Practical Ways To Incorporate Greens & Salads Into Your Kids’ Diet

In a world that offers such a huge variety of unhealthy food choices, many health-conscious parents face a constant struggle to incorporate even just some healthful foods into their children’s diet.
With fast food outlets holding a large presence in seemingly every shopping mall, with grocery stores stocking aisle after aisle of chemical filled processed foods, milkshakes or cheesy pizza specials on offer, is it any wonder that so many of these health aware parents are desperately looking for practical ways that they can inspire their kids to eat a healthy diet?

An expert in healthy raw food nutrition for children and the author of the widely acclaimed book entitled ‘Creating Healthy Children’, Karen Ranzi, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to what children need to be eating in order to gain optimum health, including many practical and creative ways parents can use to make sure their children not only eat healthfully, but also enjoy doing so.
Karen Ranzi has been following a raw vegan diet for over 19 years herself, has raised her own 2 children on raw foods and has helped thousands of other children to switch to healthful raw foods and overcome diseases.
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The following question and answer is taken from Karen’s book; ‘Creating Healthy Children’ and deals with the subject of how health-conscious parents can get their children to eat more healthily.
Q: Many parents have asked me, “How do we get our children to eat more greens and salads? We know it’s important to have greens in the diet, but our children seem repulsed by green salads and vegetables.”
A: It often happens that once children are consuming a high percentage of fresh fruits and vegetables, they may automatically acquire a taste for greens as well. (See the Raw Family Journey of Sarah Parker and her family.) I read a chat on a raw food website that focused on the greens dilemma.
One parent was wondering if anyone ever stops to think about why “green” is such a turnoff. Some parents felt we pass that on to our children. Another parent suggested making beautiful names for the green food such as “green emerald” or “green jade.” I think that is a fantastic idea. As I suggest in my general tips section, my children loved giving names to their dishes, and I gave fun or beautiful names to many of the dishes I served them, which made them seem more enticing.

A creative mom, Heather Stewart, told me she makes green smoothies and pours them into colorful cups that hide the green color. Since the green smoothies are sweetened with fruits, her two boys love them and don’t see they’re green.
Another mom suggests something you wouldn’t think would make much difference, but really does, “When trying to get children, husbands or strangers to eat smoothies (especially GREEN smoothies) nothing gets it down the hatch faster or more eloquently than a straw. Slip in a straw, decorate it with a slice of fruit and a sprig of mint and you’ll be smiling as you watch the glass empty and giggle when they ask for seconds.”
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