The 4 Myths About Hormones And Weight Loss

Did you know that severely restricting yourself of calories can sabotage your hormones and weight loss?

Not only that, but it can also ruin your overall health including your energy levels.

So here are 4 myths about hormones and weight loss that you need to be aware of …

The 1st myth is that you need to restrict your calories.

You have excess weight to lose, maybe a lot of excess weight and you decided that you want to lose it now and be healthier so you can once again fit into those jeans and other clothes that are hanging in your wardrobe and feel better hormonally as well.

It takes lots of will power to reduce calories by any significant amount typically to lose weight and can you keep this up when your hunger pangs start happening and those cravings for sweet-tasting carbs start happening.

Not only that your body actually does need carbs – healthy ones not refined ones and cutting back drastically on carb intake for example can

  • hurt your thyroid function so lowering your metabolism (1)
  • increase cortisol levels,
  • impair mood and brain function
  • negatively affect sleep
  • and even decrease testosterone in men.

You can start binge eating and then pile the weight back on and gain even more weight than before.

So making a large cut to your calorie intake is an invitation for cravings, putting weight back on and hurting your hormonal balance in the process.

The 2nd myth is that taking supplements is the answer to your health problems.

Many ladies take supplements to help them deal with female hormonal imbalance and aid weight loss.

Well, supplements certainly do have their place but they can never replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Maca root for example or ginseng are often touted as supplements that can balance your hormone levels and help with perimenopause or menopause but as I have witnessed with many clients, taking lots and lots of supplements by themselves are rarely the answer and a whole lifestyle change is needed.

Indeed some supplements that are taken by women as they get older, for example, calcium for helping with bone health have actually been linked to calcification of the arteries.

So taking supplements is not something to be taken lightly.

Watch the video below to discover all 4 myths about hormones and weight loss.

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