Hashimoto Symptoms Reversed, Fatigue Vanished In Just Weeks

Can you reverse Hashimoto symptoms and recover from fatigue?

Nydia was experiencing Hashimoto symptoms but was not aware that this was causing her health problems.

After visiting her doctor and getting her thyroid checked, she was shocked to be given a Hashimoto’s thyroiditis diagnosis.

Unfortunately, her doctor offered her no solution to her Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, so she decided to get further help.

Hashimoto’s is a disease of the thyroid gland responsible for causing hypothyroidism in 90% of cases.

Nydia was already eating what she thought was a super healthy raw food diet, a fully vegan diet plan, so she was shocked to discover she had Hashimoto’s disease.

At the time Nydia was following her own raw food diet she was experiencing:

  • Lower energy levels
  • Sleep issues
  • Digestive problems
  • Constipation

Upon being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Nydia asked herself the question: ‘can Hashimotos disease be reversed’?

After seeing Rawsomehealthy online and the positive results we had got for many ladies with thyroid issues by following a Hashimotos thyroiditis diet, she decided to get our help as well so she could work on reversing her health issues and thyroid antibodies.

Nydia began working with us after seeing the many women that we have helped with similar health and thyroid problems and was very soon on the right path.

We worked on creating a Hashimotos disease diet plan that did not include foods that typically trigger antibodies even though some of them under normal circumstances for someone without Hashimotos, are very healthy foods to eat.

Nydia learned how to not just eat a raw food diet but also how to properly balance her raw food diet so that it gives her body and thyroid gland the nutrition it needs.

With these changes, Nydia began to notice big improvements in her health and a reverse of her Hashimoto symptoms.

So what exactly happened to Nydia?

This is what she’s going to share in this video. Discover more here:

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