What We Eat On A Raw Food Diet In A Week + A Market Trip

One of the key success principles of the high-carb raw food diet is to plan your shopping and have enough fruit in your house.

On the old diet, you would probably buy a bunch of bananas and a bag of apples for the whole week. On a raw plan, you’d eat it in one meal!

So knowing what to buy and how much to buy is vital for you to successfully follow this plan.

The best way to do so is to make a list of your favourite fruits, greens and other veggies and then estimate how much you will eat each day. Then, multiply it by 7 days if you want to stock up for the week. Adding in some extra for any damaged fruit or spoilage is also a very good idea.

Personally, we get through about 2 1/2 boxes of bananas a week, plus lots of other fruit, depending on what’s in season and where we are in the world.

In today’s video we will show you exactly what produce we have for the week and also go to our local fruit and vegetable market here in Kingston Upon Thames, England.

Enjoy and post your comments below!


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9 thoughts on “What We Eat On A Raw Food Diet In A Week + A Market Trip

  •   Peach Mango Moon  |   

    Very well arranged! Looks healthy. Liked the video! 😀

  •   Brianna JackFruitson  |   

    Wooo really enjoyed this video!

  •   Jan Armentrout  |   

    good video! sweet happiness to share! Thanks! Looks like you both are
    and excited about the fruit fest. Wish I could attend! Maybe someday!

  •   Yang Hyoni  |   

    Which country do you live?

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    Absolutely love this video thank u

  •   Sweet Natural Living  |   

    Nice video 🙂 Nowadays here in Norway it’s pretty much a perpetual
    nectarine, banana, melon and pakistani mango party 🙂

  •   Richard Nicholas  |   

    Nice video. Im a London boy searching for good produce. What market was
    that? And who does your organic deliveries plz? Thanks! R

  •   Fruity Ronster  |   

    Thanks for the shout out guys, look forward to seeing you next week!

  •   vegan candan  |   

    Hello, could you please make more videos about what your daughter eats ?

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