Strategies I Give My Clients To Balance Hormones And Reduce Inflammation

If you’re looking for strategies to balance hormones naturally, as well as reduce inflammation and balance your weight, today I will dive into 7 strategies that can help you.

If I was to say that you’re your hormones, that would be a pretty accurate statement.

Yes hormones are that important!

When your hormones are in balance and working well, life can seem like a breeze. You’re healthy, slim, radiant, glowing, and empowered.

But if for some reason they go out of balance, then you can literally face a huge health crisis, which can dramatically alter your life.

I discuss more in my video today:


Whenever I deal with clients who face hormonal challenges, I always emphasise the importance of them focusing on eating the kinds of foods and leading a lifestyle that helps them cleanse, heal and balance hormones.

7 Strategies I Give My Clients To Balance Hormones And Reduce Inflammation

  1. Lower your body fat percentage

The excess body fat that you may carry is biologically active.

It releases inflammatory molecules into your body on a consistent basis and can even lead to serious health challenges, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone and fertility issues.

We talk about how to reduce your body weight with raw and plant foods here.

  1. Watch out for endocrine disruptors in your environment

There are literally hundreds of chemical endocrine disruptors in our environment nowadays and these chemicals can have a very negative impact on our hormones.

Common sources of these unwanted chemicals are personal care products, canned food, drinking water, conventionally grown produce, dairy products, animal meat (including fish), plastic products, cleaning products and many more.

  1. Fiber (from whole plant foods)

Most peoples diets are sorely lacking in this vitally important nutrient and the health benefits associated with it are seemingly endless.

Fiber helps greatly with your digestion, elimination and attracting and nurturing friendly gut bacteria.

It also acts as a kind of brush that helps remove used and unwanted hormones from your body, like cholesterol and estrogen.

These used and unwanted hormones can otherwise stay within the body and have the potential to cause serious health issues, such as heart disease and even cancer.

  1. Remove unhealthy inflammatory foods

You need to drop the dairy products and animal meats that themselves contain animal hormones and even antibiotics.

There  was a famous study carried out called the Harvard Nurses Study, which followed 18,000 women.

They were trying to get pregnant for 8 years and as part of the study they noted down what foods they consumed.

What they found was striking.

They discovered that  by adding just a single serving of meat per day, their risk of infertility increased by 30%. So this meant that eating meat and in particular poultry appeared to negatively interfere with their ovulation.

In fact, a single serving of chicken (half a chicken breast) a day was associated with more than a 50% increase in infertility.

Here are some other foods that can cause inflammation:

  • Processed carbs like white bread, cookies and pastries
  • General highly processed foods that lack in real nutrition and instead are stuffed full of chemical additives
  • Refined sugar and salt
  • Gluten
  • Fried food
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol

All these undermine your health and so negatively impact your hormones. So remove them from your diet and instead replace them with whole plant foods.

  1. Eat healthy fats, in healthy amounts and a healthy ratio

Only fats from whole plant foods need to be on your menu plan. So that means nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives and coconut flesh.

Oils are not healthy fats and here’s our article about them.

Your omega 6 to 3 ratio needs to be in balance as well, with 1:1 and up to 4:1 of Omega 6 to 3 being healthy ratios.

6. Appropriate levels of vitamin D

Many of us live in climates that naturally have less than adequate amounts of sunlight and this can greatly impact our vitamin D levels.

If you don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight or from fortified foods, then your next best choice is supplementation.

Making sure that you have enough of the hormone we call vitamin D in your body is crucial for your general well-being.

7. HIIT and strength training 

Science is now telling us that high intensity interval training (HIIT) is more beneficial for your body than long duration cardio exercise.

Long cardio sessions can negatively impact hormones such as your thyroid hormones and increase cortisol levels and inflammation.

Interval training, along with strength training on the contrary actually increases human growth hormone, slows down ageing and helps you balance hormones.

One study showed how a 30-second sprint increased Human Growth Hormone by a whopping 430%! (2)

Ok, so let’s recap and go over the strategies to hep you balance your hormones naturally and reduce inflammation:

  1. Lower your body fat percentage by balancing your diet and lifestyle
  2. Watch for endocrine disruptors in your environment
  3. Eat a fiber rich diet
  4. Remove unhealthy, inflammatory foods from your diet
  5. Eat healthy fats and healthy levels of fat, including a healthy omega ratio
  6. Appropriate levels of vitamin D
  7. Correct exercise routine

So how do you actually put all this together to create a plan to detoxify your body and balance hormones naturally?

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8 thoughts on “Strategies I Give My Clients To Balance Hormones And Reduce Inflammation

  •   Alexandra Cregan  |   

    Great video! However I do think that it is important to mention that body fat is essential and its good to have a little extra fat (obviously still within the healthy range) especially for women!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Yes, I talk about healthy body fat %. When I was at 16% body fat, I felt my healthiest ever and got pregnant with our daughter. Some will say it was low, but it actually helped my fertility and health.

  •   GardenVariety Vegan  |   

    My favorite hormone balancing therapies are vegan diet, WFPB mostly fruits and veggies. Sleep ? walking, yoga and strength training.

  •   Spidergabbz  |   

    Tomatoes give me arthritis like symptoms. Will I ever be able to eat them and if not what’s the next best thing?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      You might react to nightshades. Some people get better and can re-introduce, others need to exclude completely.

  •   Lauren Mock  |   

    I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2012 and I struggled going vegan for 4 years. After I committed I lost 20 pounds which helped a lot but I haven’t lost any weight since that. I know the best option is to go raw but I don’t know if I should cleanse and juice first or should I just going to be in raw?

  •   Suzii's Stuff  |   

    Thank you for the recipes Yulia . I think I feel confident to go on this lifestyle now , because you and Paul look so healthy!…no one could accuse you two of looking emaciated in any way. you look fantastic. :)

  •   Raw Power  |   

    wooow awesome!! u got the deplima for nutrition! last time i’ve watched your vids was like 2 years ago so great to see u grow!!

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