Raw Food Menu Plan To Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

Living in the modern world puts a lot of pressure upon our bodies and, as a consequence, adrenal gland function can become negatively affected.

In this video Yulia talks about how eating a raw food diet of plant foods can help improve and restore proper adrenal gland function and so deal with symptoms often associated with adrenal fatigue, such as:

– food cravings
– depression
– struggle to get out of bed in the morning

It is the job of the adrenal glands to enable the body to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging illnesses, injuries, work and relationship stresses, lack of sleep, over exercise, to toxins from foods and the wider environment.

In our current stressful living environment the adrenal glands can easily become over stressed. Switching to a low-fat raw food diet will help your body to start working on its detox and gradual restoration.

Watch the video and find out about a healthy raw vegan menu plan for optimum adrenal gland functioning.

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34 thoughts on “Raw Food Menu Plan To Overcome Adrenal Fatigue

  •   Pancake Lemonpop  |   

    Still after 2 years, I cry everytime, R.I.P. Aunt :'(

  •   EvoExpress  |   

    Adding fresh fruits and veggies in their whole form is just one part of the picture. If there is not enough sleep, they cannot do their cleaning, repairing and nourishing work. One must sleep a lot and also drink a lot of fresh quality water to restore proper adrenal function. Afternoon naps and early nights for months on end. Various forms of exercises should be done moderately too, to reeducate to glands of their proper work. SLEEP, EAT RAW VEGAN, but have a back up plan (starch and tubers), DRINK !!! Go definitely low/no sodium, no processed foods, get off gluten and breads, and low fat.

  •   Zsu Zsuzsa  |   

    I’m 100% again day 4. I have energy, i have good mood so i’m cool for now. πŸ™‚ Going to nature is verry important too.Thank You for the advises verry much!

  •   ThrivingHuman  |   

    thanks, the timing of this video is great:)

  •   Darla De  |   

    from what I’ve been learning, you can get more thaan enough calories by eating raw. More nuts, raw hummus, oil, avocado, and just simply more fruit and vegetables.there are bodybuilders that are fully raw, and they certainly do have enough weight and muscle tone. πŸ™‚

    •   Lady Apple  |   

      We are not talking about body building here, I believe the focus is healing your adrenal glands to become your potential. I did with an. 80/10/10 raw vegan diet and felt so amazing that I did Ironman Florida triathlon 2013. Oil and raw hummus are out if the question and oil is a 100 % refined fat that will really bust up your adrenals… Stay away from that if you want ironman health. Lol. We are no designed for legumes .. Another gas producing fatigue issue there and nuts you have to have in small portions… The focus is fruit and green and a lot of them.. Read. 80/10/10 before you give advice on items that hinder health

  •   TheBigsteely101  |   

    I checked out the video b/c I was expecting something wise to be mentioned. I would have expected that someone who takes the time to make a video specific to adrenal maintenance/repair would at least have some research based food items to suggest that are specific to the problem. Give us something that we don’t know not just regurgitating the same thing; “change our lifestyle” and “eat raw plant based foods”.

  •   Ilie Florentina  |   

    Great video! Great tips πŸ™‚

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    Yulia do u think green smoothies help adrenal gland ? Sometimes I throw all my greens with pineapple or apples inu vitamixer to take on the run. Thanks

  •   Tara  |   

    This video will not load for me no matter which device I use πŸ™

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Tara, thank you for letting us know, we have made some corrections and all is working now.

  •   Kathrine Ross  |   

    great stuff!!

  •   Lady Apple  |   

    Love this video! Fantastic! And it works! I love this lifestyle, I kissed adrenal fatigue goodbye when u found this! Thanks Paul and Yulia

  •   Farshad Nazifi  |   

    was not helpful very much , I sometimes suffer from low blood preasure on raw food diet to an extent that I have to break my diet

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    Thank u Yulia! πŸ™‚

  •   Brandin Shaeffer  |   

    what?!! i’m so new to all of this i had no idea spices were harmful in any way…. oh no. i love spicy πŸ™ i guess i need to research this a bit.

  •   TheSoundsInside  |   

    Do rice and cinnamon count as processed foods?

  •   Richard Armenta  |   

    Can u do it on clash of clans

  •   Carol Dickinson  |   

    Eat Raw Veggies, Raw Fruits, Raw Nuts and Raw Seeds… mix them, match
    them, juice them, smoothie them… BUT get them in you… Oh… and go to
    bed on time!
    This should help you to feel good and avoid sickness. Oh… don’t eat
    processed foods, sugar, salts, white flours, gluten, boxed foods, canned
    foods… in other words don’t eat fake food! It will make you sick and can
    lead to cancer. Avoid bad food as much as possible!

  •   Cindy Miechel  |   

    how long does it take for fatigue symptoms to pass once raw diet has begun?
    thank you.

  •   GeorgeninhoG10  |   

    I fucking love Athene!

  •   Reentry  |   

    poor adam lol

  •   μž„νƒœμ˜  |   

    I think some of fruit is not good for adrenal fatigue.. like banana

  •   matt garner  |   

    Please educate yourself people! I appreciate this lady only because she is
    trying to help others but eating lots of fruit with adrenal fatigue is a
    very bad idea. I recommend getting the book adrenal fatigue the 21st
    century stress syndrome by James l Wilson. The best book on adrenal fatigue
    by far! I wish it was as easy as eating just fruits and vegetables all the
    time but unfortunately it’s not

  •   matt garner  |   

    Rawsomehealthy please read James l. Wilson book adrenal fatigue the 21st
    century stress syndrome

  •   Project:Raw  |   

    Hi Yulia, I have a question.

    I have severe adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I’ve been living a
    plantbased lifestyle for almost a year and I eat mostly raw, high carb of
    course. I feel like I’m doing everything I should be doing with food,
    exercise, sleep, etc, but my symptoms are still really bad – some even keep
    getting worse and are very problematic (weight gain, fatigue, can’t focus

    Do I simply have to be patient or should I look at other alternatives? Any
    superfoods recommended or should I completely stay away from that? I’m
    currently taking medication for my thyroid, should I stop?

    Six months ago, I crashed with my bike and was injured badly. I’m still in
    some pain from this. Do you think that this may be the key to my dilemma,
    maybe my body simply can’t “waste time and energy” healing my illnesses
    when it has to deal with old injuries? I felt like I was getting some
    results before my accident, but then it stopped.

    I understand that it’s difficult for you to give advice based on a few
    details, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you for a great
    channel! πŸ™‚

  •   Jonathan Thompson  |   

    here are the foods you want to eat to cure adrenal fatigue – kale, spinach,
    mostly vegs, protein. Probiotics and enzymes, chinese herbs but you need
    to cleanse the liver and heal the gut. Where do you get your information?
    Vitamin c in kiwi and red bell peppers mostly healthy. Some fruits
    contain too much sugar. Fruits for diabetics is toxic. Green vegetables,
    nuts and and superfoods and healing herbs.

  •   Jonathan Thompson  |   

    you did not mention exercise, metabolism boosting foods, fish oil, and

  •   C dawg Smith  |   

    Say, my names Henry bankshaft, but my friends call me chaw

  •   Kevin Million  |   

    Doesn’t fruit have to much sugar for the adrenals? Esp in the mourning is
    what I have been hearing.

  •   Christy  |   

    I have a question for you. I have been eating high carb low fat vegan for 36 days now. How much excercise did you incorporate in the beginning with adrenal fatigue. Thank you in advance!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Whatever you can without stressing yourself too much. Walking is a great one of course, gentle yoga or pilates should also work well. As you get healthier, you can increase the amount and intensity of your exercise routine.

  •   Honey E Margoles  |   

    The body cannot manufacture its own probiotics if people are eating raw fruits and vegetables straight from the ground they will be getting probiotics from that but if not you have to supplement with a high quality raw probiotic… Probiotics help with vital nutrient absorption so you could be eating the highest quality diet but not absorbing all the nutrients you need.

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