Q&A About My Pregnancy

I received a lot of questions about my fruit/raw-based vegan pregnancy and would like to thank those of you who sent them to me.

In this video I answer your questions about my fruitarian/vegan pregnancy, including:

– Did I do anything special to get pregnant,
– Did I remain 80/10/10 fully raw vegan during my pregnancy,
– Did I take any supplements,
– Was the birth easy,
– How much weight did I gain during pregnancy,
– And other questions…

So check out this video to discover more!

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41 thoughts on “Q&A About My Pregnancy

  •   Rljjlove  |   

    Could you make a video regarding what each supplement is used for? Loved this video! πŸ™‚

  •   maryjety  |   

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! You’re full of love, wisdom, and compassion. <3

  •   Alley Apple Tree  |   

    Ugh..i have a terrible story about an ultrasound.. I found out I was pregnant in December. At the time I thought ultrasounds were totally safe..so I quickly made an appointment to find out how far along I was.. I wanted to see the heartbeat so I could announce it to my family for Christmas. Well I went to my doctor and lo and behold..he had an ultrasound machine right in his office. So of course I was dying to see the baby..sure enough there was a little one in there :). Since his monitor was so small he said he couldn’t make out a heartbeat yet, so I could still go to my dating ultrasound the next day because that monitor would be bigger and better. Well that night I started spotting. Then cramping…and then full on bleeding bad. I was crying all night because I knew I was probably miscarrying. So the next morning I got up early and drove myself to the hospital. They did an ultrasound and I saw on the monitor what looked like broken up pieces in my uterus. I just starting bawling. They couldn’t find the baby. I got home and miscarried in the middle of the night. It took me a day later to release that it could be possible that the first ultrasound I had had caused my miscarriage. I personally believe ESPECIALLY early on in pregnancy that ultrasounds can be very dangerous. I think the ultrasound literally scrambled the baby. I was angry at myself for getting it done so early all so that I could tell everyone about my pregnancy. Never again will I get an ultrasound. If I do get one it will be in the last weeks of pregnancy and for a brief second only if necessary. Anyways I am glad to hear that there are other people out there that see that their are risks. I think if I was in your situation (finding out I was pregnant at 20 weeks) I prob would have had a quick ultrasound as well..just to calm my fears. So anyways thanks again for these videos, we are trying to conceive again right now and any info about staying vegan while pregnant is helpful! Oh and happy one month to your little lady πŸ™‚

  •   TheTarafotty .  |   

    Sorry about your stressful birth πŸ™ I was also stressed because I planned
    a home birth but my baby came a month early, so I had to go to the hospital
    and then my child had to stay in the NICU for 12 days πŸ™ At least I had a
    natural birth and still pumped milk for my baby, but I was still so forlorn

  •   Angie M.  |   

    Thank you so much for your videos Yulia! I’m 6 months pregnant and went
    began about a month ago and I can say I’m finally enjoying my last months
    of pregnancy! I’d love for you to talk about vaccinations! Did you guys
    vaccinated your baby girl at all? I’d love to know more about your views on
    vaccination, thank you once again!

  •   livegoodhealth  |   

    Thanks for taking the time to share Yulia!

  •   huiiu hiih  |   

    Did you have any tearing?

  •   alysha maiorelli  |   

    Is there a reason why you didn’t go to the doctor to get a blood test to
    see if you are pregnant? They are far more accurate. And was your period
    regular up until that point after you corrected your fertility issues?

  •   Owen fox  |   

    tx 4 sharing da wicked wonderfully whacky whimsical info ! lol (great
    really!) lol πŸ˜€ <3

  •   Michelle Archbell  |   

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey of bring forth your precious
    daughter ~ may she always be strong and blessed in her life ! Blessings to
    you all πŸ™‚

  •   Tallie Allen  |   

    I loved hearing about your pregnancy!!! What an incredible story about your
    birth! You’re a great mama:)

  •   Ritney White  |   

    I’m still breastfeeding my 18mo daughter but I am a high carb cooked vegan.
    I break out in hives every time I try to eat fruit it is depressing πŸ™

  •   Susanelizabeth  |   

    Excellent!! So excited for the three of you!

  •   lindsay berman  |   

    youre so beautiful and courageous! <3

  •   Jasmin Rose  |   

    I like the new intro!

  •   Raw LawGirl  |   

    To the person who asked about vaccinations, avoid them. I did a tremendous
    amount of research when I was pregnant 30 years ago and like ultrasound,
    determined they were harmful and related to autism and SIDS although the
    AMA and big pharmaceutical companies deny it. My son attended public and
    private school without vaccinations and was never ill. We were heavy raw
    Vegan with some cooked. He was breastfed until about 20 months. He was
    never ill. To attend public schools, I signed a consent form claiming it
    was against my religion to vaccinate. This was in California. These days,
    they have made it far harder and are forcing vaccination on parents. You
    must be diligent in your research rather than emotional as we women tend to
    be. I am trained as a lawyer although this occurred 27 years after birth,
    but the point I want to make is I was fierce about knowing my legal rights
    even back then. Do your research and trust your instinct ladies.

  •   Marina Grubic  |   

    What a story and what a powerful delivery. U have a strong and powerful
    girl! Knock the wood!

  •   Irina cher  |   

    Hello, how do you supplement with B 12? do you take 1’000 mcg a day? thank

  •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

    Re vaccination: absolutely no vaccination for Elanie, or ourselves.

  •   Irina cher  |   

    Thank you. was your B12 ever low or you always maintain it? mine was 165
    after about 1 year of raw vegan diet the norm is 200-800 in US.

  •   Misiaq  |   

    Thanks for the vid. It was glad to hear many of the things. I have had my first pregnancy while on SAD diet, and now I am vegan half raw and I can see the difference in how I feel during the day already. In the previous one I was soooo tired all the time. Now I still need an additional nap here and there during the week but I am managing just fine without it as well.
    The one thing perhaps that I would like to say to all the mothers planning birth and are thinking of home birth – always make a plan B. Maybe it’s just me that if anything bad can happen it always happens to me, but for example during the birth (I was 42 weeks and 2 days and about to get induced when it started) I have gotten a rupture of uterus and lost around 2 l of blood and needed transfusion and operation afterwards. This is the biggest threat for the mother usually, so just make sure you are somewhere close to where they can transport you easily in case of emergency and know your blood type.
    But I also believed we are females who are made to birth and we should be able to do it (and the fact of being panicly afraid of needles and knives helped me to push that kid out – I still used water and gas though :D). Well, the kid came out of me, but then I needed help. And because of being so far in the pregnancy the aminiotic fluid was dirty and the kid got inflammation of the lungs and we were separated after birth on different wards. And the whole situation caused us problems with breastfeeding (she was not growing on my milk alone, needed to supplement). I hope this time it will go a lot smoother at least with breastfeeding.
    Good luck with your kid and lots of strengths πŸ™‚

  •   Melissa Menchaca  |   

    That is an absolutely insane birth story. I had a wonderful home birth but
    I don’t know if I could have taken that.

  •   Duska Poljak  |   

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is beautiful. πŸ™‚ For low iron maybe
    try grating fine beets, carrots, apples, lemon and have few spoons every
    day. I don’t know why this works as it has less iron than e.g. kale or
    broccoli, but it works. It is traditional recipe that I’ve learned from my
    mom, a woman from another country, and even read about it here in the US.
    .. about vaccination – I thought some of it is obligatory at least here in
    the US. Is it optional in Australia and UK?

  •   The7Butterflies  |   

    Elanie Stormborn! πŸ™‚

  •   Julianne Brady  |   

    You certainly had a hard time for your first birthing but that’s the thing
    about nature (and births), they do their own thing regardless of our
    desires. I have had four births, which for a variety of reasons, ended up
    in hospital. I don’t regret any part of the experiences because we also
    had backup plans. My partner and birth helper/s knew what I wanted and
    more important, didn’t want and the medical staff were more than helpful
    and supportive (mostly), even through a ten pound breech birth delivered
    naturally with no medical interference. Ideal outcome = happy healthy baby
    and mum. Much love to you and family. β™₯

  •   TargusTheDestroyer  |   

    Wow! You are a very smart, strong, and impressive woman! I am so inspired.
    Please continue with the videos and I will support. People need to hear
    updates on how you are raising your child and how you live your life. I am
    sure the challenge of the birth was really a gift that made you a stronger
    person because you are a gift. Thank you.

  •   Jeff Weeks  |   

    She is using her body as a sex symbol for views . Fact

  •   Roxy Carl n Sol  |   

    Do you think you will ever return to Vilcabamba? My partner and I live in a
    vegetarian eco community 15 mins from town. We gave birth in January 2014.
    We are vegan and are really wanting to give the 80/10/10 lifestyle a
    serious go but really want community! Please email us if you want photos
    and more info. People rent here and/ or do an exchange. We are planning on
    planting hundreds of fruit trees and lots of greens to sustain us. Hope to
    hear from you! Roxxannefaye@gmail.com

  •   huiiu hiih  |   

    Can you make a video on your experience breastfeeding?

  •   It's a Raw Life  |   

    We’ve been trying to have a child for over a year now, and I become
    pregnant after 2 months of following this lifestyle. Awesome video thanks

  •   frivolous girl.  |   

    Thank you so much for putting up this Q&A!
    I missed the chance of ask a question, and it didn’t really get answered.
    I’m wondering how it could’ve taken you 5 months figuring out you’re
    pregnant, wasn’t lack of period showing you this? Or did you bleed as

    Also wanted to point out that squatting on ground is the most natural way
    of giving birth. Even though birthing in water may be an option it’s not
    that natural.

  •   Nika VeganLover  |   

    Great! Thank you for sharing! What an intense story ~ A great beginning.

  •   NesWooki  |   

    what a wonderful video, thanks for sharing this!

  •   A Rose  |   

    Did you have any initial weight gain when beginning the 80/10/10 lifestyle?
    If so how long did it take before you stopped gaining and started losing?
    Thank you.

  •   RonPaulgirls  |   

    you should connect with the vegan girl who does all the breast feeding
    videos from Arkansas, rain florence

  •   Tara Harding  |   

    What did your baby weigh when born? I was told that Raw Vegan pregnancies,
    their babies tend to be smaller.

  •   vintage lady  |   

    Did you use any creams or oils on your body during pregnancy, if so could
    you please share the name or type?

  •   Emily Grant  |   

    Great video πŸ™‚ You’re an inspiration ! I have a question, how many calories
    did you eat during you’re pregnancy? I am not really sure how much you are
    meant to eat. Thank you !

  •   Christine Dittmann  |   

    Thank you for all your videos, I’m especially enjoying the pregnancy ones
    right now. I did raw vegan for weeks 6-20 when I was pregnant with #7 baby
    and I felt so good. The nausea I had for one week disappeared after only a
    couple days and never came back. I was not following 80/10/10 or keeping
    track to eat sufficient calories or anything and then I succumbed to
    cravings. Now I am 43 and blessed to be expecting #10! I am so excited πŸ™‚
    I did high raw for several weeks before getting pregnant because the baby
    was breastfeeding lots and my periods became so irregular… well, after a
    couple weeks of raw food they stopped being weird, they just stopped! And
    then I discovered I am pregnant. I felt nauseous for a couple days and I
    didn’t think I could be pregnant but tested myself just in case and then I
    discovered the happy happy news. I took a few days to dive in (and a few
    days of increasing nausea to motivate me!) and now I am on the 80/10/10.
    The transition wasn’t too difficult because I’ve been pretty good at eating
    fruit and keeping dairy low and meat almost nil for several years now. I am
    quite overweight from birthing babies every couple of years and lack of
    exercise (and overeating). But I am feeling better everyday eating like
    this! We have summer coming soon so I am excited to get out walking a lot
    more and slowly work up to running again. I am totally confident in the
    high carb low fat raw vegan diet. After my fourth baby I suffered three
    miscarriages and irregular cycles… two months of raw vegan got me all
    sorted out and I haven’t had any problems having babies since! I really
    feel it was the healthy diet. I am looking forward to staying raw vegan for
    my entire pregnancy and beyond this time (no heartburn in the last few
    weeks, I assume? That would be nice!) and I am grateful to women like you
    who have lived it and are sharing your experience with others. Thank you πŸ™‚
    Oh, and your baby is VERY cute! Our littlest girl was born Jan’14. I love
    this age.
    Christine from Canada

  •   Brianna Alicia  |   

    Apologies if you’ve already answered this question: do you remember eating
    ripe papaya around the first trimester of your pregnancy? I have been
    craving papaya ever since going on vacation and eating it in Mexico. I
    didn’t feel anything was wrong with eating it then, and I still don’t now,
    but all these articles about not eating it during pregnancy are psyching me
    out, I think!!!

  •   ILJEver ILJEver  |   

    I’m wondering you still get crazy hormones on a raw vegan diet?

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