All You Need to Know about Durian: with Dr. Robert Lockhart, a fruitarian for 30 years

Durian is considered to be the King of Fruit and no wonder that people are ready to travel across the world to eat fresh raw durian.

In this video, Dr Robert Lockhart, a fruitarian for nearly 30 years, a 68-year-old with the body of a 35-year-old, tells you all you need to know about durians.

He will talk about how to pick a good durian, what makes a good durian, what are the different varieties of durians, where do durians grow, and why primates are relying on durians to feed their young.

Dr. Robert Lockhart had 200 durian trees on his own land, so if anyone is, he is the “the man” to tell you all about durian!

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56 thoughts on “All You Need to Know about Durian: with Dr. Robert Lockhart, a fruitarian for 30 years

  •   fruiteatingvagabond  |   

    that man knows his durian and hes an inspiration in so many ways….thanks Rawbie Raw!

  •   eatmoreraw  |   

    My favourite food!!!

  •   yobotai  |   

    A frozen durian is rated 2 out of 10, and its still taste good. just imagine eating a fresh one. You will be asking for more……

  •   Grant Barker  |   

    It’s an unfortunate term to use the word flesh, when it comes to raw food. Just saying. Nice channel. I support the movement on my site too. All the best.

  •   Kusunoky  |   

    Thats totally true!. You need to have that chance. Specially if there are many fresh durians all the place will smell even if there are a tree.

  •   fezforyourheadbitch  |   

    durian is rank, and i’ve had a fresh one haha

  •   pali paloza  |   

    i have a lot of durians tree on my backyard home…coz im live in malaysia…hahaha

  •   browniesbear  |   

    3:00 he opens the durian

  •   febuary1497  |   

    My village has a durian plantation

  •   yudiweb  |   

    hi doc, Im Indonesian, we’re so familiar with durian, I just wanna tell you just make sure u dont eat too much..or otherwise u will heat a lot…durian has a chemical that could rise human body temperature and could lead to fever and can cause faint in some cases… but durian is still sooo good, king of the fruit! just enjoy it πŸ™‚ in Indonesian language “duri” means a thorn, durian = thorny (fruit), same as like “rambut” = hair, rambutan = hairy (fruit), have a nice trip & experience guys πŸ™‚

  •   JonahKai111  |   

    Check out the band Durian Sex Cult on Facebook! Didgeridoo is a main element πŸ˜‰

  •   10335086  |   

    I’m on a durian-watching-video-high right now πŸ™‚

  •   TheYasmine12 .  |   

    lol same

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Lol, once durian enters your world it never leaves!!:-)

  •   Paul Peh  |   

    I love durian shakes!

  •   MethadoneRadio  |   

    Don’t mean to be offensive towards people who love it, but honestly that’s the most disgusting thing I ever ate in my entire life. Matter of taste, maybe..

  •   Sharifah Johari  |   

    when you eat to much durian don’t forget have mangosteen fruit, queen of fruit to cool of your body, ……………

  •   D.J. Tanner  |   

    Ive heard it smells like rotting onions..

  •   hyungwel5555  |   

    yup πŸ™‚ … and im waiting for the season to start..

  •   ekiroto9  |   

    If you are in the states you can just try fresh durian in Hawaii. It grows all over the place there.

  •   pdude1911  |   


  •   jgfergus  |   

    Love Durian! I have had good success with frozen ones lately. I just look for ones that had started to split open before they were frozen. Once thawed they are easy to open and are usually very good. Some day I must have a fresh one that has fallen from the tree.

  •   MT World  |   

    Awesome video, LOVE Durian!

  •   Braelyn Brown  |   

    I tired frozen durian for the first time yesterday… I was not a fan at all…I guess i have to just try it fresh !

  •   Fantastic Idea Lets Do It  |   

    I had a frozen one in the UK, and it was horrid. I really want to try a fresh rip one.

  •   shauki boom  |   

    hehe…people thought can be hard to clarify bro,why don’t you try itself..i myself never ate the frozen one in my entire life……i don’t know what it taste like(frozen) but i bet it were not taste well as i always get…hehehe

  •   tarmon768  |   

    Robert is awesome, but Lindsay Gasik is the durian expert – google Year of the Durian for a taste πŸ™‚

  •   pdude1911  |   

    Hail the King! I really need to learn how to do a handstand…

  •   Ky Cigni  |   

    I ate Durian for the first time two weeks ago. Even though it was frozen it tasted incredible. I’m addicted to it… I can’t get unfrozen ones though unfortunately.

  •   little hopper  |   


  •   lalealynn  |   

    That’s just the smell.

  •   mohd zaini  |   

    no wonder y other country like america say durian smell terrible,, u all get the frozen one… try have the fresh one,,

  •   SanRafaelSwell  |   

    Homo sapiens evolved to eat COOKED FOOD, fact of human physiology, sorry.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Seeing as human beings are part of nature and not apart from it, I believe that we need to eat raw foods for optimum health and well-being, just like all the other creatures on our planet.

  •   SanRafaelSwell  |   

    I respect your right to hold which ever beliefs you like. That being said, your “argument” is a non sequitur fallacy. It doesn’t necessarily follow that because all other life on earth eats raw food means we should too. Non sequitur, does not follow. The fact I cited still remains. Humans evolved to eat cooked food. You can see it in our teeth and our GI tract. Fact of human physiology, sorry. Deny the very nature of your humanity if you will, I refuse to follow suit.

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Eating a low fat raw food diet definitely makes us feel our best. Yes we can eat cooked foods but we don’t feel our best on them for sure. Cooking does destroy nutrients so when all said and done we go for the healthy raw.

  •   SanRafaelSwell  |   

    Funny that you can’t actually directly address the point I’m making. Kind of hard to argue against facts, isn’t it. You say you do it because it makes you feel good, drug addicts say the same thing. Just because it makes you feel good doesn’t mean it IS good. To make this correlation is yet another non sequitur fallacy and arguments that are fallacious aren’t to be taken seriously. Cooking also makes certain foods easier to digest, again, back to the FACT I mentioned that you keep ignorning

  •   dictionaryzzz  |   

    then why is it that raw foodists live longer on average than cooked food eaters?

  •   MrsMel Jammin  |   

    There is no need to argue with someone who is going to disagree with you anyways.. Some ppl think they know it all until they end up with problems with their health because of the lifestyle they choose. πŸ™‚ fruits n veggies are the BEST

  •   GurahkWeavile  |   

    Before there was: “YES! YES! YES!”, there was: “SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!”

  •   melayu radikal  |   

    I just dont understand why white people cant eat durian..after all it just a come from natural.

  •   Nalia Hmz  |   

    durian~ hurm.. u cant imagine how u can be stupidly craving for it after u tasted it for few times!! i luv durs!!

  •   rackkick OmY  |   


  •   mreisma  |   

    im not vegetarian or vegan or fruitarian but id like to see a fat guy try
    to do that

  •   MissTwisty  |   

    WOW! today I’m gonna be eating my first durian !!!!

  •   Steven Lee  |   

    It smells bad, but once you had it you will miss them for the rest of your

  •   Annmarie Marin  |   

    I just ate my first Durian. It was very creamy and rich. It tasted sweet,
    not bad.

    Why didn’t they eat it- how dumb

  •   38tripleK  |   

    I thought Durian was a guy on youtube, my bad.

  •   Mricriz adriano  |   

    Durians have a wide range of tastes. Some are creamy and sweet. Some are
    stinky heavens…..

  •   Mricriz adriano  |   

    durian with blue cheese spread on toasted bread….. Omg…….

  •   chainsawmajini  |   

    Durian season in Indonesia , east Malaysia and Thailand next month , all
    the way to the end of the year , in December there is also the west
    Malaysia and Singapore durian seasons

  •   Coco R  |   

    Thank God there are still some people that try to put the truth out. Not
    many people left like that.

  •   2ndSamuel710  |   

    In comments reportedly made during a press briefing for her new movie SALT,
    Angelina Jolie discussed her bad experiences with a vegan diet.

    β€œI joke that a big juicy steak is my beauty secret,” said Jolie. β€œBut
    seriously, I love red meat. I was a vegan for a long time, and it nearly
    killed me. I found I was not getting enough nutrition.”

    This is not an uncommon complaint among former vegans; the limitations of
    the diet require extra diligence to make sure you get proper nutrients.

    Durian would have Eskimos on 30 bananas a day and they would die.

  •   CISMD  |   

    Taste get’s better every time

  •   Pro-methean  |   

    I like durian and mango , one is creamy and rich , one is refreshing sweet
    and shallow

  •   Daniel Verus  |   

    Wonderfull but too fattyfor me at summer ,and too expensive ,way too
    expensive . On fruit diet I was hungry ,whole grain foods,potatoe foods
    prepared well with vegetables ,fruits are the tastiest foods on planet ,and
    satisfy me ,because they are salty and high calorie,protein,minerals
    .Exotic fruits are great ,like all other plant foods,but way to expensive .

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