What’s Changed After 5 Years On Raw Food Diet

It has been 5 years since we started on a high fruit and low fat raw vegan diet known as the 80/10/10 diet. During these 5 years we have consumed literally tons of fruit and experienced lots of changes to our health and indeed every single area of our lives.

In addition to this we have also had a little being join us who was born in April this year.

So what health issues have we healed on this lifestyle and where do we currently find ourselves with regards to the raw food diet.

This video goes through a review of where we were and where we are now.


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48 thoughts on “What’s Changed After 5 Years On Raw Food Diet

  •   Apollo Dawn  |   

    Wow! I didn’t expect to see this today! Funny how I was just watching RFG’s
    LP of this game not that long ago. I’m excited to see this LP!

  •   Amanda Carlson  |   

    hi yall! i love yall! curious as to what will be the first fruits you
    introduce to the fruit baby’s belly? πŸ™‚

  •   Karb King  |   

    I’m looking forward to following your videos in the future. Interested in
    how you bring up your child with food. Keep making the vids πŸ™‚

  •   Marcella Smith  |   

    Nowwww, you always ‘say’ there is a cutie pie in that cloth body baby
    holder, BUT, we never ‘see’ the baby, πŸ™‚ …. how about showing us the baby
    when ever you point to her guys???? Or, at least turning your body so we
    can see a sleeping head or hand???? Showing us the cloth hammock is nooooo
    fun for us!!!! πŸ™‚
    …So VERY proud to SHARE your videos BTW, it helps to ‘normalize’ vegan
    pregnancy and babies, Thank you!!!!!

  •   MrMcadamry  |   

    << Single Vegan, age 24, 5'5 and fit. Seeking partner, & love! <3 I live in the US, (central IL) Open to relocation. no passport though! I want to bring a child into the world, and do it healthily just like Yulia and Paul! Maybe we connect. Reply! Let's chat! : )

  •   Tallie Allen  |   

    I look forward to your videos!!!
    Especially with your baby :). I’m
    Curious how you became a health coach? I know there are several raw food
    health coaches out there now. Do you have classes or schooling or
    certification courses that you take? Or are you simply using your own
    experience and knowledge gathered from various sources that you deem
    Thank you!!! I appreciate the knowledge and experiences you share on you

  •   Galia Sapozhnikov  |   

    hi yulia and paul,
    thank you for this video! amazing~ could you make a video on teeth and this
    thank you

  •   Colleen Queen  |   

    I Really like this video especially what you said about the change and be
    part of the newer generation that definitely makes sense with everything
    I’ve been reading and seeing

  •   Berta Mestres  |   

    You are such lovely people! I admire you πŸ™‚

  •   ix3Sparkle  |   

    I’ve been wanting to let this out forever but Yulia is such an adorable
    woman omg

  •   maryjety  |   

    Love you guys! Thank you for this vid!

  •   A fruity Life  |   

    Love seeing you guys so happy. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  •   SweetTeaDarling  |   

    Thank you for sharing you journey!! I plan to search your videos for this
    topic but if you haven’t already will you PLEASE share/talk more about your
    experience with reducing adrenal fatigue?? I hope you all have more
    children! What great parents to have! I currently reaching for raw in the
    USA (midwest) and trying to completely eliminate all traces of the ill
    effects of my previous S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).

  •   Raw LawGirl  |   

    it seems as if a LOT of people who had depression and food binge issues
    turn to raw foods. I have been a Vegan over 40 years and primarily raw.
    These days, I have found that I enjoy not labeling myself anymore even
    though I am still Vegan and mostly raw. I have chosen partners in the past
    based on their “diet”. In reality, there MUST be MORE because at some
    point, diet is NOT enough to sustain a relationship. In terms of babies, we
    raised our baby Vegan, he was born at home, never vaccinated, etc. At 19,
    he chose to eat meat and still does. My point? Well, love is what matters
    in the end. Too much hype.

  •   Debbie Grezik  |   

    You “3” are such beautiful loving souls, love your videos !

  •   Michelle Archbell  |   

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey and for being yourselves and
    not trying to copy anyone else : you both inspire me on the journey to
    health – not quite raw vegan yet Sending blessings to you all πŸ™‚

  •   machinga  |   

    you guys are so great..so excited for you and excited for myself <3

  •   Laura Castillejos  |   

    You are 3 πŸ™‚ so beautiful <3

  •   Zuleka Kok  |   

    Thank you for the great videos πŸ™‚ can you recomment wich B12 products are
    good to take? Thank you

  •   linchianne  |   

    can we see the baby again ? OuO

  •   Diane B  |   

    I wish there was a Love icon for you guys:-)

  •   Kendra O  |   

    You are just the sweetest couple of all time! Your daughter is one lucky
    little lady! πŸ™‚

  •   BeHealthyBeHappy  |   

    this is awesome! thanks for sharing your experiences so far πŸ˜€

  •   Libby Kharrat  |   

    You guys are so inspiring. Good luck with your little one!

  •   daniel morrill  |   

    What’s Changed After 5 Years On The 80/10/10 Raw food life style :=D I’m
    toning about starting I don’t really enjoy much may any way :>P

    #Vegan #Veganliving #Veganlifestyle #vegetarian #healthy #lifestyle
    #Healingillness #selfhealing #hypoglycemic #hemorrhoids #Depression


  •   Tante90Emma  |   

    Great and inspiring video! Thx!!

  •   cla855  |   

    Lovely, thanks guys.

  •   Ma D  |   

    Thank you. Can you please provide suggestions for ongoing insomnia on
    80/10/10 while eating ample calories. Thank you

  •   Brandi  |   

    Thank you for this video. Could you please share the brand of supplements you use?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Jarrow formula B12, Terra Nova Easy Iron. Barley grass varies.

  •   Flo Bartholomew  |   

    Your guys are beautiful πŸ™‚

  •   irania cortez  |   

    I will like to be come vegan how can I start?

  •   Marina Grubic  |   

    I see 3 angels in this video! <3

  •   rainwindandwolf  |   


  •   lowfat rawvegan  |   

    Thanks guys!!! Another great video. You can truly see the joy you both get
    from living this abundant, beautiful, clean lifestyle.
    Hopefully by living this way I am planting seeds for my family of 5
    children, and hubby too of course. They do enjoy all of the foods I prepare
    but ultimately when they are on their own it will be their choice as to
    what lifestyle they follow. Hopefully all of my messages will forever be
    ringing in their ears though!!! Teeheehee.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  •   Dessi  |   

    Wondering if you measured your B12 levels or what made you introduce supplementation.
    I buy organic and never wash my fruit. B12 is produced by bacteria. Have you found this to be insufficient?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      It can be insufficient, yes. We would recommend you checking your B12 levels via the UMMA test 1-2 times a year.

  •   Kusum Jethwa  |   

    Thanks for the videos very honest and informative!

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    Yulia founder the barley juice powder. How much do u drink on average?
    Thank u

  •   Bill Clinton  |   

    Cool video!

  •   Jay M  |   

    During pregnancy you said you craved “carbohydrate foods” instead of
    fruits. Did you mean foods with more proteins (ie seeds, grains, legumes,

  •   Fruitarian Diabetic (Tasha Lee)  |   

    So wonderful that you went from infertility to a perfect pregnancy!!! That
    was hilarious when you were talking about your partners. πŸ™‚ love you

  •   Winterchild  |   

    you tree are so cute πŸ™‚

  •   icecubes76  |   

    This is what is a truly happy healthy vegan couple look like..such a calm,
    relaxed, healthy energy coming from you both. A breath of fresh air!! Not
    polluted, negative, toxic, TMZ style videos like Bananagirl and

  •   valbona bergman  |   

    did you gave your girl a greek name? πŸ˜€ it sounds like Eleni which we have
    in greece!

  •   joey jojo jnr  |   

    How do you guys eat raw when going out socially? Also just wondering how
    you transitioned to raw dinners in general? Especially when its cold? Im
    already high raw but just not usually my dinners. Any advice would be
    greatly appreciated! <3

  •   Dynevor Shannon  |   

    In Australia, before the arrival of Europeans, the indigenous tribes had
    ‘wars’. These were a but of spear throwing, a few deaths, and then the
    rapid making of peace. Modern war, with mass rape, executions, and the
    deliberate targeting of civilians is a product of the modern state. Maybe
    we need the modern state, or maybe ‘primitive’ people were more civilised
    and better off.

  •   Kenny Bountiful Sun  |   

    Unbelievably narcisistic. I think you guys need to put some weight on, you
    look gaunt especially the dude! and bringing up a kid on an experimental
    diet that has NEVER yielded more than three generations is actually a form
    of child abuse. Yes good for a detox which is what you are on but at a
    certain point you will plateau and run out of jing like so many long term
    raw vegans before you, and your statement ” they just are not doing it
    correctly” is so egoic that it might just turn around a slap you in the

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