How To Heal Candida With Raw Food Diet And Without Low-Carb Diets

The issue of Candida overgrowth is faced by many people in the modern world and I was one of them before I switched to raw foods. Low-carb diets are recommended to people suffering from Candida by most mainstream nutritionists, however, do they actually work and are they healthy?

Candida is a fungus that naturally lives inside the human body and can be found in places such as the gastrointestinal tract and bloodstream.

The problem with candida overgrowth comes when the body is not in a healthy state of balance (homeostasis).


Living an unhealthy life, including having an unhealthy diets such as the anti candida diet or low carb diets (aka Paleo) can cause an overgrowth of candida.

For example, having too much fat in your diet can interfere with the uptake of sugar into the body’s cells and so cause a candida overgrowth.

I followed an anti-Candida diet for nearly 2 years, which was a complete failure. In that time I experienced severe cravings, fatigue, sleep problems, mental and emotional instability, memory problems, depression and was continuing to experience problems with a candida overgrowth.

I spent literally thousands on supplements, colonics, cleanses, super-foods, herb tinctures and other things with no positive results. I was really afraid of sugars and fruit and was limiting or even completely avoiding it.

Even so I had no desire to go back to eating meat what so ever, whilst at the same time I had a strong desire to heal my body and have more energy!

So, I dug deeper and was rather surprised to uncover that anti-Candida diets actually feed Candida and fruit is not to blame for Candida.

Instead, the cause of Candida was the excess fat and protein.

And then I came across high-fruit raw food diet. I was already pretty high raw by then, drunk green smoothies and was noticing positive results. As soon as I read the book, I was ready to go all the way and start a low-fat raw food diet.

I excluded all overt fats for about a week or so to cleanse my body of all the excess fat (which meant that I was not consuming nuts, seeds, avocadoes, olives – or any fatty foods at all).

I eat all the fruit I wanted to eat and all the leafy greens I wanted to eat.

Well, after 2 years of battling with Candida, on the 80/10/10 raw food diet my Candida was balanced in just 3 days AND my health issues of the past were both healing and transforming.

My video above talks about my experience of overcoming Candida with raw foods and gives you tips for overcoming yours.

Have you managed to heal your Candida with raw foods? Share your comments below!


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37 thoughts on “How To Heal Candida With Raw Food Diet And Without Low-Carb Diets

  •   Elin Palklint  |   
    •   Timea  |   

      Thanks for saying, I haven’t heard this eaighter and it is goodto know!

  •   Harvert Abreu  |   

    do you even lift bro ?

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    tu pourra t’abonner je e suis abonné

  •   Alexandra H  |   

    What about fructose malabsorption? I’m already vegan but can’t eat many
    fruits/raw foods as it upsets my digestion 🙁 I”m sick of being sick!

  •   SuperKid go  |   

    Very helpful video, thanks 🙂

  •   Rumpelsmystery  |   

    My 3 month old son is intolerant for citrus fruits, apples, raspberries and
    cherries. I’m breatfeeding him. I’ve been raw vegan for almost 2 years now,
    but I find it very difficult to keep it up without the apples and
    especially the oranges. What are you 2 cents about this? Any suggestions?

  •   vegan odyssey  |   

    thanks for the video 🙂

  •   ladyplantenergy  |   

    I had candida for 30 years it was hormone and diet related. I tried
    medications, anti candida diets and herbs but nothing worked. I went fully
    raw but only lasted 2 weeks and now I’m on raw til 4. The great news is
    that I have never since candida out break again. It worked for me. I do not
    take any type of probiotics they made my body worse. Green juices I believe
    balance my gut flora and a high fruit diet/low fat lifestyle. Its been 2
    years now candida free.

    •   yuzuvocado  |   

      I know it’s been a while since you commented this, but I’m currently suffering from candida and I can’t support the restriction of the diet. I’m interested in your diet : could you please give me an example of what you eat in a day please ? It would be very kind of you.

      Have a nice evening/day. 🙂

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    Omg! I needed this video. Great info Yulia. Thank u!!!!

  •   Dianna Riley, CHHC, AADP  |   

    Awesome! My name is Dianna Riley and when I emailed Rawsomehealthy, I
    didn’t know that I was going to get an answer this quickly. Thanks so much.
    I’ve been doing the 80 | 10 | 10 Diet for the past week and I’m feeling a
    whole lot better. I don’t use oils like talking about it, but with this way
    of eating, I’m seeing the difference and since I cannot digest the meats,
    I’m just staying away from them. Everyone else in my house is meat – a –
    holics but, I’m sticking to my guns. Thnx so much for making this video!

  •   Jalia Hoopii  |   

    I love your videos, you are so passionate and caring. I admire the fact
    that you and your husband are sharing your knowledge and not trying to make
    a profit off of your advice. Bery refreshing 🙂

  •   Jalia Hoopii  |   

    I love your videos, you are so passionate and caring. I admire the fact
    that you and your husband are sharing your knowledge and not trying to make
    a profit off of your advice. Bery refreshing 🙂

  •   Eminent Health  |   

    Yulia, I tried to explain this to a friend of mine but she doesn’t belief
    the science because she says candida feeds on sugar and that’s why fruits
    won’t help, but poison, anyone suffering from it. What do I tell her? I
    know it’s true that candida feeds on sugar, but how is that different on
    this lifestyle?

  •   kat carroll  |   

    keep up the good work girlfriend u inspire me all the way from the Bahamas
    , I have tinea verscolor it’s a rash like skin condition and I notice when
    I eat the raw food all day I feel and start healing but the minute I eat
    cook food I break out even a low fat on , and if I at a high protein or fat
    it gets work . so just keep up the good work raw mama I will b sipping my
    pau de arco banana smootie while watching u!

  •   A BlakeHall  |   

    When you say high fats, are you including avocados and raw nuts? Because
    those are both raw and very high in fat.

  •   Petar Ralev  |   

    Omg cyber ops yasuo colored in blue -.-

  •   Sima Nota  |   

    For the sake of Candida infection sufferers, there is a natural therapy
    could possibly enable you to overcome Candida infection forever

  •   Christopher Hodges  |   

    In fact, yeast infection is truly problem with your immune system. You need
    to stop the root cause if you want to overcome yeast infection once and for

  •   Mari Francisca  |   

    2:26 & 4:02 <3<3<3

  •   Rosalie Bearcroft  |   

    Diet program is is the key part of curing Candida infection. Choosing the
    proper foods can stop the future infection whilst keeping you protected
    from its symptoms.

  •   Michel Dana  |   

    Diet plan is is the important component of treating Candida infection.
    Picking the right foods will be able to stop the future infection whilst
    keeping you protected from its symptoms.

  •   CaptainAMAZINGGG  |   

    In one aspect, I feel so incredible and amazing when I eat all raw,
    generally prefer to eat low fat, and I’m totally in love with it. However,
    it seems I can’t do it, because although I on one hand experience
    incredible clarity and my intuitive and connection to the universe
    increases tenfold even within the first day, my adrenals simply aren’t
    having it. From eating improperly for most of my life and binge eating,
    it’s messed me up so much, as too has living in very stressful situations
    and being around people who are extremely toxic and this has resulted in
    acute adrenal exhaustion for literally all of my life so far. I can even
    really function most of the time, it’s awful.
    As I eat all raw or even high raw, and still low fat though (I love green
    smoothies and they comprise of most of my diet if I can help it <33), my
    adrenals get so messed up, i can't sleep AT ALL, and after a few days of NO
    sleep, I might get a few hours and it just messes me up so much, until I
    eat cooked things and after a couple of days I start to get better, slowly.
    I do have candida and have done all my life as well, I was raised on
    antibiotics and mcdonalds :'s
    I'd LOVE to eat all raw because my heart calls to it so deeply, but the
    detox and whatever else is happening, literally nearly kills me and that's
    not healthy either! I've had such bad cases of adrenal exhaustion I
    probably should've been in the hospital several times.
    Regarding my living situation, this candida and adrenal issue leaves my
    mind so messed up and kills my memory, my ability to THINK even, sometimes,
    because my brain and all of me feels THAT exhausted that I just lay in the
    dark on my bedroom floor in this numb state of nothingness until I start to
    recover slightly and sometimes that lasts for days, so I've not been able
    to work and I've developed serious anxiety issues etc. And I'm living in
    that toxic situation that I don't know how to get out of and don't feel I
    can, because I am not exactly fit to even work in the standard sense, I
    often don't have enough money for food etc etc my life is a mess. I can't
    even BELIEVE that it's such a seemingly small thing that got so out of
    control because I didn't know about it and doctors apparently don't hold
    much by candida OR adrenal exhaustion!! (which to me, is absolutely totally
    insane because it can rule and ruin your LIFE, and has all kinds of
    symptoms that are individually diagnosed etc by doctors while not dealing
    with the root of the issue...!!!!)

    I've been on the anti candida diet but it's so effing restricting and I DO
    feel better from eating non starchy/glutinous foods FOR OBVIOUS REASONS
    THOUGH (because they're gross ;)), and eggs and sheep/goat dairy with live
    bacteria etc doesn't make me feel bad or gain weight (and actually makes me
    feel better when my adrenals get messed up from all rawing - I have low b12
    and supplements don't seem to do anything but dairy seems to work though
    Especially because I like to exercise WHEN I CAN/when i'm physically able
    to, and when you recover from green smoothies and it's so clean and
    gorgeous and magical feeling... and then you try to recover on standard
    foods.... gosh your body knows the difference!!!

    And I'm just totally done with all of this and so sick and tired of the
    nonsense and not being able to eat and live the gorgeous way my heart feels
    so deeply called to. WTF DO I DO??!! Because like I said, everytime I try
    to exclusively raw, I get so messed up esp with my adrenals and I can't be
    detoxing so hard I nearly die omfg :'/

    Thank you so much for your help and suggestions <333 I really appreciate
    it. 🙂

    - I'm really craving green smoothies but people keep telling me that sweet
    fruit feeds candida but I don't want to eat gross food that leaves me
    feeling malnourished - I've BEEN malnourished my whole life!! :'/

  •   Anthony Griffiths  |   

    ha ha I watch this scene so many times and it’s always funny

  •   Maat World  |   

    Love that you don´t use any make-up, you have healthy glowing skin, so you
    don´t need it anyway :))) make-up is an addiction, it´s toxic, it gets
    absorbed through the skin, SERIOUSLY all beautiful girls and women watching
    this, YOU DON´T NEED IT! :))) THEY PLAY IT ON YOU :)) free yourself 🙂

  •   sadlkas asdja  |   

    Hey would u recommend eating brown rice for carbs?

  •   Nathan Drake  |   

    He Will Come Back. He Always Does.
    Nah just kidding he’s totally dead.

  •   Jokerxtriper  |   

    So what as the right way to eat fruits ?

  •   Elisabeth Dunham  |   

    I dropped fats for six weeks and candida gone! Would not have done this
    without your videos introducing me to “the lifestyle” and your advice.
    Thanks, Yulia!

  •   RachedHayek  |   

    Hi Yulia and Paul. Love your videos. I have been vegan 3.5 years, going in
    and out of raw/cooked/diff fat levels.
    I started experiencing a disequilibrium feeling 4 months ago and it seems
    to be worsening.
    I feel as though i am about to get dizzy/spacey/imbalanced but i dont
    actually get full blown dizzy. My eyes seem like they have trouble focusing
    and they hurt at the back of the eyeball. This has been occuring to varying
    degrees of intensity pretty much every day for the last 4 months. Ive never
    had something like this and doc and neurologist thinks im fine. It also
    makes me very snappy and slightly depressed. I am athletic and daily train
    muscles and dance. Do these symptoms have anything to do with candida (i
    also have thick yellow nails on both my large toenails)? Or something else
    in your opinion? Thanks for reading.

  •   Scynable  |   


    •   milo  |   

      it’s called the china study from the world health organization, you can read it 🙂

  •   Healthy Gal  |   

    what about raw high carb for people with candida who already type 1
    diabetics and cant consume unlimited fruits without extra injections? How
    much grams of carbs a day should they consume on raw high carb?

  •   BIll Pruitt  |   

    I’ve been doing this method for the past 2 days of lots of fruit – bananas, blueberries, apples mainly with very little fat and yes my candida overgrowth is clearing up. I get it bad on my feet. It’s like it lies there dormant until it’s activated from my diet. 4 years ago it was real bad on top of my feet and spreading up my leg. I got rid of it then with lots of carrot juice and high dose vitamin C along with no processed foods/sugar. Now, it’s clearing up much faster it seems on my feet. I had a bad die-off reaction last night with chills, etc (like flu) and woke up with a bad headache but now feel better. Will keep eating the fruit and low fat. The fruit has to be eaten by itself I’m pretty sure and any fats would be at least an hour after the fruit? Any fruit at least 2 hours after any fat? Thank you for your great information.

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