Why Bone Broth Won’t Help Your Hormones, Thyroid Or Gut

Bone broth is touted as some kind of miracle elixir that is great for your hormones, fertility, thyroid, hair, skin, gut health – the list appears endless!

It seems there is nothing that bone broth can’t do for you!

But in reality, are any of these claimed health benefits actually true or is bone broth just another dietary fad?

This is what you’ll discover in today’s video.

Why Bone Broth Won’t Help Your Hormones Or Your Gut

Let us start off with the claim that bone broth can help give you strong bones because of all the calcium content. Well, a study that looked at bone broth found that you would actually need to drink 11 cups of bone broth to meet your daily calcium needs.

By simply adding some veggies, you could increase the calcium content of the broth by 7 times.

One of the other claims about bone broth is that it can help you heal your gut, balance your hormones and regain fertility.

If you do have hormonal imbalances, balancing your gut health is very important and there is nothing better than eating a plant foods diet that promotes healthy gut.

There are what are called prebiotics and these foods help promote the growth of friendly gut bacteria, and guess what its plant foods again that are great prebiotics which includes things like: bananas, dandelion greens and asparagus.

There are other claims that bone broth promoters make such as it can improve your sleep, boost your energy levels and improve your mood, but again there is zero evidence to back up any of these claims.

If you are now thinking to yourself, well even it doesn’t have all these health benefits it’s still a nice warming drink to have, then you need to know that there is also a big problem with the contamination of bones with heavy metals, in particular lead.

Watch the video above to discover more and leave your comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Why Bone Broth Won’t Help Your Hormones, Thyroid Or Gut

  •   Linda  |   

    Thanks for clarifying something I already knew, but it is becoming a big fad having bone broth, so many people I hear are doing it, if they only knew the truth, I will be telling all who will listen.

  •   Ines  |   

    Very informative and interesting video – I’ll be sharing the info with anyone who mentions bone broth. Thanks for so much information presented compactly.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

  •   Raw Lisa  |   

    Plants for the win ????? Excellent video??

  •   Kat carroll  |   

    I love you humor and informative information i love it!!!?

  •   Sweet life  |   

    So true??‍♀️

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