Turning Off Your Fat Genes And Creating Healthy Weight Loss With Dr. Neal Barnard

How can you turn off your fat genes and achieve healthy weight loss? Dr. Neal Barnard has the answer!

Dr. Barnard believes in preventative medicine and likes to show people that they don’t need animal products to feel satisfied with what they eat.

Dr. Neal Barnard is a world-renowned medical doctor who has authored more than 70 scientific publications as well as 18 books.

He has conducted studies that show how eating whole food and vegan can achieve vegan weight loss and improve your overall health.

Dr. Barnard has also proved that a low-fat vegan lifestyle helps you balance your hormones, turn off your fat genes and so helps you achieve weight loss at home.

In this interview, we cover a number of topics, including:

  • Are overweight people destined to remain overweight due to their genes or can you literally change how your genes work by following a healthy vegan weight loss diet?
  • Negative health implications associated with weight loss programs such as low carb diets, like the Paleo, Mediterranean, and Ketogenic
  • How can eating the best vegan diet for weight loss can also protect you from modern diseases?
  • Is it good to have plant fats in your diet and what types are the best?
  • How to overcome your food addictions and why addictions are NOT your fault.

One of the main points Dr. Neal Barnard covers in this video is to do with so-called fat genes.

Weight Loss

Many people still believe in quick fixes like weight loss supplements or weight loss drinks but invariably these always fail.

Even some vegan recipes for weight loss may not be beneficial to your overall health, so you need to understand exactly what ingredients you are eating in your diet.

A lot of people believe that being overweight is in their genes and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

Here’s the good news — it’s not true.

You do actually have the power to alter your genes and turn off the bad genes when you eat the right foods.

In our many years of experience coaching people who want to achieve greater health on a vegan weight loss diet, we have witnessed time and time again vegan weight loss before and after success stories.

Following a vegan weight loss meal plan that is also beneficial to your overall health, so low in fat and high in healthy whole food carbs is key.

Check out our interview with Dr. Neal Barnard to discover his insights and the science about what diet is the healthiest for you to eat!

Dr. Neal Barnard’s website: www.pcrm.org


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