An Easy Way To Track Your Calories For Weight Loss And Health

Here is how you can weigh your food and track your calories for health, fitness and weight loss.

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7 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Track Your Calories For Weight Loss And Health

  •   nancy  |   

    Thank you I found cromometer overwelmingly confusing but you are absolutely right, the best way is to get the exact weight other wise we ar guessing. I do not know what is a medium or large or small banana is so when I used it to track my intake a few weeks ago I was estimating, or about two large bananas, one bunch of grapes etc and was not getting a true reflection of what I was eating.

  •   vera747  |   

    How many calories did the bananas come up to? You did not mention that,,thanks for the tips,,,blessings

  •   Ma D  |   

    ulia, how many calories are you eating a day and from your experience is dietary fat as easy to store as carbs? Do you believe that the fat you eat is the fat you wear?

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    I eat around 2,300 on average, more or less depending on how hard I train. Yes, too much fat in your diet will lead to weight gain. Keep in under 10% ideally and switch to a high-carb raw vegan (as as much raw as pos) diet.

  •   Misha Lavrenuk  |   

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  •   Рустам Играев  |   

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  •   smmubin  |   

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