Hormonal Balance With 20 lbs Of Weight Loss, Inflammation Reduction And Migraines Gone

Hormonal balance, reversal of her fatigue and migraines, heartburn, pre-diabetes, and 20 lbs of weight loss achieved … all in 8 weeks!

This is the story of Mary’s weight loss before and after where she experienced very dramatic health changes inside our health coaching program.

Mary had a number of health problems that included, hormonal imbalances, migraines, fatigue, blood sugar problems, joint problems, heartburn, and excess weight.

Like so many women Mary was looking to achieve hormonal balance, improve her overall health, and start losing her excess weight.

With all the different diets out there it can be very confusing sorting through them all and understanding which one will actually give you the health results you are looking for.

Yes, you can switch to a vegan diet but then there are so many ways that you can eat a plant foods diet and many of them are not health-promoting.

This is where we showed Mary what is possible inside our program when you have all the knowledge and expertise to learn and follow this diet and lifestyle correctly and make it sustainable.

You need to follow a well-balanced and sustainable whole foods vegan meal plan that’s going to give your body the nutrition that it really needs so it can help you reset your hormones and lose any excess weight.

So when Mary came to work with Paul she was on a number of medications mainly for her migraines which she had been suffering from every month for 15 years.

The problem was her medications didn’t always work.

On top of this, she had hormonal imbalances, stiff joints, heartburn, excess weight to lose and she was also pre-diabetic.

So when Mary came to work with us she was sick of being sick and wanted to get results quickly and that’s exactly what she experienced.

Within the very first week, her migraines had disappeared completely and her heartburn had gone, and this was just the start of her remarkable journey back to health, including hormonal balance.

Not only did Mary begin enjoying the benefits of a high carb, whole foods lifestyle with lots of fruit in it, but she began influencing her family and friends with her new healthy choices.

Make sure to watch Mary’s video and find out about all the amazing health changes she experienced inside our coaching program and how it changed not just her health but her quality of life.

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