Mike Vlasaty, 80/10/10 Raw Vegan Powerlifter, Talks About Building Muscle

Mike Vlasaty is a fit raw vegan power lifter who has been following the 80/10/10, low fat raw vegan diet for a number of years.

This means that less than 10% of his total daily calories comes from protein, yet it is more than enough for him to be able to build and maintain great muscles and lift heavy weights.

Through his own personal experience, he states that people do not need to eat a lot of protein (unlike they recommend on Paleo diet)  to be able to build muscle and that eating the 80/10/10 raw vegan diet that is high in fruit consumption, is ideal for fitness and muscle building goals.

Mike talks about why steroids and meat/protein-based diets (aka Paleo diet) are unsafe for health, giving examples of Arnold Schwarzenegger and T C Fletcher.
In this interview, Mike He also gives his best strength training/muscle building tips, talks about his training schedule, calories and what he eats in a typical day on a fruitarian, fully raw vegan diet.

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26 thoughts on “Mike Vlasaty, 80/10/10 Raw Vegan Powerlifter, Talks About Building Muscle

  •   thewhyguy  |   
  •   BananaRama  |   

    Thank you for sharing!

  •   JonasSunshine  |   

    that was great and verifies what loren lockman says and puts a stain on doug and harley ‘advise’

  •   Андрей Ханевский  |   

    what’s9 “HR”?

  •   bajskorv766  |   

    Genetic freaks means nothing. I got a friend that looks like that and he basicly lives on fast food,,,sodas and beers and never exercised.

  •   frugoncino  |   

    Hello, if I keep asking questions around is because I’m pretty new in vegan lifestyle ( 4 months), I use cronometer, I set it in 80-10-10, my total calories says 2338 with 53 gr of protein. I came across with someone saying that we should have 10% (proteins) from the total calories. How does it work? Help me to understand this 80,10,10

  •   Olivia Jacobs  |   

    congratulations buddy!!

  •   Owen fox  |   

    nice, ty i enjoyed and learned some ! 🙂

  •   Damith Hasantha  |   

    If you seriously want to build muscle, you should google Ready Set Ripped.
    That might help you get the body you deserve.

  •   david beers  |   

    “my lats are hard like steel” – pats his traps. hahah

  •   thilina chathuranga  |   

    Go Google Ready Set Ripped to discover out how a simple discovery made an
    average guy ripped.

  •   dulan madushanka  |   

    Do you make these mistakes in your diets? Copy And Paste into Google Ready
    Set Ripped to find out.

  •   Nathalie Marichal  |   

    He’s hott

  •   jackrayden  |   

    man thinking you’re better than others just because you eat this or that
    and you think it’s superior is just bullshit. meateaters always make fun of
    vegetarians and vegetarians always make fun of meateaters…anyway i think
    the guy is pretty in shape and heathy, but way too cocky, he’s no way near
    some competitive powerlifters

  •   jackrayden  |   

    any bravo for doing sports on a more unconventional diet

  •   Milka Namina  |   

    is raw vegan diet an option for a diabetics?

  •   hideandseek476  |   

    *Yeah wendell.. I thought it was for men only but*
    *it works with girls also.. My body has really*
    *have a great transformation now. I just followed*
    *the program, it was awesome. And in just a few*
    *weeks, muscles starting to appear now.:)) Great isnt it?*

  •   BenRawPower  |   

    yeah doubling your body weight is impressive, i could barely do my body
    weight, i weighed 240, now i weigh 155

  •   Mikuzo animestorycreator  |   

    love that “usual anime song of winning” at the ending xDD

  •   Sydney Silver Show  |   

    Enjoyed this

  •   Hans Werner  |   

    Been a Vegetarian my entire life never even tasted meat my whole life, not
    even fish. I like to prove how you can be strong without meat.

    Here’s video of my first Powerlifting meet where I set a world record total
    in the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation (18-19 yr old age group, 220lb

  •   EgyptianRage1  |   

    Thank you for the subs!!
    lol if I was the guy in the video I would hold my fart in

  •   Madison Farrier  |   

    If I can find somebody my size or larger that does 80/10/10. I will switch.
    But every “bodybuilder” or strongman iv seen on these diets are looking
    like hungry 11 year olds. Im 200+ lb of muscle and I wish to keep it

  •   Mike Stewart  |   

    Anybody know what Mike’s age is?

  •   Brooke  |   

    I think this is pretty cool and makes sense. I mean our ancestors probably couldn’t get loads of meat all the time and I don’t really think dairy was even in the picture at the time lol. Yeah he ain’t bulky but if you can lift heavy weights and be able to run fast, why not go for it? Everyone has to find their own path. I don’t believe that eating meat and dairy is all bad as it has scientific benefits to help cure certain diseases but who knows this could be just as good

  •   thin body  |   

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