What Happened After 7+ Years On A High Fruit Vegan Diet – 80/10/10

In today’s video we wanted to share with you what has happened to us after well over 7 years on a high fruit vegan diet, aka the 80/10/10 diet.

We are going to talk about our honest experience, show you our photos on this diet over the years, and clear up some big myths that many people have regarding a vegan, fruit-based lifestyle.

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9 thoughts on “What Happened After 7+ Years On A High Fruit Vegan Diet – 80/10/10

  •   Wave Heart Soul Art  |   

    Thanks for sharing. I see that you are doing great on this path, positive transformations on many levels in 4 years. Your energy radiating joy, aliveness and peace. Blessings!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you, what a beautiful comment!

  •   Dylan T  |   

    You look younger and more fit then you were 7 years ago.

  •   Laura Oliver  |   

    I’ve always enjoyed listening to your accent. It’s so relaxing 🙂 I think both of y’all look better and better with each video. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  •   Joanie  |   

    I have a very sick and handicapped son, so my life is very stressful. I have had a serious candida problem – 8 or 9 yrs now. I have a skin disease and fight nail fungus among many other ailments which I think are linked to some degree to candida. When I stumbled onto your video about candida I found it hard to believe, but I tried it. It really did help a LOT, but I have failed to be able to do this diet for more than 2 days. I love fruit, but shortly I am craving something savory, salty, and also fat. Something heavier. When I walked through the store I am attracted to things that are much higher in fat than I normally eat. So one idea I had would be to make a raw tomato/pepper soup with a tiny bit of avocado in it after I have been on fruit for a few days and am improving. I need to think of a few more ideas like this that are heavier and savory, with a small amount of fat and I think then I might be able to do this. I wonder if others ever have trouble at first with missing heavier foods.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Joanie, sounds like you’re on the right path, just need to tweak things for your situation and personal food preferences. There are many savoury things that you can eat (salads, greens, dressings, etc.) on this lifestyle and fats are also part of this meal plan! If you’d like to have more personal assistance with balancing your diet for your needs, we’d be happy to offer you coaching. The details are here: http://www.rawsomehealthy.com/coaching.

      •   Joanie  |   

        Thank you very much for answering me. It is encouraging.

  •   Linda  |   

    I enjoyed this video of happy smiling positive couple. I eat vegan and since overcoming IBS I have put weight I initially lost but now got a little too much on the tummy. I am not sure if it is from eating too much fat or not. I do eat some wholegrains, a few slices of sourdough homemade spelt bread with maple syrup. I have raw almond milk, some seeds, tempeh, tofu and some cooked vegies, fruit salad for breakfast and raw salad for lunch most weeks. I eat little avocado and coconut yoghurt too. I am in my 50’s and it is so hard to put on muscle instead.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Linda, it’s possible, do you track your calories? We always recommend it for weight loss purposes. It’s the case of achieving the right calorie in – calorie out balance.

      Also, I have a free masterclass on weight loss and balancing your diet here: http://www.rawsomehealthy.com/7steps

      Hope this helps!

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