What We Ate And Did Today In England – High Fruit Family Vlog

We’re back in England at the moment and today we have a family Vlog where we share tips and empowering strategies to help you eat the foods that help you stay vibrant, slim and empowered.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to organise your fruit supply when you’re travelling.
  • What to do when life gets in the way and you feel overwhelmed and ready to give up on healthy eating.
  • The importance of self-love and self-connection when it comes to making healthy food choices.
  • A delicious dinner salad idea with our favourite raw food dressing.
  • And more!


Post your comments below!

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8 thoughts on “What We Ate And Did Today In England – High Fruit Family Vlog

  •   Julie Sharrock  |   

    Elanie is growing up so quickly! Love he VLOG style of videos.

  •   Yulia Romzez  |   

    wow?back home frutarians☺???

  •   Alchimie d'Eveil  |   

    If one day you pass trough France (we are close to England) please be welcome in our raw family here :)

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you so much for the invitation! Where in France are you?

  •   Yulia Romzez  |   

    fruit shopping tour video awaiting?☺?british fruitarians kitchen organizing smartly????????and fruit menu!!! ON DAILY ROUTINE??????ЮЛЕЧКА, ТВОРИТЕ?

  •   Free Spirit  |   

    Nice to see you back in this part of the world!! The market looked very different to the ones you’ve been showing us in Thailand!

  •   Joan Wilson  |   

    I would like to ask you about boxed and bagged lettuces. I have a difficult situation as a caregiver to a sick son and organic boxed and bagged lettuces helped me to stay on course, but when our son became sick for weeks with a severe gut issue it finally became obvious the salads were involved. I have limited time to research, but I did enough to realize that probably the conveniently bagged things are not the best. The one store near us has not had any bulk organic spinach for a long time, so I did give in and use boxed. I would like your thoughts on this. It turns out our son has a condition where his stomach doesn’t empty as quickly as it should, so it was the fiber adding to the problem, not bacteria or what it was washed in. Thank you.

  •   Joanie  |   

    I asked a question on youtube ( under this video) that was not answered and I am wondering why. I have asked one other popular raw food blogger the same question and was not answered. Perhaps it is a stupid question, but I just wanted an opinion for those of us who cannot get to farmer’s markets and have to rely on grocery store produce. I only put my questions to those whose opinions I respect, and who are caring and I do find you two respectable and caring. Maybe you planned to answer me when you had more time?

    I am glad to see your family enjoying being home in England and take care!

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