Gut Microbiome – How It Affects Your Hormones and Health

What is a gut microbiome diet and what can it do for the health of your hormones, energy levels and weight loss?

Your gut microbiome is a collection of different microbes, including viruses, fungi and bacteria that exist together in your gut.

These microbes in a healthy gut will help keep your hormones balanced, your energy levels up, your weight balanced and support your immune system and brain function.

Microbiome testing or microbiome analysis can help you understand the health of your gut in greater detail, however, if you have symptoms of digestive health imbalances, like Candida, SIBO, IBS, GERD, and other issues, you will need to work on balancing your gut microbiome.

Same goes for hormonal imbalances and autoimmune diseases – if you have estrogen dominance, Hashimoto’s or other imbalances – your gut health is a great place to start.

Gut Microbiome – What You Need To Eat

Let me give you an example of how eating just one plant food meal can dramatically affect your health.

Researchers compared a vegan meal consisting of a veggie burger to an animal foods beef cheeseburger on hormone levels in a group of people 20 with obesity, 20 with type 2 diabetes, and 20 who were healthy.

The meals contained the same amount of calories and ratio of macronutrients, which means fats, protein and carbs.

Across all three groups, the vegan meal increased beneficial gastrointestinal hormones, compared with the non-vegan meal. (1)

And from our own 8 plus years of coaching people on a raw and high raw diet that is low in fat, is that your body can typically receive multi health benefits from a diet that fully supports your gut microbiome and they include:

  • Gaining much more energy
  • Feeling lighter and start losing weight
  • Feeling brighter in your mood
  • Notice how your skin looks healthier
  • Notice how your hormones begin balancing themselves with no more hot flashes, headaches or bad PMS symptoms for example
  • And many more …

So make sure to watch the video and discover all the above and even more.

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