Do This To Reverse Adrenal Fatigue And Burn Out

Can you really reverse adrenal fatigue and burn out naturally?

You can, for as long as you follow the right steps.

Now, what is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal fatigue is basically a breakdown that occurs within the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, otherwise known as the HPA axis.

The HPA axis describes the interactive feedback loop that takes place between these three endocrine glands.

The HPA axis works in response to two types of stress: immediate stress and chronic stress.

Immediate stress is when you have to get ourself out of danger – it’s a survival mechanism.

Chronic stress can include:

  1. Sleep disorders
  2. Mental/emotional stress
  3. Metabolic/glycemic dysregulation
  4. Chronic inflammation

Ok, you know you have adrenal fatigue. What can you do?

This is exactly what you’ll discover in today’s video!

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5 thoughts on “Do This To Reverse Adrenal Fatigue And Burn Out

  •   Narcissists Poison You Inside Out  |   

    rest a lot balancing sugar levels high carb regular meals

  •   Carolina Gonzalez  |   

    I read that it was impossible to fix adrinal fatigue on a vegan diet. Is that true? I would love to stay vegan. I developed hashimotos and possibly adrinal fatigue while being vegan so I started eating some meat but I hate doing it. I want to go back to vegan.

    •   jmac6t7  |   
  •   Aliana Savits Aliana Savits  |   

    Hello Julia! Thank you for your informative videos. Can I ask you where did u study for holistic nutrition coach? As I’m also willing to get a verification in that field, could you please give school suggestions? Thank you for your help!

  •   jmac6t7  |   

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