Candida Diet Plan: Supplements, Diet And How To Start

Candida is a big problem for many people. Many will search for a candida diet plan and come across an anti-candida diet.

Yet, most people fail on an anti-candida diet. Why?

Of course, you want to resolve your candida infection and it seems that an anti-candida diet might be a sensible plan, yet it’s not …

If you have symptoms of candida, such as fatigue, bloating, skin breakouts, a white tongue, thrush, brain fog, digestive problems and more, you might have a Candida overgrowth.

I struggled with Candida and other yeast infections for a long time, so I can relate.

So when your levels of candida, also known as candida albicans, go out of balance, it can cause many health issues that I’ve already mentioned above.

I personally followed the mainstream anti-candida diet for a couple of years and achieved zero results, until I finally came across the vegan diet candida plan that’s based on large amounts of fruit and is high in carbohydrates.

I was afraid of consuming too much sugar due to eating a large amount of fruit, however, the new vegan diet candida plan helped me cure my candida symptoms in just 3 DAYS!

Following a candida diet or anti-candida diet and overeating on fat can actually cause digestive problems and make Candida infections even worse.

So in my video today, I talk about Candida diets – supplements to take, Candida diet plan to follow, and other causes of Candida.

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