthy number of meals that a child should be eating during the day and why?

Dr. Douglas Graham-the author of the 80/10/10 diet answers these question in this video.

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6 thoughts on “What Is A Healthy Meal Frequency For Children: Dr. Douglas Graham

  •   Biba Majc  |   

    Tarbath family – lots of hugs from Slovenia !!!

  •   Leah Spilchen  |   

    I think I need subtitles to hear what Doug is saying in this video. I kept
    rewinding many parts but still could not understand how many meals / day he

  •   Selam David  |   

    Dear Doc I thank my God knowing people like you.
    Im an Ethiopian woman a mother of 2 young children and a single mum. Im 43
    and im feeling tired and feeling sick but not on bed.
    After I see you teaching healthy diet and exercise I started helping myself
    now im doing well. You know I don’t like to go to see a doctor hoooouuuuu I
    hate it realy.
    My question is that how can I find the book ” 801010″ ???
    Im far away but im asking for favour if its possible to send it to me and I
    pay for it Doc.
    Sorry to bother you but no other person I know in that your land.
    Thanks a lot.

  •   Mira Helwig  |   

    Your videos are really great and I love your lifestyle!
    I’m also vegan and try to eat as healthy as possible, but the problem is
    that all vegans have very less Vitamin B12 and so they get anemia and many
    other deficits.
    For that reason I eat a little bit feta cheese or camembert :))

  •   Becoming healthy  |   

    My first video: My first step towards transitioning into a mostly vegan
    I started being vegan literally today and I’m already fucking terrified 😀
    Still, I decided to start documenting a video diary about my transition to
    keep me on track and to somehow join the vegan community since all of my
    friends at where I live are devoted meat-eaters… Forever alone as always,
    check my awkward first video out if you want to support a lonely
    vegan-newbie 😐

  •   andypaul999  |   

    Absolute rubbish advice, if what he is mumbling about is true the Childs
    teeth will be under constant attack by eating fruit 20 times a day, the
    saliva will not be able to clear the acids before the next onslaught. If,
    (yes if) fruit is to be comsumed it should be done in larger quantities and
    few sittings, so the saliva can do its thing and keep the teeth in a good

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