60 Year Old With A Body And Energy Of A 20 Year Old

Life begins at 60! Here’s an incredible story of 60 year old Della Upsher who was really frustrated about her falling apart state of health.

But despite having this little disempowering voice in her head saying: “Oh well, it’s just a sign of old age”, she decided to do something VERY different.

She changed her diet. She started by eating whole, plant foods.

So what happened to her?

This is what she shares in our latest video, where you’ll hear Della’s incredible story see her before and after pictures.

Since starting this way of life, Della has lost 42 pounds.

No need now for the 14 medications that she used to be on, and her blood pressure is now that of a twenty year old.

When she started eating raw, she had a whole lifetime of bad eating practices behind her.

However, after going raw everything has changed for her.

Della looks and feels younger and fitter than ever before and she can now do everything she did when she was twenty!

Be sure to watch her inspiring interview on how her body responded to this big dietary change and exactly what happened to her.

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8 thoughts on “60 Year Old With A Body And Energy Of A 20 Year Old

  •   Julie Sharrock  |   

    Great inspiring story, thank you!

  •   Roberto Rios  |   

    Beautiful so inspirational I’m just blown away everyone should see this video. There’s nothing like the Adam and Eve diet.

  •   David Greenman  |   

    Wonderfully inspiring conversation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  •   jeninthecity  |   

    This is absolutely fabulous. Well done Delia!!!! I hope this video gets tons of views. There are so many people who will benefit from hearing your story. :)

  •   U&I  |   

    For some reason my exercise interferes with my sleep. It makes me all jittery, no I don’t take any stimulants. Daily exercise, I try to road cycle every day ( i do breaks at least once or twice a week) about 21 km, I walk my dog 6-7 km and do 20-30 min easy yoga and a bit of at home workouts for 20-30 mins.

  •   U&I  |   

    interesting indeed! What should I consume if I lack energy after training. I’m fit, been vegan for 2 years and Raw for 3 months. But through my entire journey I’ve had trouble with recovering from exercise. Yes, I do indeed eat enough calories and from various sources…

  •   Lord Jubby  |   

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing your story, I am very ill and at the end of hope but I’m starting juice feast next month and then raw diet and this helps inspire me and think that it may help me to live my life and not die

  •   britDarbyshire  |   

    Amazing story, thank you so much for being an inspiration! britty

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