High Carb Diet – What We Eat In A Day

We began following a high carb diet 13 years ago, and today we wanted to take you behind the scenes and show you our grocery trip.

A healthy high-carb diet comes with many positive health benefits – higher energy levels, high carb diet weight loss, a healthier gut, and glowing skin.

A very important point to know and understand is that the high-carb diet foods in your meal plan should include lots of raw fruits and vegetables.

As you will see in our video today we love to buy lots of fruits like mangos, bananas, papayas, pineapples, oranges, and melons, along with many different green leafy vegetables and other veggies as well.

But just a moment!

You may ask why all these whole foods and high carb raw foods like fruits?

Surely that’s too much sugar, right?


Because the whole fruit sugars have a hugely positive effect upon your hormones and gut health, including many other high carb diet benefits.

Because they are in their whole food form along with a huge list of other fantastic health-promoting plant nutrients.

A high-carb diet is perfect for healthy weight loss, which is something that we recommend to our clients as a side benefit to becoming much healthier overall.

All our clients learn how to incorporate healthy whole plant foods into their menu plan wherever they are, so they can always experience the high carb diet benefits like hormonal balance, healthier-looking skin, a better mood, and a naturally healthy weight.

Eating a high-carb diet is something very special to us and we are always grateful for the health and lifestyle that it allows us to enjoy every day.

So in our video, we share with you what we eat in a day and the kinds of foods that we focus on buying because they offer us so much when it comes to healthy weight maintenance and overall health.

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