How Much Protein On A Vegan Diet Is Healthy?

How much protein do you need on a vegan diet?
It’s a great question! 
Now, we’ve all heard this same question many times, “But where do you get your protein from on a vegan diet?”
It’s an easy one to answer. 
You get protein in all manner of plant foods, including fruit – yes fruit as well! 
Protein is a vital part of any diet and is required for many uses in your body, which include: 
•  The growth, maintenance, and repair of all cells 
•  Is a major component in all organs, muscles, skin, nails, hair, bones and teeth 
•  Used in digestion, metabolism, and the transportation of nutrients in the blood. 
•  Required for immune system function 
•  Used to create enzymes and hormones 
All sounds great so far! 
So we know you can get it from all manner of whole vegan foods but then the question is, exactly how much protein do you actually need to meet your body’s needs? 
Well, the World Health Organisation does have dietary guidelines to help people meet their protein needs, and yes on a vegan diet as well. 
Watch our video to find out what the recommendations are to meet your protein needs.

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