Rapid Post-Natal Weight Loss Results On A Raw Food Diet

During pregnancy women naturally gain weight and healthy weight gain is perfectly normal.

However, many women gain too much excess weight due to their unhealthy diets and lifestyles (diets like Paleo diet, high fat diet, standard American diet, etc.)

As a result of gaining excess weight during pregnancy, many women then face the problem of exactly how they can release those extra pounds.

Having been through pregnancy myself on a raw/fruit-based vegan diet, I am sharing my experience of rapid post-natal weight loss as a result of me following a raw food diet, as well as the experiences of other raw or high raw vegan mothers.

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11,932 thoughts on “Rapid Post-Natal Weight Loss Results On A Raw Food Diet

  •   Anthony Cruz  |   

    I love Ur hand movement HAHAHAH I laughed I love u keep up the good work

  •   Mrssupermumm  |   

    I have to say, you look unbelievably great, I have 8 kids (inc twins) and i
    am only recently coming to a more raw way of eating (the last year really)
    i so wish i had eaten more this way through my past, as especially after
    having the twins 22 months ago i ate quite a lot of diary to try and
    increase my milk supply,i now know that was completely wrong, but hey, you
    live and learn and thanks to my researching and a lot of you tube vids like
    yours i am now on the RIGHT path. Again, you look amazing and
    congratulations on the birth of your daughter.xx

  •   Owen fox  |   

    Always interesting to find out new information in this new internet
    information age. I love this stuff, personally <3

  •   enanaa  |   

    So lucky!!

  •   Luana Ola (Enjoy Life)  |   

    Great info! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  •   ch bar  |   

    you guys are so inspiring! you look fantastic woman! good for you

  •   Lexielottie00  |   

    Did you get stretch marks? Does diet affect whether you get them? x

  •   claudia launer  |   

    I could not wait to have steak after I deliver cos I could not eat anything
    and all clothes were falling of me so I had to get my body back as result I
    have no stretch marks and I looked like I was never pregnant .

  •   Greenmama's Garden  |   

    Breastfeeding also plays a huge role in post-natal recovery and weight
    loss. Beautiful mama, beautiful baby.

  •   MELISSA JAMES  |   

    Good to see ur videos and to see u and ur baby doing so well✌️

  •   Tiffany Black  |   

    I’m soooo excited you have shared your pregnancy! My husband is getting a
    vasectomy reversal in January so we can try for a baby together. I am a
    brand new low fat high carb raw vegan and I’m using this time before the
    reversal to heal my body and i will stay raw vegan throughout the pregnancy
    if we are blessed with that. My first 2 kids (they are 10 and 8) we’re
    c-sections and I was on a SAD diet and large! I want a whole new experience
    and I want to give birth naturally this time….

  •   Cherise Fleming  |   

    I wish I’d have learned about raw vegan lifestyle before I had my children.
    Lol! You look awesome Yulia!

  •   Nichola Sherlock  |   

    I love the sling you’ve chosen!

  •   Antoine Paris  |   

    Great video. God bless!

  •   Loraine Peeper  |   

    I love yor channel I just found it do you have an Instagram ?? and if you
    don’t mind how old are you just curious haha 🙂 keep it on you look

  •   lowfat rawvegan  |   

    Great video!! Thank you for sharing your experience and photos.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  •   Kristina Wish  |   

    All true! I recovered after my baby born very fast also 🙂 (& my not raw
    friends they still got their fat on their belly & their sides :0) after
    pregnancy =)

  •   Nova Love  |   

    awesome info really insightful.

  •   Donna Robinson  |   

    Hahahaha she said lookin in the mirrow

  •   315clau  |   

    I just found you and learning about your life or food style, I am watching
    a few videos from deferent people that are in raw food diet and I really
    want to star a new way to eat, and I am looking you and see how amazing
    your story is about the pregnancy unknowledge and I am so glad your baby
    and you are ok. My question because I don’t have any Babies yet, do you
    provide enough milk for your baby.

  •   Shalanda lyn  |   

    you look great, gave birth 7 months ago..still carrying my weight..was
    140lbs before i got pregnant..gained 40lbs (180lbs) lost 20 after and
    gained back 5lbs..now ive been going to the gym for almost a month…lost
    4lbs but i’m still not completely satisfied with the progress…i keep
    eating things i’m not suppose to at times cause i guess thats what i’m use
    to eating..bread..chicken..pastries…etc..i dont eat alot of them but i
    sill cheat every now and again…found your video really inspiring and i’m
    gonna try and see if i can replace at least one meal today with just fresh
    veggies & fruits..

  •   Skummelskog Trollbutt  |   

    Something about becoming a mother makes a woman a gazillion times more

  •   RubyOpheliaQuinn  |   

    That sling is really, really dangerous.

  •   Raquel Batun-Buford  |   

    I have had 5 babies 14 years, 8, 4, 2, and all boys. I am now currently
    pregnant. My kids weighed 5lbs 1oz, 9lbs 4oz, 8lbs 2oz, 9lbs 5oz, and 7lbs
    11oz. With all were different and the fastest recovery was my second oldest
    9lbs 4oz. In 4 months I was able to achieve to drop all the weight and
    some. With the rest not so much. Good luck. Congratulations.

  •   Marthe Endresen  |   

    I think for me, since I still live at home, going fully raw or even fully
    vegan would be hard at the moment (I eat dinner with my family). But what
    if I were to eat one meal a day that is none vegan (dinner) but the rest
    would be vegan (mostly raw)? Do you think that would still have an impact,
    as in me loosing weight after pregnancy quicker?

  •   Forest fields  |   

    I am married and very much in love with my husband but have always been put
    off children due to horror that I always hear about it. You make it sound
    wonderful and as though it would be possible to not completely destroy my
    body. I have been raw off and on for years. You look amazing and seem so
    happy xxxx

  •   pavel mihai  |   

    Oh hai! Have you thought about – Smuggs Amazing Diet Guide (just google
    it)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my father got amazing
    weight loss with it.

  •   Laura Gaber  |   

    such an inspiration!

  •   Holly Szlachta  |   

    I’m currently 33 weeks pregnant and really really want to change my life by
    eating raw vegan. Not just for the animals, but for my health. Do you have
    any tips on how to switch to raw vegan during pregnancy? I feel so sluggish
    so I Dont want to wait until after I give birth. Thank you!

  •   AbdErRahManE HAMMOU  |   

    Merci pour la vidéo 😉

  •   7A  |   

    God bless Baby Girl.

  •   Kay Song  |   

    You give me hope. Thank you.

  •   TheMissHappenstance  |   

    How did you deal with the fat comments from the raw vegan community? As we
    all know, raw food vegans love body shaming especial women. I know the raw
    food community couldn’t wait to call you all kinds of names during and
    after your pregnancy.

  •   Random Name  |   

    I had the same experience with my vegan pregnancies, even after my third.
    My stomach was flat a few days after birth. It always amazes me.

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