How I Cured Candida In 3 Days Without Any Carb And Fruit Restriction

Today I’m going to share with you my story about how I healed my Candida of 2 years in just 3 days WITHOUT restricting my fruit sugar and carbohydrates.

If you’re experiencing bloating, fatigue, anxiety and skin issues – Candida could be the cause.

Here’s the video where I talk more about it:


What is Candida?

Candida is a microbe that naturally lives in your body.

It can multiply due to rises in blood sugar levels, which it feeds off before returning back to its normal balance state in the matter of a few hours.

However, when blood sugar levels stay elevated and so out of balance, you can then end up with elevated levels of Candida as well.

When Candida levels go out of balance, they can also break down the wall of the intestine and enter the bloodstream.

They can release toxic by-products into your body, causing a whole host of other health issues as well as a leaky gut.

What causes Candida?

There are various reasons why you may have elevated levels of Candida, including:

  • A diet that’s high in refined carbohydrates and sugar.
  • A diet that’s high in fat and animal products.
  • Consuming a lot of alcohol.
  • Taking oral contraceptives.
  • A high-stress lifestyle.
  • Taking antibiotics that killed too many of your friendly gut bacteria.

One of the major reasons why people experience Candida and blood sugar related issues is because of unhealthy diets that are high in fat.

How I cured Candida … with fruit!

I’ve been following a fruit-based mostly raw food plan since 2009 and with the help of this lifestyle I was able to heal my Candida in just 3 days!

Prior to this delicious lifestyle, I followed an anti-Candida diet for 2 years with no success.

I was tired of constant sugar restrictions, cravings and subsequent binges.

So I kept searching for a simpler, sweeter and more sustainable solution to overcome Candida.

I tried endless supplements, herbs, superfoods, tinctures, colonic cleanses, and many other approaches, but they didn’t help me heal my Candida problems.

And then … I discovered a brand new and unconventional system that healed my Candida … with fruit!

As well as balancing my Candida very quickly, I dropped 10lbs in weight eating all the food I cared for.

I also recovered from severe adrenal fatigue, hypoglycaemia, digestive and hormonal problems.

I was able to overcome infertility, conceive our beautiful daughter, and even became an athlete and completed a marathon!

A high-carbohydrate and low-fat plant based lifestyle that’s based on fruit is a much more gentle and effective way to cure Candida without any sugar restriction.

To help you get started, I’ve put together a FREE Candida detox plan with meals, printable shopping list and guidance on how to do this cleanse.

Download your FREE 1-Day Green Smoothie Candida Detox Plan here.


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8 thoughts on “How I Cured Candida In 3 Days Without Any Carb And Fruit Restriction

  •   Sumit Khanna  |   

    Hi Yulia. I am greatly inspired by you guys to opt for a fruit diet. My candida issue is resolving. I can feel the same. I have been on this diet for about 2 months now. But there’s one concern. For the last one week, I am getting too much mucus being built up in my system. Is that a part of cleanse? I’ll really appreciate for your reply. In anyways thank you for everything!

  •   Hello All  |   

    thank you for being in part inspiring me to go fully raw this past month. I’m eating 3500cal a day of fruit and am maintaining my muscle and weight at 155lb not even working out . (using fruit to cure long term chronic injuries, it is working. my knee are getting better day by day.) my gas also no longer smells like anything at all… and it’s minimum. in beating IBS thanks to this diet. it’s insane . today all I’m eating is grapes and limes and im loving it. it’s a lil expensive compared to my old diets high in rice and beans but it’s worth it to me. I am healing

  •   Cassandra Guerra  |   

    I used to suffer from Candida and honestly you where one of the first videos that made me switch to a raw vegan diet, I was already vegan but then when I switched to raw, it helped so much! Honestly thank you, you guys helped give me my life back.

  •   Suzii's Stuff  |   

    thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!

  •   ubu  |   

    you look soo sexy…

  •   Gillan Bell  |   

    10 years suffering with eczema and roseacea . If only I knew that fat was the culprit !! Here’s to HCLF raw diet – starting today. ??? i may even make a video of before and after. ✌️☺️

  •   Wave Heart Soul Art  |   

    The secret of fruits is that it awakens the master gland, the pineal gland, which regulates the function of the whole endocrine system, bringing health to the whole body. I wish we knew this since we were young, I wish the whole world know about it and become healthy and in bliss. No wonder why we craved sugar and unhealthy sugary drinks when we were young, because our bodies were craving the real sugar, the real nourishment from fruits, but we were not aware, and it was the only option next to all the processed foods. Thank you for constantly reminding us. Keep on shinning. Much love

    •   Albescere  |   

      This makes so much sense now, after what I’ve experienced in my life. Fruit was the answer all along. FRUIT WAS THE ANSWER ALL ALONG. THE CREATOR DOESN’T WANT US TO KILL ANYTHING LIVING TO SURVIVE. We humans are frugivores, truly. Age of Aquarius will wake us up as collective. Just a matter of time till the deceiving snake loses his power.

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