Calorie Restriction And Why It Is Bad For Weight Loss And Hormones

Is doing calorie restriction to lose weight and balance your hormones ever an option?

Well, many women believe so and see calorie restriction as their only viable option in their struggle to lose excess weight and balance their hormones.

They may have tried all manner of different approaches and come to the conclusion that a calorie-restricted diet plan is their only alternative.

So they go on a calorie restriction diet plan in an effort to lose weight and balance their hormones but to little or no avail.

Even though they have a large calorie deficit they can’t lose their excess weight and run into problems like cravings and binges.

On top of this, there are other even more serious health issues that can stem from prolonged calorie restriction with a diet that gets you to greatly cut back on how many calories you eat.

So what other kinds of health problems can result from greatly restricting your calories for hormonal balance and weight loss and how many calories should you eat to lose weight?

Well, believe it or not, stalled weight loss can be one of the consequences you can experience when trying to cut right back on your calorie intake.

What are the other health issues that can arise from undereating on calories?

Find out in today’s video.

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