The Best Gut Health Diet To Rebuild Your Gut Microbiome

What is the best gut health diet to help you build your gut microbiome?

If you want to balance your hormones, lose some excess weight, and have better energy levels, balancing your gut health is going to be key to your health restoration.

A healthy gut has a major impact on your overall health, including your hormones, weight, and energy levels.

Can your diet have any significant effect on how healthy or unhealthy your gut is?

Your gut microbiome is basically made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans, and archaea.

Essentially, tiny organisms that like living in your gut and for the most part are beneficial to your health.

A healthy balanced gut with a healthy microbiome plays a critical role in the health of a human being and just some of its specific functions in the human body, include:

  • Nutrient and energy recovery from the foods you eat
  • Helping to control your immune system and protection from infections
  • Body weight control
  • Aid the control of hormone levels in your body, including estrogen and thyroid hormones.

If these ‘gut friends’ can do so many wonderful things for us then what diet do they like the most so we get the best out of them? 1,2,3

Great question!

In this video, I dive into the strategies for optimizing your gut health, the best gut health diet, according to science and so much more!

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